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A 3 Valve Duplex'' · The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal Page 3 nla.obj-654093333 National Library of Australia Friday, J

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  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 1nla.obj-654093074National Library of Australia

    o_:qg COJ\'TROL

    I.Ol'>G DfST1\lliCE STATIONS







    \\ l'l'll \·Otrlt OWN SET

    "Widely Known for Quality-Tone·'- Maguavox FEATURE: Fun.,.1 l'arlitulnrs. Prlcl"' on A1111li~11tion.

    I>. T. Ul:-ICJlEl'i. Direct Factory Repreeent«tive

    Cballis House, Sydney Wboies. Je Only. T~I. ll Sf\07,

    A 3 Valve "Duplex'' Receiver

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 2nla.obj-654093208National Library of Australia

    WIRELESS WEEKLY Fridny. F~hl'llary 6. 1926.

    Your dealer will be glad to show you the new Carter Line. Every Jack, Rheost-at, Potentiometer or Switch jg of the llnest qualit.y and is not equalled anywhere al the price this line is offered.

    Carter Hold-'l'lte J11ct. No. 101 One SJW.Jli:o ope.u IUl'cuit. Prti,e., f/9

    O&rter Hold-'ritc, Ja.c&, No. 108 Three 8pringa, Ollb IOW mUo contact 81n.a?o ftlamaut c.onttol.

    Retail Price,, 8/:S.

    United 7Z Clarence- S"re-et., 8Jd.1Hl1 !+3 Queen Street, Brh'oa.oe

    Compact ra.41.o ontlot. fqr bnildings WirM for r•dto 1efflCfJ.. Fit-a any • timcta.rd radio pl11g.

    Oan be uaod. on llitht-r 1erle• Ol' wnllel cir cntt. Pro'1.4ea e«c:ctlve way to ~round c-be 'Whon radio &at b d.1,~lllte(!ted Ctow &n-t.r,nna bT remo-v&l of plug Crom Lh1I J&c.k.

    MOlUlle!d OD tn,nlatod 2j:hl. Z •1tu. bruin brua • taadard. ucat.clloo.n. -pla:io; complt,te- wtt:b "Ba4io" name 'Plate and t.crew,.

    llct;a.U Price, 8/S.


    (Whole•ale Only)

    Cnr. Jervob a.nd Harri• Strtet;. WeUington. N.Z.

    i7 ChUJlt.r Street., Adelaide

    Oarter Hold.,~ite, No. HU Four bre-ab two ooo-u.ct Double clr:cuit.

    Retail Prloe 7/•

    Cartat Hold-Ttte J"&e.k:, No, 106. l"tn Sprlnp; opona twa Qd clol!IH one eoutact-. 1)01,1.ble mbnt control.

    ltet&il l'rtC!e, 7 /9

    Lirnited BG-4 Street, M6lbonrue

    2B Q\leon Stroet, Pe,rtb.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 3nla.obj-654093333National Library of Australia

    Friday, Jetr-etor •• fi- to -i-:i Yoh11. AmpliJier, 70 Volts to ]50 Volt• 'FitF St!l.nd:tr

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 4nla.obj-654093461National Library of Australia

    Page Two W I .RE L E SS WEEKLY Friday, Februaey- 6, 1926.


    EVER-READY RADIO BATTERIES These batteries are [~sh daily-mtldo in Australia hr a new process which gives re-sults well above the average. Only the finest mat,•na\s are used, and used in such a way as to make the ideal battery.

    ALL VOLTAGES. :-. ote the economical pricing:

    For Use with 1 and 2 Valve. WP SO volt 9/6 WP

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 5nla.obj-654093592National Library of Australia

    Friday, Fcbruury 6, 1020 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Three


    n("sig1wd (•KJ>ecialll· f(lt US(' with Dry Cell \'oh·,.,,. \\'ill gl\;e mow" ~1•r\iite than or-dinu ry · ihan Philco anJ tht' prin• b tlu- . ume a.:1 other make

    Phik{• 0 A" 1w1r 1'8'' Ba.tterie~ cn.n he 1·«·· thal'grrl at a minimum ·our H 1t. meanC1 happine'" 1 fut· everybody.

    Pri1·t:· ranJ?'(.. rr •W £2 J 1 •• "ASK TUE MAN WTJO HAR ONE."

    From all Dealen.


    2S0 Ca..~ller.agb St .. Sydney. 26 IAigh SL. A ddaide. 2:i-27 Queen's Br'dge St., Melbourne.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 6nla.obj-654093727National Library of Australia

    !'age F our

    Wholesale Only

    WIREL E SS WEEKL Y Friday, F~bruary 5, ln26.

    Original in the ~•I beau1y of its performance. original iA its ing.,nio11• cooi1ruction. original in i11 rema,kablc price. The horn;. so contri,,ed that every note rqiaucred i, encompassed ud emitted with absolute purity- there i, no di,cordant echo from its waU,. The full-toned

    accuracy of reproduction ~ co111i11en1 with the mellow note which it the chief characteristic ol the famous Brande, Superior "Matched Tone" Radio Hudphoaes.

