A Leadership Team for Technical Students Illinois Valley Community College Oglesby, IL

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Text of A Leadership Team for Technical Students Illinois Valley Community College Oglesby, IL

  • A Leadership Team for Technical StudentsIllinois Valley Community CollegeOglesby, IL

  • Dorene PerezProgram Director of CAD/CAE

    Jim GibsonProgram Director of Electronics

    Rose Marie LynchCommunications InstructorSupported by an NSF grant

  • LEADERSHIP TEAMcreated to:

    honor promising technical studentsEngineering Design-Electronics

    provide opportunities for personal, professional growth provide ambassadors provide academic support


    Attitude Commitment and work ethic Willingness to help others Leadership potential

    Grades not a factor


    Written and personal invitation

    Orientation meeting / lunch


    Sign commitment Sign PR release Provide publicity information


    Strategies For College course free Interact with industry representatives Participate in conferences Etiquette Dinner free


    Recruiting for their programs

    Mentoring other technical students

    Participating in professional activities

  • Assisting with MIMIC Fair


    Assisting with events Job or career fairs Campus tours Speaking at high schools Going on field trips with H.S. students

  • RECRUITING: Hands-on activities for young peopleInventors Camp

  • RECRUITING:Edible Car Contest at IVCC

  • RECRUITING:Edible Car Contest at IVCC

  • RECRUITING:Edible Car Contest for Kids



    Poster presentations and showcases at conferences American Society for Engineering Education, Indianapolis, Ind. ATE Principal Investigators Conference, Washington D.C.


    Stipends $50 - $100 each Tuition waiver $120 each Etiquette dinner $15 each Conference travel $1,200 team Lunch $200 team

    Under $2,400 in 2007


    Conference invitationsConference scholarships Taking ownership of activities

    Biggest success of NSF initiatives

  • SUCCESS:Team Identity



    Strategies for College Course useful.

    Team activities: Improved communication skills Sharpened career skills Created camaraderie Assisted with career networking Helped build resumes

  • For More Information:

    Dorene Perez dorene_perez@ivcc.eduJim Gibson jim_gibson@ivcc.eduRose Marie Lynch rosemarie_lynch@ivcc.eduwww.ivcc.edu/nsf

  • WORKSHOP:Making Industry Meaningful In College (MIMIC) and High School Adapting the MIMIC Project ModelEstablishing a Leadership Team

    Starved Rock Lodge & Conference CenterMay 21 23, 2008


  • Now to develop ideas for your own Leadership Team

    The three of us are Principal Investigators on a National Science Foundation grant under which the leadership team was developed.Teams of promising college students at com. College and univ. levels are common. Typically called ambassadors. They usually act as tour guides and provide assistance at college events.

    The ACADEMIC SUPPORT we had in mind is not exactly the type you see in the photo. These are the electronics students on the team who designed, programmed and ran the apparatus you see here for timing cars running down the ramp. More about that later.

    They usually dont do any tutoring or mentoring

    Currently include Engineering design and electronics. Hope to add MANUFACTURING students.

    Universities do have subject specific teams that help with mentoring of other students, but its rare at the com. College level.

    IVCCs program proves it can work at com. College, small school.

    Wed like to prove it can work at the high school level. Have proposed establishing similar team in district high schools in a grant proposal. And wed like you to prove it can work elsewhere.

    AT IVCC team includes engineering design, electronics, and manufacturing students those covered by the NSF grant.

    Underlying assumption: Technical students are not encouraged/reinforced in developing leadership skills as routinely as students in more so called academic areas and those who are clearly headed for four year universities. (interestingly, we cant send industry enough graduates.)Students recommended by their high school industrial education instructors And by IVCC engineering design, electronics, and manufacturing instructors.

    Grades must be acceptable but they arent necessarily the best students.Selected by a committee of IVCC instructors.Students receive written invitation and are personally contacted by an instructor.

    Attend an informational meeting

    Sign a commitment form indicating willingness to participate and activities in which they are most interested

    Sign a PR release and informational formStrategies for college is a college orientation course. It is designed to help leadership students with their own courses as well as with their mentoring responsibilities

    The college offers an etiquette dinner, where participants learn how to handle a formal dinner as might occur during a job interview. We pick up the cost of the dinner for leadership team students who can participate.

    Team members also interact with industry representatives, at meetings of our curriculum advisory committee and on field trips, and they are encouraged to participate in professional conferences. In the picture on the left, five members of the team give a poster presentation at the American Society for Engineering Education Regional Conference last spring. Two members of the team also presented a poster at this springs conference.

    The interaction with business and industry representatives occurs at several settings including advisory committee meetings (see photo) where leadership students have an opportunity to share their views on the technical curricula.

    Leadership Team students are encouraged to apply to participate in professional conferences, such as the Illinois/Indiana section of the American Society for Engineering Education conference. To participate they have to prepare an abstract of a presentation, prepare a poster and interact with conference attendees.

    Leadership team activities are also utilized to provide team members with training.

    Most of their activities fall into one of these three categories. (details in later slides)

    We do encourage them to come up with their own activities.The MIMIC project: Making Industry Meaningful In College, teams students in engineering design, electronics and business into student companies which design, produce, market and sell products.

    You see a beta fish tank and a mushroom shaped planter here

    Leadership team students, who are not on a MIMC team, help with the Fair at which the student products are sold. (You see a fair table at the bottom left and last years theme for MIMIC at the top left. They initiate contacts with their high schools and former instructors. This is one of the most popular of the teams activities.At top left leadership team members help set up for the event Here they are taping plastic to the floor to protect the carpet from debris from the cars.

    At right, you see judges in the gold t-shirts and a Leadership Team member, with clip board, recording the time. Leadership team members in the electronics program designed, programmed and ran programmable logic controller utilizing Rockwell Automated software. They used photo electric eyes at the start and finish of the three-foot track. You can see the computer screen in this photo. One plus from this activity is that the engineering students on the team, who also helped with the competition, learned a good deal about the PLC/computer set up. 2nd graders build cars from food. Informal in labs. Not paired up with other students at this point

    RESULTS from this years assessments for mentoring?

    76% of students in classes with Leadership Team members asked for help from Team members.Help with class content and assignments most common (94%)Also with preparing drawings, computer programs, technology in their programs and communication assign.

    88% said Leadership Team was very positive and tried to help.

    CONFERENCES provide students with opportunities to interact with university students and professors. Thats a real plus for our technical students few of them typically plan to transfer to a university after completing their programs at IVCC. PUBLICITY is useful in recruiting and also helps in encouraging team members to be self confident.PRE AND POST SURVEYS OF TEAM MEMBERS

    Last years students wrote that the teamgave me greater confidence when speaking to groups and furthered my desire to be a teacher.I feel I know more about the program and how to apply what I already know to real-life situations.I just flat out had fun.INSTRUCTOR OBSERVATIONS support the student assessments of their growth, especially in improved communication skills and self confidence.Two students decided to transfer to a university to pursue a bachelors degree in engineering technology although they had not originally planned to do so.

    Most common suggestion has been for the team to have more meetings in order to facilitate the organization of team activities.

    Reminder at closing about wanting to establish similar teams at h.s. and challenging them to do so.

    CLOSING: Although the Leadership Team is relatively new at IVCC, it has been beneficial to the college, the technical programs and students, and team members. It is a cost effective and easily replicated initiative. We have plans in the works to initiate similar teams at the high schools in our district. Th