A game to remember by glen halonen

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A Game to Remember by Glen Halonen

A Game to Remember by Glen I was at my cousins house playing ice hockey and when it was over my dad came and picked me up. Then we drove to my sisters volleyball to pick her up. When we were heading home my dad asked me if I wanted to go to a Red Wings game. Yes of course. I exclaimed. Where did you get the tickets? From Tim, Dad said. I didnt believe him at first because it was the first round of the playoffs and he didnt have the tickets yet. But when he

Told me to get ready as soon as I got home I didnt doubt him anymore.

My mom had packed a couple of things to eat during the Red Wings game. I flew up the stairs and put on my favorite Red Wings gear. Then I zipped downstairs and hopped into the car. When everyone got in I questioned Dad. Did you get the tickets yet? Nope, he replied.

Where are you going to get the tickets from? At the Joe Louis, he replied. Then Dad tolled me that Tim had sent them to the Joe Louis and all he needed to do was get them. We found a place to park. After we paid we went to the lowest floor. We parked right next to a door. We walked up escalators and went down them. When we came out of the hall we were really close to the Joe Louis. I saw a Hummer limousine that was jacked up. It had things all over it that had to do with the Red Wings. My dad walked into some sort of both. He had to sign things and identify himself. When he came out I saw an envelope in his right hand. He opened he opened the envelope and gave a ticket to my mom, Mark, me, and himself.

The ticket had a picture of Henrick Zetaberg and Todd Bertuzzi on it. I looked and jumped. 95 dollars per ticket! After we went thro9ugh security I could smell the aroma of hot dogs and pizza. I was jogging around the Joe Louis arena and stopped when I spotted our section.

After the players got off the ice they turned the fog machine on and lights were flashing. There was a big screen showing highlights. I knew this was going to be the game of my life.