    Retail Price 63/-l

    1 "rune with Brandes i

    IJ'lali:hed?one·:&dioHeadpl,ones I , ?nen l1slen witli i Brandes 'rable 1"'alker·f

    ,_ I

    INTERNATIONAL RADIO CO. LTD 200 Ca•tlereagh S t. , Sydney. 91-93 Courtena)· P lace. Wellington, N.Z

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 7nla.obj-654093851National Library of Australia

    W 1 R E T, E S S W ~; Ii: X L Y

    I I

    'PJ:iout1 Bedfem 96i an• •::.

    ~:nc~.t~:11.~ !tt~!l~~~: ::11"t?n!'t~:~ .. t~~vi~~oen i~:.ri~•: '':11~!: 1nl1 t.b4!' Au1tr1.U&n 'Radlo RPlay Leagut,

    l::tli1o•r : J.. \\', W,\ TT The IMitor wm be g1a.d to con1M11r Techntc:al and 1'oJ1c•1 Ante.lea

    or tnteu11t to Anat.ralla.n E.x.)Jerlmentera. All Ma.nmscrl»t• aud lltuatn tlona au nnL •t. th• author·• rUk, and. -.llhouab the rrutut cart will b• t&ktu to rrlun1 mu,ult1,ble matter ur ac4:ompanied bJ lta.Jupl), th• Bd.tlor ca.nn, t a.cecpt res-pnntUJUlty fos tu &&f1 ntunt.

    Sab•crliitlon a.a.tc1.-Twel'fo monuu (52 111ues), 13/... p01t. trH. 81% mouthlJ (26 tuu.e:i), tl 'd, poa~ freo. Siu1lo OopiH 8d each. or post rrco -ld,

    A,.,.~~~::~··x:n~!:.··1::p';' .:t"b. 111':7 ~e h:~~ °!, tl:11U~t~~ i; ~== rrtd.ay prec~dlr:!I ear.11 is1uo. tr copy II not uceivc4 1tl tlm1, lb• i,r• ~tous ~·ock1 1 advertlll'!w.Cbt. wtU be npa.a.tod~

    • ·Qarst1on1 a.nd A.nsweu:· All request.• calling for technical ad•lc• or d.nwtnp ILUST be accoaipa .. abd b7 -poats.1 oot• or to lilt • tf l •. A maximum of four QU".Jlion1 ti allO"lfld,, 1n Ci-rut Brtt1.1t1,-'t'h• Cotontal TecboJcal 'freaa Ltd., Dmll8J" Jto11se, Soul.h~mptou Street, Strand, w,o. 2.

    All I.CCOllllll •bould. bd : lAde p&J'l'blr to Publtdt.y Pren Ltd .• lli!/11 &q:eot. Strttt .. S7d11e-7,

    ••W1rti1HI!! Wetkly • t, fully proc.ected -.,. "pfTlSkl. and. aothln.1 tha.ti 11-ppcar1 tn jt may be up.rintt-d, wholly or i.n pan:1 witboo.t special permlutou.. Tho nae of our artlclet 0l' quotAtious- rrom them for any purpose wbatsoev1'r a. DfflT autbor1•e4 Pa.llhaha,d b7 P11blltUJ Pru l.UL. 12 16 R4ttt"o\ St. IJclne-,. Autralla..


    A a Yolve 0 DuJ1lex" Rt•-cei,-cr • • "7

    Should Regencrut1011 be Bu,·rt•d . , • . l :l

    -S~uionin.1?1 .. .. T7 Tu the Kill1liS .. •>· ~· Am l ur Xote11 .. ;JI Wire I,·•~ Institute 33 Club '.:l:otes. .. .. 33 Lkense 1-'ce :Iii

    Bro~de.a:t.t P1-oj;.!rammes 3i

    I'\ Y YOL I< FEE. In South A u,t1·:,ha, the Postmostcr-(;,,uel'al'a

    n,-11..rtment has h,•,•11 1·ou11di11g up illei,al llst-eners -that ~ to say, people who lake all the advan t:\gcs of l>roadcastinK without payin!f Cor th~m. In some cuM•s fines Wl'l't.~ ]Pvlt•il, and a fuither hatch of pro~cutionf; is l)f'nl•nalised on thih count, Wt." an, inclin

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 8nla.obj-654093986National Library of Australia

    Page Sbt WIRELESS WEEKLY l•'riday, J,'ebruary 5, lf!26,

    The New M.R.L. Straight Line Frequency

    ' Condenser • Eu1l1oilfoM I he 11tt11Qbl flccm'.ficy :uul ,luruhl lil,r. Rigid!~ b11iH. The &tra.iglif Jiui) t-a.p:11:iff ht ob-tn.inod by sr-ir•ulitit• t"C>0Stru1"tio11 of roto, nncl ~t11t,1r plates. Eml ril:ltl'l:I of t-.pC

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 9nla.obj-654094119National Library of Australia

    Friday, 1''cbruary 5, 1026 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Sc,·en

    A Three Valve "Duplex '' Receiver

    [!Jy A. Aluander

    ~ow LhtlL r:i ho mate.rialit are comp3,rat1voly t"lJ+·ap, 01J1• aeltlow tfJUit~ acrou a first rl~ re-eciver built 01i t.ho rdh,x 1,rinciplr. ~o ll'coh·rr11 of lhit type hullt Ju AuatrnliH at prnMNli ua U1t1 111nrket, but 11-ii1t ~rtheltss they ~ro extrr.moly efti~ie.nt. aud when pro1~rly ,lf'-.1g11c-J anJ lmllt are n~ry rit8y to hanrUt\ uud maint.."lin ..

