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  • Hiking the Appalachian TrailBy Breanna P., Cali D., Aidan W., Cullen E., Dannah S.,and Brandon J.

    On October 21st, Mr. Burton, our P.E. teacher, middle school ELA teacher Mrs. Raxter, Mr. Pilon, and Jaxie More took Nan-tahalas 4th, 5th, and 6th graders on a field trip to hike a portion of the Ap-palachian Trail. The hike began at Tellico Gap and ended at the Wesser Bald Observation Tower. The leaves were beautiful! It was approximately a 3 mile round trip hike. It is a fair-ly challenging hike, but we all made it to the top and back down to the bus. We ate lunch atop the tower while enjoying the beauti-

    ful fall scenery and taking pictures. We used our pe-dometers that were donat-ed to us by Mr. Pilon, from Mountain Projects, and Jaxie More, from ARTS, to track how many steps we took on the hike. We have been using our pedometers in P. E. class when we exer-cise. Every 2 thousand steps we take adds 1 foot to our bracelets, and Mr. Burton combines all of our steps together and plots them on an Appalachian Trail map. The trip was wonder-ful, and hopefully we can hike a different portion of the trail in the future.

    By Carson F., Anna F., and Third Grade Students

    On Friday, October 16, the third graders at High-lands School went on a field trip to the firehouse. We walked all the way there and crossed several streets. We were greeted by Robby Forrester, the Assistant Fire Chief. At the firehouse we learned about fire safety. We learned to change the battery in our smoke de-tector every six months. They asked us to learn our home address and phone

    numbers. We were remind-ed to have a safe place to meet family in case of fire.

    We went outside to see the different types of fire trucks. Our favorite parts of the trip were (1) seeing a friend dress up in turn out gear, (2) goody bags, and (3) the yummy brownies.

    The walk back to school was sunny with a strong breeze. It was hard to keep our fire hats on our heads.

    A Firehouse Field Trip

  • Union Academys RenovationBy Michael R.

    Union Academy is be-ing renovated which means Unions middle school classes have been in two classrooms at Ma-con Middle School. The renovation of Union is a little behind schedule, but we should be back by January, said Lead Teach-er Ms. Peck. The school is getting new floor-ing, new heating and air units, new windows, and the layout will be a little different. The changes taking place involve the middle school and high school classrooms chang-ing ends of the hallway. The bathroom has also been updated and will

    Macon Middle School BandMy name is Eli and

    I am a reporter for The Panther Post at Macon Middle. I had a chance to interview Mr. Thomas Graham our Band Direc-tor. Mr. Graham said he is teaching his students to

    By Eli M.know how to incorporate other skills such as march-ing and jazz techniques. He said, By the time stu-dents reach high school, they have usually achieved a higher level of skill and are able to play music that

    include graffiti-proof stalls. The driveway and parking lot may be fixed next summer, but, basi-cally, the outside will look the same as it does now.

    Union Academy will not be any bigger after the renovation. Actu-ally, some of the class-rooms will be smaller since they did not expand the square footage. Once Unions middle school students move back to Union, we will have more flexibility with the schedule. We are hope-ful when we return that we will have a PE/Health Teacher and have more time for Workshop.

    is more challenging and rewarding. Many opportu-nities exist in high school for the students to shine in group and individual per-formances. A lot of trips are scheduled for away performances for the High

    School band. This years Christmas concert, for MMS, will be held at the Smoky Mountain Center for Performing Arts. The concert will be on De-cember 3rd at 7:00 P.M. and everyone is welcome.

    7th Grade Band will be playing; Up on the Housetop, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

    8th Grade Band will be playing Silver Bells, A Christmas Processional, and We Wish You a Mer-ry Christmas

    Honors Band will be playing Frosty the Snow Man, The Little Drum-mer Boy, Swingin Jolly Old St. Nick, and Jingle-Bell Rock.

  • Iotla Valley Celebrates Read Across the GlobeBy: Bayleigh C., Brayden H., Kaden C., Noah C., and Daniel P.

    On October 19th, stu-dents at Iotla Valley Elemen-tary participated in Read Across the Globe. Every class in the school listened to guest readers read the story Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table. Each class then talked about the story with the guest reader. This

    was an inspiring story about a man named Will Allen who wanted everyone across our country to have good and healthy food to eat. He had grown up in a farming family and after playing professional basketball in another coun-try for a while, he decided to become a farmer himself. He

    By Clay Mason

    FHS Eye of EgyptThe Eye of Egypt

    show was a concept of Mr. Buddy Hucka-bee and his wife, Jen-ny Huckabee, while watching the movie The Mummy. The movies music in-spired them to cre-ate a show based on Egyptian history. Af-ter hiring a music ar-ranger in Tennessee, the show was created; copyright permission for the music and the musical arrangement totaled over $15,000. The Huckabees then had to find someone to build a pyramid; it cost $800 and took

    about 10 people 16 hours to complete just one. The band used 5 pyramids in the final shows. The color guard designed its show flags and streamers, and 60 dif-ferent flags had to be purchased this year at a cost of $3,500. All the students did various fundraisers to help this dream show become a suc-cess. At this point, the band has been named Grand Champions at two competitions and will perform this December at the tele-vised Liberty Bowl!

    bought a vacant lot in Milwau-kee. The soil was polluted so it took him a long time to get it cleaned up and ready to start planting vegetables. His farm became very successful and he named it, Growing Power. Then he started teaching other people how to become farm-ers and he wanted to feed ev-

    eryone in the world! There are still over 20,000 visitors that come to his greenhous-es every year. Noah liked the story and the lesson it taught about helping other people. Brayden liked how Will Allen saw something special where other people saw nothing

  • 1028 Georgia Rd Franklin, NC 828.524.1598


    Raleigh RingersDECEMBER 6

    The LettermenDECEMBER 12

    Rockapella DECEMBER 19

    Its a Wonderful Life DECEMBER 11 & 18

    Dailey & VincentDECEMBER 5

    Once Upon A WishFEBRUARY 5 & 6

    The Sock HopsJANUARY 22

    MVI at SECU in Franklin

    Hello, my name is Cassie. I am here to tell you about why we had Hero the dog. We had Hero because peo-ple bought items from Charleston Wrap, a PTO fundraiser. My name was picked. So, we got the dog for the day. He was ten feet long, and he had a striped shirt and was light orange. We really enjoyed Hero and all got to pet him.

    By Cassie P.

    Hero Visits East Franklin

    By Abby C., Rena Y., Sarah B., Aiden C., Brandon C., and Cassidy M.,

    and Emily D.

    On our field trip to the State Employees Credit Union (SECU), we learned about the Fat Cat Savings Account. We learned how the decimals we use in our math class relate to the deci-mals in life when it comes to money. The SECU staff taught us that they also offer insurance for their members, like life insurance. They also told us about mort-gage loans and car loans for when we get older. People can make deposits into their credit union accounts and earn interest. Ms. Rachel

    told us about a time when people tried to use fake money that was made on a printer. The really cool thing we saw was the safety de-posit box. It actually takes two keys to open the box for the customer. The cus-tomer has one and the bank has the other. No one but the person who owns the safety deposit box is allowed to know what is in it. Our class made a few guesses as to what may be in them: jewelry, special items, keys, a grandparents medal from the army, or even money.

    An interactive musical celebration with allyour favorite princesses and heroes.

    Sponsored by Kurti Orthodontics