A Dream Is All It Is

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poems about this dream that we call life


a dream is all it is

a dream is all it is

Riitta Gyllenbgel

SisltI dream a dream2deep in the dream3dream sequence4this dream...5the world outside that door6lost inside a dream7a dream I keep on dreaming8the dream within the dream9watch what you wish for:10a dream in which I died11lost in a maze12lost in a sea of words13I am illusion14not a waste of time15staying in the shadows16I am lost17it was real and it was not18theres something so19another dream I see in which20dream on just dream21a dream is all it is22once the dream is done23

I dream a dream

I dream a dreamthat I existin a world of dreamsand so it is

deep in the dream

deep in the dream the dreamer feels the flow (fury fading away) ask not why this dream dreaming the dreamer awake into a dream of a different kind the dream of a different mind setassuming the assumptions of dreamer deep within this dream drifting away with the current with the flow fleetingly taking flight dreaming The dream

dream sequence

dream sequence neither a beginning nor an end in itself justifying our justifications in conclusion: dream

this dream...

this dream... this dream that makes you cry this dream that lets you fly fly in to the sky

beyond beyond the horizons the absence of the dream (the oblivion) makes me cry

the world outside that door

the world outside that doorisnt realany more so than the worldwithin these wallsis realam I real, then,you askand I reply:of course not, my dear,my sweet little love.- no more realthan this dreamthat we dream,this dream that we share, you and I

lost inside a dream

I got lost inside a dream where everything was exactly as it seemed on and on I dreamed till a wake-up call suddenly all these bells were ringing a choir of angels started singing and I no longer knew what to believe started laughing with the silliness of it all unbelievable how real the dream seemed

a dream I keep on dreaming

there is a dreamI keep on dreaming(waking up every now and then)in this dream I am afraidafraid of the people around mein this dream I dread the thingsonce done perhaps possibly possible once again donewho knows?who knows I will be safewho knows what will happen whenturning from a face toward another facetoward another face toward another faceI'm frightened of all around!this dream I keep on dreamingwaking up every now and thenwhen awake I am awarethat I am safe no matter whatthat I am loved no matter who that I am enoughthis dream I dream is shared by manyit's pull is hard to resistand yet I know if we all desistthis dream will simply cease to existfor the dream is nothing morethan illusion clouding our eyesweighing us down with the weight of nothingnothing of any substance

the dream within the dream

inconsistencies?never you mind those.just stay within the dream within the dreamdo not question.do not assumecontrol of the dream and fly.

flight is not permitted its against the rulesto jump off a cliff and notfalldown.

wondering about the lack of money?there be bills within your shoes if you justkeep dreaming.let the dream lead you where it will.for what after all is the pointof wakingwhen were all happily dreaming on

watch what you wish for:

watch what you wish for:if you should happen toawaken from this dreamyou may well find yourselfto have been no morereal than the rest of the dream

a dream in which I died

I had a dreamin which I diedand the dream was realso realand this death was notthe end of everythingbut the end of everythingI know and I did have a choiceto let it take me awayor return to dream this dream some moreand I did choose to not let gojust yet

and soclaiming again my bodily formI found myself awakeand dreamt a little more

lost in a maze

lost in a maze ofdreams and illusionsnothing makes sense and yetit all makes perfect sense in a madly distorted waythere is a path to be followedis there not a path to be followedall the way through to the other side

lost in a sea of words

lost in a sea of wordsshe sleeps dreaming notof that which is but illusions allnothing in my wakefulnessmakes me proof againstthe dream taking oversometimesin a sea of words I swimin intellect and intuitionfinds a way through at timesyet animal instincts suppressedwhat hope is there to be foundfor all she hopes shes not boundto be lost at sea foreverIm yearning to be freeand am when wide awakefor all that the dream does takeover some times I see

I am illusion

I am illusiondream that was constructedall within your mindno substance of any kindto stand in the way ofdesireyours or mineyou are illusiondream that was constructed all within my mindno substance of any kindto stand in the way ofneedwe are illusiondream that was constructedall within the mindno substance of any kindto stand in the way ofyearninggives rise to a myriadexperience expressionendless complexity alleternally calm at center all need all yearning desire allfulfilled

not a waste of time

not a waste of timeI know its notnot a waste one single dreamfor all that it may seemnothing ever comesfrom dreamingI would not wantto live withoutthe dreamsI keep on weaving

staying in the shadows

staying in the shadowsof the world I am notstanding outI walk my path in the rainand sometimes sunis bought by painand sometimes so muchhappiness I ownI will laughthough soaked to the boneand all the tears and all the fearsand all the chill I often feelthough I know you cannot seeits worth it allnot having to killmy dream of being me

I am lost

I am lostI am lost I am lostI am lost at sea in a dreamin a nightmarenever endingI am lostI am lost I am lost I am lostat seacan you see what becomes of meI am lost I am lost at seain this dream where I dreamof dreaming

it was real and it was not

it was real and it was notever more than dream

theres something so

theres something soridiculousabout this dream Imweaving

another dream I see in which

another dream I see in whichI dream of dreaming moreand so more dreams ariseto last their time in thismy dream of methis dream of countless dreamers

dream on just dream

dream on just dreamjust leave it allfloat away on the nearest cloudand never fallflying in the skies so highjust dreaming dreaming allenjoying life whats left of itall of this moment eternallydream on just dreamjust leave it allnever fall never fall never fallI will not hit the groundnever let it be said that I have foundlife to be more than I can handlenever let it be said that I have foundrealityso harsh so harsh so harshso toughdream on dream on dream ontheres nothing roughtheres nothing hardtheres nothing breaking me apartdream on dream on dream ondream on just dream just leave it allfloat away on the nearest cloudand never fall again

a dream is all it is

a dream is all it isits all a dreamthats all it ever isand I do not existbut in this dream

once the dream is done

once the dream is donetheres nothing morebut memories lost to timeand once the dream is finishednothing isand yet perhapsanother dream beginssimply dreaming upyet another dreamerin this dream thats never ending