    It du1'it not. Ht:181U M) very long ii-lU('n Urn II Grimes'' :rnd ,iu:irKneli.8' 1 reflex riu•ulLa ~\flrfl 1101mlnr amon~!lt •ho~e ,•.xrerim('nle.ra who wne atilt to get ntimaetory ril b


    eing aperiodie. \"•~ Fig. 4.) The ra.Jlo Cr,qntnry ,oap-lin~ bt,f\\c-o tho t.1\·o n.mplifying \"lll"'P-l' ~ ~.1i1t- by mean8 ot nn Austrnli.,n-maJe rntlio frc,p11•n; Jr trans. former, which offiei!lntly coven tho wavele11glh• ho• tween 2!i0 and 1500 met:r~s, without nsiu~ "witt~bf':s

    or cutring out :any pclwccn th• wcond rndio (ruquency ,·olv1 uud the d,•tector valvu it made by moans of •wo honoycomb ,oil,, loosuly ,•ouplcd, nn,I tuned by a va.riablo ,conden,e.r. Ir desired, .nlhf &tanJard air corri tuned tran.aformer caa. be u0-t.-,d in thc.-ir llt.'ild, hut lu,s•• ,rill be illlroductl which nro avoided whca l(Ood honop•,omb r.oil.s arc u~od in D sl:i 11,1,.,il mounl ing .

    .. \fter ret•hfic-ation Uw current j,- pa~!fed through Lbe primary eircuit o( 11 3l to 1 a11,llo tr:ui•formor in the iuual "1aD..Jtet. Th,• secuml.ary of thi11 trnn!' h1 ,·unnect n 1mall fixeJ con•

    dron1't~r ruut1I L,e, Rlluuti:d a1·ru'-P it. Tl118 ht 21l1Mrn in the Jini{tllW, the routlt llM'r .huxinl( 11 c.apnrity of 11001 mf

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 10nla.obj-654094242National Library of Australia


    Philips Yah-- Glo\\ Lamp \\',,rks-a Arm who:u nanm ji( u hou!--ehold wor·d whcau:1c cf th~ir wunderful .,rervice and d,·prntlability.

    Fd: 3.-1 4.l• vol~ F1lumen1 (' rent fi.l amps. Plat~ \'olt1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 11nla.obj-654094376National Library of Australia

    Friday, Februu1·y 6, 1921l WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Nine

    It •hould be 11ot~u thnl thP pn111:i.ry winding .r the n.udio!orrncrt being inelndod in a high frr. que11fl:y clrunlt., mudl be. -ihunted by n ~mull lixetl condrn,-cr, l:iO t.hnt. a me p;1'h is pro"·iJed for hlJ,tk frequfnt"'y .,.urrenU. TbL. t:.ondt'n..",•r h9a n t.?1.pscity of .000,1 mfcls. n~ 1hown. lt ~ i1hpurtn.nt that thi1: \rahw ltr not gr+\n.tly txcl"r•li'ld, otht

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 12nla.obj-654094509National Library of Australia

    Page 'fen. WIRELESS WEEKLY l-'riday, Febru11ry 5, 1926.




    "Coat More

    To Build."

    "A Radio Set t. no better than it1


    Wirel,-.. .,, A U &. C Bi.titeri('!I

    I Whol-lers:

    AMA l,f;A-JllATED WI B J\. Ll::HS (At'sT.) LTD.

    NOYF.S 13R08. F. J\ H~:GUR LTD. T. }'. STEW ii RT & (JO. ;\L\RTI:-;' DE L.\UNAY LTI>, HOLUsWORTIJ, MACPID:n

    SON It 00. Bet&ilers:


    H . o- • t,.5 .. 1;1" Svrul &.O ,. tw1u1e. •

    =~ l'!/0



    "Cosi Less To


    "Diamond Bat-teriet,, Good

    &ta &tter."

    l11-m1iou llallerit-!'t

    KOCK & KJl!llY LAl:lSE1"n;n!4 LTD. ED\\ \!ID ARXOLD LTD. RAIJJ

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 13nla.obj-654094630National Library of Australia

    Friduy, ~'obruary o, L!i~li WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Eleven

    In builcling the sdt the follow.iug pttrl1::1 wiJl l,a required:-

    1 Bakelite or Ratlion pone!, 16in. x 7in. " 3/l0in. 1 Bakelit-u or lladiou p»nol, 7iTI. x Jin. ,c 1/Sin. 1 B:t, .. (pfoo), 16UJ. x tlin. x ½in. 2 .00()5 Vn.riaUlv conJou~ert


    .0005 and .001 variable, plain and vernier condensers, slightly ~efect-ive.

    Single and double earpiece tele-phones and headbands.

    Audio Frequency transformer;;. 30 ohm Rheostats.


    BASEMENT An1algan1ated Wireless (A/Bia) Limited

    97 Clari,nee St.reel, Sydney.

    Address all mail orders to Dept. F.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 14nla.obj-654094765National Library of Australia

    Page 'fwelve W~RELESS WEJ::KLY Frid"~·. Febru:1ry 5, rn2,;.




