A Brave New World

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<ul><li><p>A Brave New World - Women Stand Up Against the ISIS </p><p>ISIS fear the female fighters (http://www.mirror.co.uk/) </p><p>ISIS is the name that puts the fear of god in the civilized world. They slit throats, burn people alive, drown </p><p>people alive and they do all the killings in the most extreme way possible. It is really an uphill battle to </p><p>stand up against them. That is why most of the Syrian men run away from them. When men run like </p><p>cowards, Syrian women decided to make a stand against this ruthless terrorist organization. The world </p><p>might think women must be easy game for a ruthless terrorist organization like ISIS. But the reality is </p><p>female fighters have the upper hand when it comes to the fight against these Islamic extremists. Because if </p><p>an ISIS terrorist gets killed by a female, that terrorist wont get his Jannah (Paradise after the death), in </p><p>other words He wont get his 72 virgins. </p><p> According to the Greek mythology there was a female warrior tribe called Amazons. Female Protection </p><p>forces of the land between the riversis the all new Christian female militia and it is no myth. It comprises </p><p>of women who belong to the Syriac Christian minority in north eastern Syria. Those women leave behind </p><p>their jobs and loved ones in order to put an end to the reign of terror which inflicted by the ISIS. Also </p><p>these women want to show they can do more than just housekeeping and putting on makeup. Currently </p><p>this group is small in numbers but expected to grow in numbers in the near future. Even though they are </p><p>small in numbers, they fight like the Amazons. Their main objective is to keep Syriac Christians safe and </p><p>keep ISIS at bay. Syriac Christians belong to the eastern Christian tradition. </p><p>Colonel Nahida Ahmad Rashid (http://www.mirror.co.uk/) </p></li><li><p>Not only Syrian Christian women, Kurdish women also fighting against the ISIS. A female Kurdish fighter </p><p>named Rehana killed more than 100 terrorists. ISIS fear to get killed by a woman, but they dont hesitate </p><p>to torture the female fighters they catch. So these brave female warriors always spare a bullet in their </p><p>weapon to take out their own life just in case if they seem to get captured. They believe there is no shame </p><p>in taking their own life rather than getting captured and tortured. There are rumors spreading around say </p><p>that these women were trained by foreign forces. But there is no concrete evidence to prove that. </p><p>Female Kurdish fighters (http://english.alarabiya.net/) </p><p>One way or another we really have to admire the courage of these women. Not only they are fighting </p><p>against the ISIS, also they are fighting against Gender Inequality in an indirect way. Their courage is not </p><p>second to a mans courage. They could have easily abandoned their homes and could have sought asylum </p><p>in Europe. But they didnt. Instead of carrying fancy hand bags, they carry AK47 guns. Instead of sitting in </p><p>sofas they wait in their barracks. These women already sacrificed more things than anyone could have </p><p>imagined. In few years time their names will be written as The Amazons of the 21st Century. </p><p>Captain Mujada Rashid and Sgt Sazan Taib (http://www.mirror.co.uk/) </p></li></ul>