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  • A GCA Annual MeetingFlower Show

  • The purpose of a flower show is threefold: to set standards of artistic and horticultural excellence; to broaden knowledge of horticulture, floral design, conservation, photography and other related areas; and to share the beauty

    of a show with fellow club members and with the public.

    The Garden Club of America Flower Show and Judging Guide, July 2014 Edition

    The purpose of The Garden Club of Americais to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to share

    the advantage of association by means of educational meetings,conferences, correspondence and publications; and to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs

    and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvement.

  • KaleidoscopeA GCA Annual Meeting

    Flower ShowPresented by

    Millbrook Garden Club with the member clubs of Zone III of the Garden Club of America

    Allyns Creek Garden Club, Bedford Garden Club, Essex County Adirondack Garden Club, Fort Orange Garden Club,

    Garden Club of East Hampton, Garden Club of Irvington-on-Hudson, Garden Club of Lawrence, Garden Club of Orange & Dutchess Counties, Lake & Valley Garden Club, North Country Garden Club of Long Island,

    North Suffolk Garden Club, Philipstown Garden Club, Rochester Garden Club, Rye Garden Club, South Side Garden Club of Long Island, Southampton Garden Club,

    The Little Garden Club of Rye, Three Harbors Garden Club, Ulster Garden Club

    May 17-19, 2015

    Riverside CourtRochester Riverside Convention Center

    123 East Main StreetRochester, NY 14604

    Open to the Public

    Monday May 18, 2015 9 AM to 5 PMTuesday May 19, 2015 9 AM to 5 PMADMISSION FREE OF CHARGE





    DIVISION I Floral Design Guidelines 11

    Floral Design Classes 12

    DIVISION II Horticulture Guidelines 13

    Horticulture Classes 15

    DIVISION III Photography Guidelines 19

    Photography Classes 21

    DIVISION IV Botanical Arts Guidelines 22

    Botanical Arts Classes 24

    DIVISION V Conservation and Education Exhibits 25






    October 1, 2014 Floral Design Registration Deadline

    November 14, 2014 Horticulture - Six month ownership deadline

    January 22, 2015 Horticulture Registration Deadline

    February 13, 2015 Horticulture - Three month ownership deadline

    March 22, 2015 Photography and Botanical Arts Registration Deadline

    April 22, 2015 Photography and Botanical Arts Divisions entry deliverydeadline

    SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015

    2:00-5:00PM Floral Design and Horticulture entries accepted andpassed

    SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2015

    8:30-11:30AM Floral Design and Horticulture entries accepted andpassed

    11:30AM Entries completed

    11:45AM Judges luncheon

    12:30PM Judges Briefing

    1:00-3:00 pm Judging

    3:30PM Judges - Flower Show Evaluation

    5:00-7:00PM Show open to GCA Annual Meeting Attendees

    MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015

    8:00-9:00AM Refreshing and maintenance of exhibits

    9:00AM-5:00PM Show open to the public

    TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015

    8:00-9:00AM Refreshing and maintenance of exhibits

    9:00AM-5:00PM Show open to the public

    6:00-6:45PM 2015 Medalists Cocktail Party at the Flower Show

    7:30-10:30PM Show closes. Exhibits must be removed



    CHAIRMENSusan Detjens Kathy MetzMillbrook GC Millbrook GCbarnssheffield@aol.com kmmetz2@gmail.com413-229-2372 518-598-7656

    DIVISION CHAIRMEN & SCHEDULE & REGISTRATIONDIVISION I FLORAL DESIGN Richard McKeon Cathy WesterfeldMillbrook GC Allyns Creek GCcorgirm@aol.com cwester51@gmail.com914-426-8009 585-385-3804

    DIVISION II HORTICULTURESuzanne Perry Ellen PetersenFort Orange GC Millbrook GCtillingonrye@gmail.com ericellenp@yahoo.com518-436-7837 518-398-6658

    DIVISION III PHOTOGRAPHYKathy de las Heras Carol Large Millbrook GC North Country GC of Long Islandkathy.delasheras@gmail.com clarge@optonline.net646-468-9635 516-671-1626

    DIVISION IV BOTANICAL ARTSRoberta DuBeshter Phyllis HeerwagenRochester GC Fort Orange GCrobertadubes@gmail.com prbh47@gmail.com585-230-7587 518-449-3357

    DIVISION V CONSERVATION AND EDUCATION EXHIBITSCONSERVATIONKatherine Houseal Colleen M. Van HovenEssex County Adirondack GC Essex County Adirondack GCkphouseal@yahoo.com jimcolleenvh@gmail.com518-962-2677 518-963-4084