    Start Y111 r Sub.,w/prion u•ith

    No. 1

    10/ PER ANNUM

    Radio Press Limited Bu-h ll nu1e - S1r11nd. London

    GEORGE FIELD 297 Hunter Strttt. X•w cn,tle (Phon~ US;)

    pad nt Hamilton.

    "Your ntail orders dt!'-pntthed .Jnme day

    Al Jo" e~t rulinK pric~1'. W'rite for list~.


    Wholesale • Wireless "CABLE" SETS & COMPONENTS 0. V. Portable AERIALS


    If ~

    If ~"

    For Picn1c1, Ri,·er or FLAT

    No lnsulaloro Required

    "CABLE"' Cl')'atol Receivers

    T 01ally ,ndo,ed

    Price :: 122/6 Retail "C.\RLE" (British llade) HEADPHONES.. iOOO ohms. '1ultiphone Terminal F.nds for Connt

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 15nla.obj-654094899National Library of Australia

    Friday, February 5. 1926 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Tltirteen

    Should Regeneration be Barred

    .fl Debalable Point By "WIR~;J,ESS WEEKLY."

    \Yhenever several broadrosc li~tt:-ncra 01· l'X-pel'imenters get, together, their conversation drift,; aimlegs!y from one topic l

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 16nla.obj-654095027National Library of Australia

    Page Fourtucn W I RELESS WEEKLY Friday, F~bruney 5, 1926.

    ' ' COME UNTO us '' ----- - ALL YE _____ _

    Who Would Build His Own Radio Set

    AND WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW! )AKt:LJ!'.K kfH:J:•.:"l', Pnli,1lit•d. Cur ra.nela, 9in.

    lh!c1', f,a is.q, Lndi, c:ut tn 11be • , , • id. P~\! \\ uu;., .Sqwil't• Tit1t1t'd {'1)pp~r Ihu1wire,

    pu rlol!. l+-.t.i:th1< , • , , . • • • • • • l Id, $01,Tllr.rc. l'\dtlcn RC"11ln C'ort"' ~olrlf'r, 18~

    iurh lflnt'f.b • . . • • • • . • • • 3d.. SOT,D'F.R, Hlr.h 1rrude ''Ke!!la" Rr.ildnr, tJf!r loin 2/-f:.Lf;(!•l't( l L' HftLP\;!U.N(l HWS~ Plug•in at 111}:

    ~4-0 ,·uh powl"r poiut, ..,,,..,.~ 1lo10 . 24./6

    M;Dl(' TllJ\Vfi ~'(JtlJ.I.El-t.'{ l"restr.-nt (gunra.n llWli). 6 tQ l or a•· ,o 1 . , . 13/tl

    A.\.'IHO TRAS'~F'OJOfF:f

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 17nla.obj-654095151National Library of Australia

    Friday, February ;;, 1926 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Fifteen

    or two itemB, and note the difference in tone and quality.

    The feedbacl< action, I.he supplying of addition-al energy to the weak signals -picked up by the aerial, builds up the irregular impulses that make up radio telephon" speech or music and l' their characlerislic shape. Tho .nre in-crca~cd in volume, yes, but at the same time th"Y are robbed of their lone qualit.ies, and are repro-duced as distorted sounds. Exponents of l'ej!"enera-tion will probably answer I.his objection by saying that the extent of the damage to the quality of tone depends on the limit-~ to which the r~edback is pushed. They suggest that I.he set owner renuce the coupling or use a ~muller tic lclc1· coit Their

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 18nla.obj-654095283National Library of Australia

    Page Sixteen WIRELE SS W EEXLY Friday, February 6, 1926,

    •!••~•------•~--•·-'-•.-u---------•----•-•-----• ---,-❖ i New Lines Just 1 l 1 ~~~N~fDIO MAB-00!::~!~!~ i I B:id,~11 bJ, 11n I r1melad Onn.rantCarly. 42 volt • , , . • • . • . . Eveready, 00 voH .•


    lli/-30/-lll/6 26/-9/6

    lll/6 18/

    Philip.< Buttorr

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 19nla.obj-654095419National Library of Australia

    Fl'iday, Febru,u-y 5, 1926 WIREl,ESS W E EKLY Page Scvt'nleen


    JXED MUSTA~. ,, ....

    On W!th tho Jazz. )fl'3s JJynl IIU1t•, tlu• ,j:11.1. pi.uuis,~. 1·r,11ti11u1•,1 lu

    !-Mt m~u1.~ i~et tlo111•1111,t wltl1 hrT 8y11eopah•-f 1.'X

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 20nla.obj-654095548National Library of Australia

    Page Eighteen WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, Fcbn.,aTy 5, 1926.

    ,fo /(;JU/'

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 21nla.obj-654095676National Library of Australia

    f'riday, }'ebruary &, 1926 W I R 1'~ L E S S W 1': E K L Y Page :-lineteon

    thill ean bo 1een in a.11 Miu Lesc:.nul 1 ~ tr:u1,un,i~sione, a, her e11unciati1>n in both lang11agr• ir all that can be de rued, --·•ry •> llable lwioi: cle ,rly heurd. 1\la.• Ll.'n'eaut }>utuna.iaiJt'~ u. wide npertoirl' ol i.,rt'.111..·h au,1 Engli,,h sonl!I', operatic ariu !llld numb,•r• by tb,• ,nost modern compo,vs.

