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<ul><li><p>68 SCHOOL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS</p><p>c- F- A LABORATORY THERMOMETER SCALE.</p><p>125^25? BY J^^ BROADHURST,120^^248 Teachers College, New York City.no-==239</p><p>-p^ accompanying illustration shows a Centi-110-230 grade-Fahrenheit thermometer scale designed</p><p>for ready reference in the bacteriology, physi-io5__-^_g8i "* ^^^j x^.^x^x^ Aix tiic ucu^Lciiuiugy, pnysi-</p><p>^cal science, and domestic science classes at</p><p>100J~212 Teachers College. Centigrade and Fahrenheitequivalent are given for the temperatures mostoften needed by such students.The scale is printed on narrow slips of rather</p><p>stiff paper, and can be used as a book mark orso^ire pasted inside the cover of the laboratory book.</p><p>-i67 The reverse side contains directions for chang-ing from one scale to the other1: To convertdegrees Fahrenheit into degrees Centigrade, sub-</p><p>65 Lu5 tract 32. multiply by 5, and divide by 9. To140 convert degrees Centigrade into degrees Fahren-</p><p>heit, multiply by 9, divide by 5, and add 32.</p><p>70U168</p><p>Several high school text books in physics give60n122 Iwo parallel thermometers. They are all drawn</p><p>,^3 to a very small scale, and lack, so far as I know,any emphasis of the important temperatures.C1,14.1.)- .i_-__.i</p><p>L - _ 1 1 . l /.</p><p>-^ 3^B "^stitt?s text book in bacteriology (designed prin-</p><p>35 P 96 cioallv for medical students^ p-ivpo Q^pral ownr.c35-95cipally for medical students) gives several groupsso</p><p>soof equivalent temperatures, but drawn to vary-25 JE^^^-nm^ scales. The markers illustrated above make^^1^72no claim to originality it is hoped, however, that</p><p>20~^~^they may prove a handy laboratory aid.</p><p>iThe Editor of SCHOOL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS prefersthe following method of making the transformations Since40 is the only temperature at which the temperature in</p><p>=41 either scale is represented by the same number,40 C or Fw to change a Centigrade temperature (100C) into Fahrenheit, add40 , multiply by 9, and divide by 5, after which subtract 40</p><p>-88 To change 248 F. into Centigrade, add 40, multiply by 5, anddivide by 9, after which subtract 40. If your cut included-23 ^O0 both methods could be" taught from it."</p></li></ul>


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