    EDUCATIONArete WarrenMillbrook GCulubrae.aw@verizon.net212-734-2779


  • Daphne Hellmuth Jane KeeganGC of Lawrence `````` GC of Lawrencedph.notyet@verizon.net jkeegan48@aol.com516-239-4823 212-534-0953

    JUDGESLisa Gerard Libby SmithRusticus GC North Suffolk GCebg1@optonline.net LSmith6900@aol.com914-764-8599 631-265-0771

    CLERKSSusie OConnor Donna GansonFort Orange GC GC of Lawrenceskoconnor6@gmail.com Donnaganson@aol.com518-436-5546 917-301-1638

    PASSINGMary Louise Lindenthal Kathy StradarGC of Lawrence GC of Orange & Dutchess CountiesMLOL46@aol.com kathleen@stradar.com917-209-0692 845-565-5265

    Angel MorrisRye GCmoninge@aol.com914-967-7379

    SIGNAGE Susan Christensen Lea CornellGC of Orange & Dutchess Counties Millbrook GCSusan.w.christensen@gmail.com leacornell@optonline.net845-534-4409 845-677-5130

    Claudia RussellFort Orange GCcrcjamit@nycap.rr.com518-674-5464



  • STAGINGMargaret Doyle Maria RooneyMillbrook GC Millbrook GCUrsuline43@aol.com maelro47@aol.com845-677-8747 860-364-5929

    HOSPITALITYKatherine MartucciMillbrook GCkamart 22@aol.com518-329-4729

    VOLUNTEERSCarol BoyoucusRusticus GCcbouy@optonline.com914-234-2489

    2015 ANNUAL MEETING CHAIRMENMarilyn Donahue Ruby MorseLittle GC of Rye Allyns Creek GCDonahue.marilyn@gmail.com rubym@rochester.rr.com 914-921-0195 585-586-1168

    Margy RichardsonRochester GCmargyric@rochester.rr.com 585-586-9190




    1. Please carefully read and follow GCA Flower Show Rules, General Informationand Division Guidelines. All rules as stated in The Garden Club of America FlowerShow and Judging Guide, July 2014 Edition shall apply.

    2. All plant material must be correctly identified with the botanical and commonnames, if possible. Accepted references for nomenclature are:

    AHS A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants The Plant List at http://www.theplantlist.org/International Plant Names Index at www.ipni.org or http://www.internationalplantnames.comPlant Systematics at http://www.plantsystematics.org/Royal Horticultural Society plant finder database http://apps.rhs.org.uk/rhsplantfinder

    3. The Garden Club of America expects all exhibitors to be aware of the need topromote conservation of endangered and threatened plants. Plants collected in thewild and listed by the New York State Natural Heritage Program may not be exhib-ited in any flower show sponsored by a GCA club. Cultivated plant material listedby New York States Natural Heritage Program may be exhibited if accompanied bya typed card stating that it has not been collected from the wild or that it was col-lected out-of-state and giving information concerning its cultural requirements andmethods of propagation. Natural Heritage Program lists of endangered plant mate-rial will be available before and during the show from the division chairmen and areavailable online at http://plants.usda.gov/ threat.html.

    4. Plant material showing evidence of insects or disease must be removed imme-diately from the exhibition area. This rule will be enforced at any time during theshow, whenever the problem is identified.

    5. All entries in the Floral Design and Horticulture Divisions must include freshand/or dried plant material. Fresh plant material must be in water or conditioned insuch a way as to remain in pristine form while on exhibition. An entry not main-tained in show condition may have its award removed. Entries in Photography arerequired to include plant material. Entries in Botanical Arts Division must use driedplant material or as stated in the class description.

    6. Locally invasive plants, diseased plant material, artificial plant material, live ani-mals (including fish), taxidermy, natural birds nests and protected sea life are notpermitted. See http://plants.usda.gov/java/noxiousDriver.



    1. Entries are open to all GCA club members, including provisionals, and profes-sionals in their disciplines, except Division I Floral Design Classes which are byinvitation from the committee to designers from all GCA zones and Division II Horticulture Classes 40, 41 and 42 which are only open to members of Zone III Garden Clubs.

    2. Registration is required for all classes, with the exception of Division II Horticul-ture, Classes 1-31, and 33-36. Online registration links are provided on page 31.Classes will be filled in the order registration forms are received.

    3. While The Garden Club of America, Millbrook Garden Club, and RochesterRiverside Convention Center will exercise due caution in safeguarding exhibits, re-sponsibility for damage, loss or personal injury cannot be assumed.

    4. Any clarification or change in the rules, as originally stated in the schedule, shallbe communicated promptly in writing by the division chairman to all exhibitors inthe class and, at the show, to the judges and to the passing committee.

    5. An entry card must accompany each entry. Entry cards will be available online,at the show and upon request from the registration or division chairmen, in ad-vance of the show. Information required on the entry card must be completed inblack waterproof medium.