    3W PRt'!il:..NT~: Effie A.,m~t,orJg, r.on,rall:a, fl•Jw.,r- L'Oict is tmr

    that the cthtr ~nd, ,, ,, murh to ilJ liAioK. luu hod thr e~ptrimce of sin.gin~ /rom both Jidt., uJ .4u,trulia 111 tl1t otl,,er si,fr. While on n 11i$ir to f>rrtk sh~ w,u fotrn• duccd ttt tlie managrr oJ 611 F, ,rho ,n, itcd ht'1 In 5ifl& al that 5'annn._ and thr

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 22nla.obj-654075386National Library of Australia

    Pagti Twenty WJRElLESS WEEKLY Fridar, t'ebruary 5, 1~26.

    BANISH ISOLATION! Jlave you yet rf"AUf.t'"~ ..,..,,at ,o,•i:,1 life! How it r11 1, hril1~ t l1f' 11.i1iir o! tl1,, lht•alri• n 1 d t lw t"OnN•tt. hal1 ri,ul1t iutn 1•onr hom~? lfa\e- you re.a1J'9~

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 23nla.obj-654075517National Library of Australia

    Friday, l-'cbruary 5, 1926 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Twenty-one

    What They Write

    CONOEBJ{ING BEGENAl'O&MERS. 'l'o t.hc Editor.

    Dear ~ir. -I um writing you in connec.tioi1 witl1 the Bro-., ui1tg I >rnlrn Rcj?;~1mfor11n.•r. 1 have mado aud u.sefl one in my t-et., and :liurl that it gives ex, l'.'l'll i8 :\ pfoca uf c.unlbonl'J bent rounU, 2:_!in. x Oirt., wftt1 55 turu!i No. 18 gn11g-(1 wlrc on it for pTirua..ry. Out two wll.:ihets vr rarclboo.rd to fit in! erul :uul btfore 3LO 11I11ting from the r,me of rhn< pioneering um1tteur. ''3 Don Pip'")) 1\fi3-s 1'iolct Jackson ba.~ appeaud llJ Elsa ill "LlJhen~rin.." Sm,tazza in •tCaval-/eria Rustirana.t arid IA!()1u,ra in "ll TrtJr;atore." llo J,uu.rr upJ>NJrance-& 011 a morcr dltndc.d itage ,rlll be t·ugerly n·orchcd /or b,- u tvide cirr.ll' oj. apprcdathP lisre"(ter~•ln,

    r.>n a !Welt Lwo feet above the i;iet, nnd it is tbe best tuner 1 h,we tried. I have •xperimented with a Jot ,,r hoiru,-made deviees as well :ts bought ones. I en.II g,,l rnore 0111 of this tuner Llwn f enn out of a 1brre ,-nlve llt't l bought eome time :,go.· Youn fnitJ1fully,

    W. M. SAN1"ORD. T..t>tlon.

    (Conl/rtued on Pngt 29)


    Am11teurs shm1!1I nnl ovnlook th" J'at"l Lh,it 2WI is still l'tlrrying out •tandurd fr,,q1wncy u,aruuni~-~1011~ eH'ry Tuesday nigJtL.

    The rollowrng is the schedule adhen•,I to, :uul th,, n,de signals designating thtt various wave-lengths upon which ~ignals Ht'

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 24nla.obj-654075647National Library of Australia

    Pllge Twenty-two W IRELESS W EEKLY .li'riday. February 6, 1926. ·,·:----~ RADIO PANELS

    To lhose who are about to build their own Radio Set, we submit the follow-ing. These prices of Bakelite we would mention are the lowest prevailing in Australia.

    l /8in.


    BAKELITE Cut to any desired size

    . !d. per square inch

    . ~d per square inch 4 •

    Diaphragms for Manhattan Jun-iqr Speakers, each . . . . . . 2 /0

    Filko-Stal.s. Your set deserves one, each .. .. .. .. . . . . . . 12/6

    Vernier Attachments. 100 to 1 ratio, each . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 /0

    Accuratune mtra- Vernier Dials each . . .............. 25/0

    Bakelite Valve Sockets (special line) American, each . . . . . 3 /0

    Argus Lightning Arrestors, por-celain covers (approved by Fire Underwriters), each 7 /6


    Headquarters : HAYMARKET, SYDNEY


    -r---a--,--,-~, ____ , __ ,, __ •;,

    I Before you


    Money on

    Radio Equipment





    I Experta.

    I I • I t

    I i I


    \' our in.pee-tion of the bilif diaplay

    of everything

    that i• new in the world of Wirelen,

    ia invited.

    (Wirelen •· Second Floor)

    Anthony Hordern & Sona Limited,

    BricUield Hill, Sydney

    Box lTIJ C.P.O.




