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wea book written by a learner

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  • About the Author

    My name is Fiona Baldwin, and when I was at Junior School I used to come home and then write a lot.

    I have been writing stories for a long time because I enjoy writing about different things, and I hope that people enjoy reading these stories. I write new stories nearly every day.

    (Fiona is a learner in the WEA English Functional Skills class at Crosland Moor Community Learning Centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire)

    Fiona Baldwin

    Printed February 2013

  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    A Leaf Too Far

    and Other Stories


    Fiona Baldwin

    WEA English Functional Skills LearnerCrosland Moor Learning Centre, Huddersfield

  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s



    A Leaf Too Far 1 - 2

    The Blue Mist 3 - 5

    Orchard Close 6

    Emmersons Pale Lilac and Green 7 - 8

    The Locked Door 9 - 12

    Lost and Far Away 13

    The Wrong Path 14 - 18

  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    A Leaf Too FarTuesday morning 5am It is raining very heavily outside, but inside the house it is warm, with the brightly coloured, burning log fire.

    For my breakfast I make two fried eggs and sausage with fried bread and a teapot of lemon and cinnamon tea. I bought a new flavour of tea a few days ago; it is ginger, spearmint and gooseberry flavoured.

    6am TuesdayMy phone rings. It is the delivery man. He says if I want a lift to the new bread shop that opens for the first time today at 9am, I can, and he will be setting off at 8am, in his new van called Bread Bites. I say thank you, but I will be push-biking.

    The bread shop is 22 miles from my house and the delivery man only lives two streets away from me. The shop is called Bread Haven Boe, open seven days a week from 9am to 11.30pm.

    7amI set off on my pushbike. I go left outside my house on the main road called Wine Road. I have now biked for ten miles. It is 8.20am, the road is quiet, there are only a few cars passing me. He peeps his horn on the van. I have twelve miles left to bike to the bread shop.

    The last two miles of the journey there is a sign on the left turning on the road saying Silver Tree Road. So, I bike down to Silver Tree Road. I wasnt aware of how beautiful Silver Tree Road is, with thousands of lovely trees. The leaves are falling off the trees. I like so see them falling. I start to bike for the last two miles. As I come round the last corner I can see the shop. I lock my bike outside and go into the shop. It is now 10am. The shop is very busy. There is a small caf part in the shop.


  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    MenuTeapot of tea 90pCoffee 1.40Mushroom of cream or tomato soup 1.70Chicken salad 2.99Ham and cheese salad 2.75Cheese scones 50p each

    I sit down at one of the tables. I order mushroom soup and a pot of tea.

    11amBefore I bike back home, I go to buy some bread in the shop part. I buy three white teacakes and two brown loaves.

    11.15amI bike back. It has become very windy outside. All the leaves are blowing around off all the trees. I was thinking that I will bike back home on Silver Tree Road instead of the main road. So, I bike down Silver Tree Road. All the leaves are blowing around because of the strong wind. The trees are green, brown and yellow (so are the leaves)- nice tall trees.

    It is now 3.15pm. I have just four miles left to get home. I suddenly stop biking, as to my amazement I see, blowing in the wind, a single silver leaf.I get off my bike to try and get the leaf. First it blows on a high wall, so I climb up the wall and then the leaf blows up a green tree. I try so hard to get it off the tree, I am shaking the tree, but it wont move. It is right at the top of the tree. The trees are nearly ten feet tall. I wait for an hour to see if the leaf will blow off, but it doesnt move at all. So, I bike home.

    The next day I think I will bike back to see if the leaf is still there. At 11am the next day the leaf is still in the same place.

    Every day I go to see, but the leaf is still in the same place. So after the years go by, I know I cant reach the leaf,

    because it is a leaf too far.

    Note from the author: I enjoyed writing this story so much that I couldnt write down the words

    quick enough.


  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    The Blue MistTuesday 7am I wake up to the heavy rain which I can hear on my window. I draw the curtains back and then go downstairs.My log fire is still burning brightly from last night, so I put some more logs on to build the fire up high. I am having some logs delivered today; they cost 8 a bag of 50. I ordered 5 bags.

