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Reviews of well known children's books written by children

Text of A Book of Reviews

A Book of Reviews of Books and other such

things by the children in 5th & 6th class of

Scoil Mhichil Naofa Galmoy

Edited by : Kassia Belle

Book ReviewBy millie Doyle RyanBook Title: Rat Burger by David Walliams Illustrated by Tony Ross and Published by Harper CollinsThe story was set in: An apartment block a warehouse, school and her bedroomThe story was about: The book was about a little girl named Zoe who sets out to save her pet rat from being turned into a burger and she gets her dad back who used to work in an ice cream factory and they become best friends again and build an ice-cream vanMain characters: Zoe ,Dad ,Shyla, Armitage And Burt The cover: The cover gives a bit of the book awayIf I was to put a different cover on the book it would be Burts burger van with Rat Burger on the side for the title And Burt and Shyla inside and Zoe on her dads shoulders holding Armitage and an ice-cream.

Was the story credible No the story was NOT credible at all

The endingIf I was to write a better ending I would would write Zoe and her dad moved into a nicer apartment blockAnd live happily ever after

Write to a film directorTo whomever this may concernI think this book should be turned into a film it would attract loads of children please take this into consideration Yours sincerely MILLIE DOYLE RYANActorZoe: Mimi KirklandZoes dad: Marin FreemanShyla: Rebel Wilson

MY BOOK REVIEW BY KATIE RYANBOOK TITLE:MR STINKThe title of the book was Mr Stink.The author of the book was David Williams. The book is illustrated by Quentin Blake. It was published by Harper Collins. I wanted read this book because it looked interesting. The story was set in a town where most of David Walliams books are. The story was about a tramp that brings a family closer together and shows there is more to us than you think or what meets the eye. The cover gives away the main charters and nothing else. If I was to provide a picture for the cover I would provide a picture of the whole family and Mr stink. I think the story credible. If I was to write a better ending to the story I would write that Mr Stink stays with Chloe and the family. If I was to write to a film director on why the book would make a great film.1.It is a very funny book.2.It is a lovely story and a lovely read. If I was to get famous movie stars I would get Selena Gomez as Chloe .Bono as Mr Stink.

Book Review by Laura PhelanBook Title : Youre A Bad Man Mr Gum

The title of the book I read is Youre a bad man Mr Gum.

It was wrote by Andy Stanton ,it was illustrated by David Tazzyman and it was published by Egmont.

I really wanted to read this book because my friend told me that it was an interesting and funny book.

The story was set in a small village called Lamonic Bibber . The story is about a man named Mr Gum and he is absolutely filthy his house is filthy, he is filthy but there is one thing that is not filthyHis garden because of an angry fairy that lives in his bathtub . If the garden is any bit dirty she comes up from the dirty plughole of the bathtub and starts hitting him on the back with a frying - pan . But there was a beast ( a big dog named Jake ) and he absolutely loved rolling around and messing up gardens. And the bad thing was he found out about Mr Gums garden and I think we all know what he did next!!!!!!. I dont think the cover of the book gives anything away because it is only Mr Gum on the cover

If I was to provide a cover for the book I would put Jake rolling around in the garden Polly and Friday o Leary peeping over the fence and Mr Gum asleep in his house. I dont really think that this story was credible because of the way that there was a fairy living in his bath tub !!

If I was to put a better ending to the story I would do : Jake magically comes back to life by another fairy ,so then the two fairys start to have a huge argument and in the end they settle it by having a garden-off !!!!!!!!!!! And youll see who wins in the next book

So if I was to write to a film director I would say to him that Ive read a brilliant book and I was wondering could you make it into a book because I think that it is very good and I think that you could do a lot with it and make as good as the book

Also if I was to cast actors and actresses for the film I would put:Ian McShane As: Mr GumTaylor Lautner As: JakeAnn Hathaway As : PollyLeonardo di Caprio As : Friday O LearyBenedict Cumberbatch As : the butcherCameron Diaz As the FairyMeryl Streep As Mrs Lovely

By Laura Phelan

Book Review by Jay MaguireBook Title: City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare Book Review by Jay MaguireThis story took place in Manhattan, Manhattan is just as you know it, always busy noisy non-stop and just not a very good place to live. If you are a shadow hunter and you live in Manhattan you have probably met a demon or a down-worlder and you know how powerful they are.The main characters in this story are Clary, Simon, Jace and Alec. Clary has been hidden away from the shadow-hunter world and has no idea it existed until one night at a disco she discovers it all. Jace is very sure of himself and he always keeps his cool and stays calm. Simon is your usual modern day boy but his world gets changed when Clary introduces him to her world. Alec is Jaces fighting partner he always has Jaces back.