  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 25nla.obj-654075770National Library of Australia

    Friday, February 5, 1926 W I RELESS WEEKLY l'ugc Twenly-three

    AM \TEUR o:-. IIIGH ~ \ \'ES.

    ft is some m1111ths sim·P an umateur h•s heen heard on bruadcn•ling bnnd• aroun,l BriBbnn,•. Oc 6th and Glh Dec1•mber the ethN· was disturbed • little by 411W (H. Walsh), who is on tho etruf ot G. 0. Wills in Elizabeth Su·eet.. Using an out-put o! 3 watts h• was clearly heard when 4QG was on the air, the modulation was bnd. It i• hoped thal he will comr on a little more fr,,. •1uo•ntlr with gramophone reeord~.

    t!CW is expected to b~ back on tho broadcast wave, transmillinir record, Wh,-n be sbn1:" it

    wiU remind us or the dllY• before 4QG .,tarted, when amuteurs constantly suppli1•1I gramophone programme~


    An Appret"iation ..

    "I hav~ pleuuro in ndvising that the> Super Radio Frequency Transformer you recently sup-plied to me has proved an unqualified success.'' says R. R. Higginson, Wyong Road, J\fo~rnnn, in a Jetter to Amalgamated Wireles:s.

    " I would unhesitatingly rocommend anyone de-~irous of adding a atage nf radio to use t he "Super" -it does not make the &et any more difficult to handle, but the volume and quality of reception i,. considerably improved, being nli that could be po~-sibly desired.

    It ill all the more pleasing to me to obtain such wonderful results with an Aust.ralian article, and 1 anxiously look for-ward to the further de-\'elopment oC A.W.A. products."

    WANTED.-All lt:lnd• Secondhand Wireleu Seu

    Parts, Speakers, eto. Beat prleoa gi.vou. JACK

    RAPKEN, 16 Oeorge Street W~1t. 'MW 1201.



    at Prices and Terrna to suit every pocket

    .JAZZ UNPOPULAR. Ki11 ,:t ,fuzz js !'lipping, Classirn.1 musi,~, , iu. loud.

    'IIJH"':ikers nnd rarphonc~. is fnvourc,l by th(!! mn88eli1 Thift trend, a,J to 1.... compfot nnd !tilling virtuuUy H.1 pn int.n11aLion11l musical jur~·• \'Ot~I tltree to two th:1t. j:n,z h,• fa11iug Lf'lhiud in 1101,1.f:lr f:,.your, nud therefore "ill ne, er rt'plaeo tho. work.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 27nla.obj-654076031National Library of Australia

    Special Features of Wondertone 4 Home Construction Receiver

    :~~ ~~::tz 11~:cl::-~ig--llJ~:..~:t~t~or~TWTTll 70 \!l.,T', ~ 1• ,i"'";~ -~ "" '•.,; ,"~,I " l " ..:

    - - - -~-,,

    {,-_, . ,.-,, '

    . ' N o!!W Shipn'lent.:

    M arco Velvet v~rnler Dinla 16 6 each 11~ f10 ,, "' •~L 11 NA• , I ~, I''' I, •IL ,t, l ,\,f< , " • ,Ll 1,.. ,..,, •. 11

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 28nla.obj-654076165National Library of Australia

    Page Twenty-six WIRELESS WEEKLY 1''rid!iy, Feb!;Uary 5, 1~26.



    The only Vn Ive free Uom. mil.'rnphonic li.Oiae.~ .. Low or Batlr1; eou-suru11tio11-2 to [\ j i.111CR longer lif,_1, ("'beapest in tllC long rWl 'J'lw l'()W{lt Plu& Trott Il1uo fl.Ls -tuwU su1:krt,., t1.nd give• double t.he ,;gnol ~t:rength of th'.\ cell \-rnlv=r set is not givjng the best PoSSU>Je resullll 'phone C,ty 6336 or B6971 and a qualified engineer will call and effect a r,pair or alteration 31 the )oWcst l)OOSlble oost. Advice is given freely,


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 29nla.obj-654076296National Library of Australia

    Friday, February 5, 1926 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Twenty-seven


    One Guinea Prize


    Limited to Children_

    Everybody knows Uncle George and his G-O-0-D-N-1-G-Il-T js famil.iar to every little one who listirl under the g• ol twelve about Unele Georgof Now. 1 want to •ee what you ca11 1lo. \\'hen you mn11u u11 you-r limerfok and are quite s11.liafil'd with it, J)Q9t ii to "Wireless Weekly," 12 Rogel

    Now, GEOlWE HU\YELL, uf Cha.hwood1 wants to know why, s-iueo :?KY started, h{I; cannot hear 1:nrlo George as well •• before.

    Thi~ tlept1ullg whnt kind or l'Cc.oiver George iJii usfog. Tf )le uaes a crystal rcccivcr, lt l• quite po•-aible lhn,t ho is grtling inlufere.m•,e lrnm 2KY, aa the l\lning of some cryata I receivers is ratht'I' broad. Thv lro11bl~, more th~n likely, eould be got over 1,y n wave•hnp, which, by the way, has been de• !6J'ibed ~ ntllllber of tlllrns h• ''Wireless Weekly." Ii he i• nai11g 11 valve •et, bowc\'~r, tbero ohould be no interference, proviaed, of f,6UTSe, the rll' of his set is a good one. Tf Georgo wiTI &-end some more particulars of it to me, I l\oulu probably be able lo help him further_

    L011 Bnssor, who, by the way, i,i Uncle ,Tack'• nepnew, i• n•king wlu,t is tJ,o average wnvelongth of the stn.tions in America, and how mmny actual broadoastlng stn tions there in e.dotenee in Ame-ricn. Well, there are about 500 broadeastillg -atii-tion,s in the United Stat01!. the wavelengths of wlliob

    (Continued on. Page 31, bot. Col. 2.)