    6. The passing committee must pass each entry before an exhibitor may leave theshow area. The passing committee reserves the right to refuse any entry that doesnot conform to the rules of the schedule. The exhibitor has the option of correctingthe entry, if time permits. If not corrected, the entry cannot be judged, but may re-main in place, marked For Exhibit Only. The judges may not disqualify any entrypassed by the passing committee unless evidence of insect infestation or diseaseis identified.

    7. Once an entry is passed, the exhibitor(s) must immediately leave the show floor.The only exception will be flower show committee members who have entered andbeen passed according to the timetable. A passed entry may not be touched againby the exhibitor until after judging and then only to carry out necessary mainte-nance.


  • 8. Only participating judges and clerks will be allowed on the show floor duringjudging. Flower show chairmen and division chairman should remain nearby but offthe show floor until needed.

    9. All containers and accessories must be inconspicuously labeled with the ex-hibitors name.

    10. A novice is an individual exhibitor who has not won a first place ribbon or a GCASpecial Award, in the division entered at a GCA Flower Show, GCA Major FlowerShow or Sanctioned Non-GCA Major Show. Only an individual novice exhibitor is el-igible to receive the Sandra Baylor Novice Floral Design Award or the GCA NoviceAward in Horticulture, Photography and Botanical Arts. A novice exhibitor will beidentified on the entry card, following the initial judging.

    11. A statement of intent is optional and must be submitted at the time of passing.The statement must be no more than 25 words, typed or printed in waterproofmedium on a 4" x 6" white, unlined card.

    12. All exhibits must remain in place and in show condition until fifteen minutes fol-lowing the closing time of the show.



  • 1. Please carefully read and follow the GCA Rules, General Information andTimetable for Exhibitors.

    2. Exhibitors from each GCA Zone will be invited to participate in Floral Designclasses by the Annual Meeting Flower Show and Division I Co-chairmen in consul-tation with FSC Zone Representatives. Registration for classes is limited. Promptonline registration is encouraged. An exhibitor is permitted only one entry and maywork with a partner. The exhibitor(s) under whose name(s) the entry has been reg-istered must create and complete the design. All participants must be listed. Onlylisted exhibitors and show personnel may be on the show floor at the time of entry.

    3. If forced to withdraw, an exhibitor must notify the division chairmen immediately.

    4. Mechanics should not be visible unless they are an integral part of the design.

    5. Designs may be executed off-site and brought to the show completed.

    6. Anything not prohibited in the GCA Rules, Floral Design Division Guidelines, or individual class descriptions is permitted.

    7. Although permitted, the use of cut fruits and vegetables is discouraged andshould be undertaken only with proper treatment to prevent spoilage and insectcontamination.

    8. Judging will be based on the principles of design: balance, contrast, dominance,proportion, rhythm and scale; and the elements of design: light, space, line, form,color, texture, pattern and size. Creativity is important, as are distinction, confor-mance to and interpretation of the class and schedule.

    9. Accessories are permitted, unless otherwise stated in the class description.

    10. Pedestals may not be moved. Tops of pedestals may not be enlarged ordraped. Floral Designs have no height restrictions.

    11. Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are staged against a black background. Pertinent paintsamples may be requested from the chairmen after registration form is received.

    12. Questions regarding class requirements may be directed to the division chairmen who also serve as the class consultants.

    13. The recommended scale of points by which floral design classes are to bejudged may be found in the GCA FS&JG, July 2014 edition pages 178-184.


    Division 1 Floral Design Guidelines

  • Class 1. PRISM 4 entriesAn underwater design staged on a round black pedestal 40" h with a 16" d top. Design must not exceed 15" from the center of the top of the pedestal on all sides.Viewed from three sides.Underwater design: [FD] a contemporary design style where all or part of the design must beunder visible water. GCA FS&JG, July 2014 Edition

    Class 2. RedOrangeYellowGreenBlueViolet 6 entriesA monochromatic design staged on a black pedestal 43" h with a 15" square top. Design may not exceed 15" from the center of the top of the pedestal on all sides.Viewed from three sides. Color choices: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. No duplicates. First, second and third color choices must be listed in online registration. Monochromatic: [FD] a design incorporating plant material of just one color, including the shadeand tints of the hue. A small amount of green foliage is allowed with the chosen single color; smallbit of attached non-conforming floral parts are permitted e.g. the yellow center of a purple aster. Un-less stated in the schedule, the container, bases and/or stands do not need to be the same color.GCA FS&JG, July 2014 Edition

    Class 3. FACETS 6 entriesA miniature design staged 53" from the floor on a 6" h x 6" w X 6" d black stand.Viewed from three sides.Miniature arrangement: [FD] a diminutive arrangement which with all of its components is notmore than five inche...