My favourite character in the story is probably Jace even though he is a little bit full of himself he is always calm cool and collected and he saves pretty much everyones life. It was a close one for my favourite character between Clary and Jace but he came out on top in the end.The plot of this story is just that Clary is new to the world of the shadow-hunters and she has not talked to Jace since she was at Renwicks.The movie stars that I would choose for the books are Josh Hutcherson as Jace, Alexandra Daddario as Clary, Logan Lerman as Alec, Selena Gomes as Isabelle, Sean bean as Luke, Jonathon Lipnicki [child version] as max. Maggie smith as Marsye, Alan Rickman as Robert and Robert Pattinson as simon.

Book Review by Kassia-Belle McNamaraTullyBook Title: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters By Rick Riordan This story is set in New York and in Camp Half-BloodAnd also in the Sea of Monsters.In this story Thalias tree is dying and therefore so is Camp Half-Blood and there is only one thing that can save it, the golden fleece ,so they all have to set off across the Sea of Monsters ,The cover gave a bit away as the story was about the Sea of Monsters and on the cover there was a picture of the Sea of Monsters If I were to provide a picture for the cover I would put a picture of Percy slaying a monster in the Sea of MonstersDuring the book there was a bit of a climax when Percy is turned into a guinea-pig by Circe. Or when Polyphemus cuts the rope bridge as the group are a trying to get away from his island, home of the Golden Fleece.Just like every book, it has to come to an end and this one was fantastic, it went like this :Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and Grover hitch a lift home with Chiron the centaur and Clarisse hangs the fleece up and Camp Half-Blood is saved.This book was very good and extremely credible and I would recommend this book to anyone as it is a fantastic book and so are all others I have read by Rick Riordan

If I were to pick any movie stars to be cast as the characters in this book I would choose:Percy Jackson: logan lurmanAnnabeth Chase: Alexandra DadarioGrover Underwood: Brandon.T.JacksonThalia Grace: Paloma KwiatkowskiTyson: Douglas SmithPosiedon: Kevin McKiddZeus: Sean BeanHades: Steven CooganThanks for listening,byeBy Kassia-Belle McNamara Tully

My Book Review By ine DugganBook Title ; Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling The publisher of Harry Potter is Bloomsbury. I wanted to read this book because my sister told me it was fantastic. The story is based in Hogwarts school of magic.

The book is about young boy named Harry Potter and his parents were killed when he was very young, and grew up with his Aunt and Uncle the Dursleys. When Harry was at school something very unusual was going on. There was a rumour that the chamber of Secrets was opened again.

I like the way the cover tells you a bit of the story and it makes you want to read it!!!!!!! And I would not dream of changing it. The story of Harry Potter is in a fantasy world of witches and wizards. If I was to make a better ending I would probably write this : Harry got on to the Hogwarts Express and gave Ron and Hermione the Dursleys phone number because he showed Mr Weasley to use the phone and they played wizard chess the whole way to Kings Cross.

If I was to write to a film director to do a re-make of the movie of Harry Potter I would tell him that it would make a brilliant movie because its mysterious and an exciting book which you can read over and over again.

Book ReviewOn gangsta grannyBy David WalliamsPublished by harper Collinsby

By Kate Doyle I wanted to read this book because I love the author and the title appealed to me. The story was set in modern times. The story was about a gangsa granny that loved cabbage and her grandson Ben that thought his granny was a normal and boring but was very wrong at least he thought he wasthey set out on an adventure of a life time to steal the crown of jewels. The cover of the book gives you a brief idea of the story. If I could provide a different picture to the book I would give the picture of Ben and his granny on the mobility scooter. The story was not very credible, I think a better ending to the story would be where ben becomes a plumber, his granny gets a faster scoote