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 30nla.obj-654076426National Library of Australia

    Page Twent~·-eight WIRELESS WEEK L Y r"r!duy, Frhruary 5, 1926.

    "Why All-Glass Sockets Mean Better Reception "

    Manr ~Pt t~il 11, 1111,•ratr efnciently, a.utl1Qritie• dalm, a• 1.t ri'tfllll ~, - ~01·1,(•I rn,•l(•t'~ It) J}Ol)r i118'{il111

    1:.?) p1u;1r 1ro11t4,•1 .\ .. 11.c"\' ,11.rr1•nt lc-:1k11v;i't d11 .. In E>.itlrr Ill the• ab1Hf', 111111li•

    11,,n .. h·~'1' • r,•r) 11011,·t-1,bl(' otf1t·t ,.,, lhf" c-hn-r1,c-t .. l' ,.,,.J \'( c,f , urr,•nt rlt S,iwl.tet P111\•'t,. 1r1, l'('filfly. l! ~1·1 l,,. fl:tlll:U, tJm,. l11•1',1r,, th~•)" j' 1n bt• ho urht in . .\.ul'tr:i,lli,, SQ in th'" m,-;;,1, ,1111• l11,r lh1" J1~~r Dry lhttaric" th .. ru 11re or. l;r-tt .. r f 11. l u b•"r r1•"1111t·i!••11ld, ha..'.l>irlt- tllrtt \Tfl 1111 llil' nt ,rl.:,·t. ••B" BAT't"CJtV SERVICE HOU-R.,S.

    \\'. l111i·1 .,f1c11 1-•1:11 11•'- 11 1· 111 lrnw l,1t1M, 11 'll'' h"t 1rr,1· ,l11rnh1 i, "t ·r1,t111. 111 ,·,1rd1nc t,1 tht! Hm:lnl!-.l'r or 1l1r Hur;:.,~~ Hat, ry t'1tmr11 ,•, ilep\'ml,; r' the N>ndi•i,.,,11.-1 1)! Ill

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 31nla.obj-654076555National Library of Australia

    Fdday, Febrm11•y 5, 1020 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Twenty-nine

    WHAT THEY WRITE Conllnued from page 21


    'l'n thu l'lditor.

    Deru· Rir.- I rc,3J ,~ ith iu!l'lre,;.it Mr, Gro, II. P1""1fON(•n 's lt.·th°"X', "\Vlrelti~~ \reok1y, ,, ]:v11 12;;, T(t glm.i8 p!tueL"I for l":1rlfo ktnH. lI1•re 1s my 111ot,hod of

    drilling tho set illumared, Thi~ pa1,cl io £or a four vnlve set, nnd is :!4iJ1. x J1H11, x ;1/ltjJH. pl:11(' glr.L~s. nJtd lu.1111 iu illl 52 hoJes varyln~ in f-iiZ{" rrom :•VI6in... l,) :!l 132in in tliUU!t:ltl·r. I drillPc1 tld~ Jl:\ll(l,-11 02 ho1r•'l1 in ru houri-!, tt!'li11,! :m orrli1U1T) bretu,,1. ririll ot1rl casl,on ,tecl twi,t .!rill,;, I fou111J tlw h

    n.,;n n ii' :\Ir, JI. It. Mt111'nlf1 mm o! nnr lb1lrn nn~im•N·~ ~nn+I. t11.-11lt•11rull~. •ht-t «~,·t•l11pt)r" ur uur yu1·11um lul,,...), m.1t.d!: ~ 1';~1: ,·r ll1h•1'L-ii1Tin~ r~t.f ,r.rJ1 1'1i ~od, rnodrl M \ON.\\ OX Jlri. ,1i,·ine S,:,t., 'l'ho ru• uh ut thi• t1·-~1 WnA n, follow>i..:-ile r.,, . ..,i,..:•J 1'.n·lfll· f',)i\r,I H1.nh111•-chut l to 1-1u;, U'4ta. Va..n ,t,u~·l•r, n .1· .. to l,oa ~\ng.l:'le,i-with 1)0 d1"1eul1~ ,\bahot•Vc.r. Tht' n'1M1 .c;r.,t,ityin~ 'l'~h'Ult,; tif hi f('8t, hi,w1,•\'t"I' WCT'O, th

    ,1 tH ltH11I J't";1k11r ,·olume :-J>I S'l.'A~'I' S'rA'l'f()"X:-.; JJg.\UH.

