A colony of Alnus glutinosa in eastern Massachusetts

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  • A colony of Alnus glutinosa in eastern MassachusettsAuthor(s): C. H. MorssSource: Rhodora, Vol. 2, No. 19 (July, 1900), p. 157Published by: New England Botanical Club, Inc.Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/23293104 .Accessed: 21/05/2014 02:51

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  • 1900] Jones, Information desired on Vermont plants 157

    Information desired concerning plants doubtfully ascribed

    TO THE FLORA OF VERMONT, The Vermont Botanical Club expect

    to publish, in August, a catalogue of Vermont plants, admitting only such species as can be verified by extant specimens. The Committee

    on Preparation have been unable thus far to verify the following

    species, reported for Vermont by the older botanists. Any botanist

    knowing of Vermont specimens or stations for any of the plants in

    this list will confer a favor by reporting the same to the secretary of

    the club, Prof. L. R. Jones, Burlington, Vermont:

    Anemonella thalictroides, Spach.

    Cimicifuga racemosa, Ell.

    Ranunculus sceleratus, L.

    Linum Virginianum, L.

    Desmodium canescens, DC.

    Lespedesa reft ens, T. & G.

    Viola pedata, L.

    Cormis florida, L.

    Ascleftias purpurascens, L.

    Asclepias verticillata, L.

    Hydrophyllum Canadense, L.

    Gerardia flava, L.

    Mentha Canadensis, var. glabrata, Benth.

    Galeopsis Ladanum, L.

    Podostemon ceratophyllum, Michx.

    Urtica dioica, L.

    Smilax rotundifolia, L.

    Hypoxis erecta, L.

    Potamogeton pulcher, Tuckerm.

    Scirpus polyphyllus, Vahl.

    Scleria triglomerata, Michx.

    Solidago odora, Ait.

    Eragrostris capillar is, Nees.

    Festuca tenella, Willd.

    Glyceria obtusa, Trin.

    Isoetes Engelmanni, var. gracilis,


    A colony of Alnus glutinosa in eastern Massachusetts.

    The European Almis glutinosa, Willd., seems to be fairly well estab

    lished along the upper part of Whitmore Brook, West Medford, and

    about the swamps drained by it. From twenty-five to thirty speci

    mens have been observed in this locality, varying in size from the

    shrub of a few feet to a tree thirty-five to forty feet in height. A few

    years ago this colony was much more numerous, but recently several

    of the largest trees were sacrificed in the improvement of an estate.

    No record has been found of the introduction of the species in this

    place. C. H. Morss, Medford, Massachusetts. H. Morss

    A flora of Manchester, New Hampshire. - The manifold

    activities of the recently organized Manchester Institute of Arts and

    Sciences have been placed upon permanent record in a neatly printed volume (i) of its Proceedings.1 The most important feature in the

    1 Manchester, New Hampshire, 1900; 8vo, pp. 158.

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    Article Contentsp. 157

    Issue Table of ContentsRhodora, Vol. 2, No. 19 (July, 1900), pp. 133-158SOME JESUIT INFLUENCES UPON OUR NORTHEASTERN FLORA [pp. 133-142]Daphne Mezereum in Vermont [pp. 142-142]CRITICAL NOTES ON THE NEW ENGLAND SPECIES OF LAMINARIA. (Conclusion) [pp. 142-149]REVERSIONS IN BERBERIS AND SAGITTARIA [pp. 149-155]The occurrence of Thamnolia in Maine [pp. 155-155]Aspidium simulatum in New Hampshire [pp. 155-156]Plantago elongata in New England [pp. 156-156]Information desired concerning plants doubtfully ascribed to the flora of Vermont [pp. 157-157]A colony of Alnus glutinosa in eastern Massachusetts [pp. 157-157]A flora of Manchester, New Hampshire [pp. 157-158]Parietaria debilis in New Hampshire [pp. 158-158]


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