    7.30am I put the kettle on and make a cup of tea and toast a currant teacake. Although the fire is burning high, it is still cold. I am sure it is because of the heavy rain.It is now 9am. I hear a knock at the door. I open the door. It is a man delivering my bag of logs. I ordered them from the Pline Stores which is few miles from my house. Pline Stores sells a variety of things from logs, coal etc to paint. I say to the man,

    Please could you take the bags of logs to my small shed?

    He says, Yes.

    The rain is still heavy. I say to the man,I forgot to buy some light bulbs last week and I need them, as a few of my bulbs have blown.

    He says, You are lucky, I just happen to have some in my van and it saves you going out in the rain to buy some.

    I say, Oh that is very nice.

    We both go to the van. I buy a dozen light bulbs. I say, Thank you.

    He says, OK.

    He also says that tomorrow he is going sailing in his small boat, which is nineteen and a half miles from here at Black Den Sea. He keeps his boat there all year round and pays 12 per week for the rent to keep it there. The boat is orange and yellow and called Fine Sailor. I say to him, Have a nice time.


  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    We have been talking for such a long time. I go inside to look at the clock and it is 11am. I go back outside and say to him,It is 11 oclock.

    He says, I will go home now, and get ready for my sailing trip tomorrow.

    I say, OK, bye.

    He says, Bye.

    11.30amI am making my dinner. I am having mushroom soup and cheese salad. I make a teapot of tea and cut a piece of pink sponge cake which also has pink icing on top. My cheese salad is on as big plate because it consists of Cheddar cheese, Cheshire cheese, lettuce, cucumber, egg, cress, radish, tomatoes, onions and potato nut salad.

    Wednesday 8amI wake up. I can again hear the heavy rain at my bedroom window.I go downstairs and put the tv on. The weather comes on. It says it will be raining all week.

    10.30amI put my coat on to go to the shop. This shop is called Top Pine Shop- two minutes walk. I walk into the shop. As I walk around with my shopping basket I put in two small loaves of bread, one bag of sugar, three green apples, a bottle of washing up liquid, two boxes of Zip fire lighters and a half pound bag of coconut mushroom sweets. I now go to pay at the checkout. As I walk out of the shop I see that the rain is still very heavy.


  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    11.10amI am home. I put the kettle on to make a cup of cherry and rosehip tea.

    4pmI cook a fish sandwich for tea and make a pot of tea. My fire is burning down a bit, so I put some more logs on.

    Thursday, 5amI wake up early so that I could go downstairs to put some more logs on the fire, then I will get up to a big warm fire. Once again the rain is heavy. Will it ever stop?! It has become misty.In this story it has been raining all the time. The colour blue is of the sky and of water and also of misery because of all the rain. You can see and feel colour blue. It has become The Blue Mist.


  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    Orchard CloseOnce upon a time there was a place called Orchard Close, which had very very tall trees. It had three entrances to get into each orchard through three gates. The orchards are long, but quite narrow. If you are not careful you can easily get into the next orchard without going back out of one to the next gate, only because of the narrowness.

    The fruit grown in the orchards are both apple and pear trees of fruit. It is 66 miles from my house. Although it is a long way, I am interested in going to look round. Every four months my local fruit shop delivery man goes to collect the fruit from the orchard. He will be going tomorrow he told me when I went to the shop yesterday. We arranged it, that he can pick me up in his delivery van at 10am in the morning.

    Friday 8am: I get up and get ready. At 9.45am he is here. I go outside, lock my door and get in the delivery van. Mr Skipps says to me on the way, Do you want to look round all three orchards?

    I say, Yes, please. I want to buy 2lbs pears and 5 lbs of apples.

    We get there at 2pm. We first go into gate 1. He picks hundreds of pears off the trees. Then gate 2, he picks a lot of apples and pears. Then last of all, gate 3, he gets two or three hundred apples. In all the paths there is a lot of fruit that has fallen on the floor off the trees. 2.30pm: We set off back to take the fruit to the shop.

    6.30pm: We are back. Mr Skipps takes the fruit into the shop. I go into the shop and buy some fruit. I have never seen trees as tall as those at Orchard close.


  • A L e a f T o o F a r a n d O t h e r S t o r i e s

    Emmersons Pale, Lilac and GreenSunday morning 4am: I just happen to wa