    Kl,h.\• Pit·:11hun; fill., :10!1 1nf'lr'>'I,,, w1,,, f'immn.1tr, Ol1i11, J~i 1N•tr•· \\ H,\ P-F! "·or1l1. 1r,•x11", L7,_i 111Nrt•,. \\'~ I . ..\ W ~f'br,, Q,~f1 m..,ITt"». KrR-• tii, 1,1(0, 111.. r;:1h 011•1n~. h'.Sl> 81, Loni.-1, )Ju .. 5dfi m+tl,Tt'"'·

    J11 • :!r11~! :.!~Jf;''~ej~~~1~t~ ~l~~r~'; ~T~,~~l~1fij~h 11f~Pr:'i~ri:: t'ol\ t St,.-1io11. 011t~rntini: 011 .ff06 mctr••~. 1111d w11;~ ui:c loud uml 1·111ui,1ent 101; 1111 .. hQur 11 ... uuy (1r 1111• T,o,._ •\ngl•le)!; ,..;1,11t 1n111o, " irh, lnrid,..nfally, !).lie r1,111dJ1:,,· lu•,' i11 Uiic:t lu11dltJ ,1ny t1m.- ilunni; fhl' winter l'fC:'I ... OJt.

    Whil(I LIJf' H.1111 ,u~ .. U~ing ma1h•, 1-it:;lioH Kt:>O, lrnt -l milt... d.h,t1uil OJ1cl'1H1tt~ un -1':!6 lllt>lte!J, \\illt TOOO lo 2000 w.1tlt1 uuipnl. Wll.,_ 11.1:til,. tut qur, 1,ud \\'L\\" 1,! ('indunntl, ..a.;.:i 1111•1,r,•-., IH1t11, \'.-11 .. 11lt!ti.rl~ hv.Jtrd. n",I unilf'nt~od, uud iii,t IHll nt Ult;\' t,mf- r-d,-~

    Km1il.i r,,111,•mlil'r, \L,... lnl(t \\'lti!,' (•nn(l•1l,tt"d with uoLhin~ liu Stnudttril ,q,1,rn1Lu~, rmbs-11.1•h.1i; th(' MAtJ~ \\'OX Re •·,-\vi14t ."'1t-f M•1-1Jllt, wh

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 32nla.obj-654076681National Library of Australia

    Page Thirty WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, February 5, 1926.

    ·--------~·-J---~ RADIO on Easy Terms. NO INTEREST.

    All acts ,omplcto with Thi Forest va1v~, phones, A. and B battery and A.erilll.

    Singlo Yohe £9 10 0 Deposit .. .. 0 l8 & We

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 33nla.obj-654076813National Library of Australia

    Friday, Fcbrunry ~. 1926 WIRELESS W EEKLY Page Thirty-one

    Amateur Notes B11 Q.T.C.

    ITp till retently the AO district held the prize for inneth"lty. These days, howover, I think we can irnfely give the g,m1drop to our friend~ of Xo. 4--queen•la11d. What's tbo lMtter up north l Of course, we nll rr~li•e llu,t. etntic has ben playing Old Ifnrry with work of Jato, but still, four,, you can't blam~ that rntiroly. Even in the pcrfoot winter momhs )'Ollr rcputntion was in lhe bonds of one or ,wo h,ne ba,118. A4AN upheld your prestJge well; h• turned out tlta mo,•t ronsiJilble sigo. lhttt I have henrtl t'or o. long t.ime. 40M up• hold him wrll-eoo1l q.s.b. yo11 h1ul1 noctor, an,1 those two ~ire your lone, intc.ruatio11al DX-f'rsf There Wt•re a couple of 11.utl lo\\. po,'L'cr &taliou.s ill 4AZ ant! -!Ril. 4UK f'!tmwtimt•i-, t•:1wc nut with n hig kiek-111,d thnr yuu 11r1.d Do brttcr in lll~O, o.m'e. You

    ., lrnve 1prnlit_v; UU\\ nfhl qua.nt-tly.

    T'ltil Xola,, tll .\~YT, ho,; bec·11 turning out lhu li1•••.t :l'li~i-. from ilu1 !-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 34nla.obj-654076942National Library of Australia

    l'age Thirty-two WIRELESS WEEKLY Frida)·, l"~bl'Wiey :.. 192G.


    TTI'ES W.1. a W 2. Tn1• \'LI. 11 f r 11at-n1 ., Ut>-~K1or 11r Low /•' r, IJ'Jf-uq A101.1Hlh1r. T)'l'" ·w.~ (hl1,n1lftr-d 1,,- lt,1 rf'll 11,11) h•• bHn l

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 35nla.obj-654077075National Library of Australia

    Frid~y, Februnrr 5, ll12G WIRf;LESS WEEKLY Page Thirty-thr«M.

    Tnulc Bnru.--u, Tl10 wurk of lhe 'l'r.:1ffl llurt.'llu '\t'&• acl1uil1 .,.im

    manit't"d on Ft'braar,- I 1p:r-. •ni tboH talon.r pan la th~ aetiYlcii-s- "' U1e Bur~n a nuld nnw ba "eani eonJatt• inir trne!r: un ~,11~1, rNipittti,e IC' t1m ... _ L"r t,ook• 1111,t utuh•tif)J1H nn~ JLO"' ..i.n11nhl,1 nL hr~dqmirtcr1J, •ntl ULOH wbo hi,, . ., n•;l 1111'!'1)dy r1>lh1rt1,l lhPir boolc1 ahualtl ,lo t1Q •• Mitl)' u 1 onll,1,., H h ii C'•H11t lat lb11t 111••• be In u•• witb. t o eomm••u•l'ment or lilf' open1iDDI. Ge:n.eral Jleetl.DS.

    Th"' ~~~~, m~tinlt for l'el,.T'11ar), wb.ich wUI h\.,. ph•('•• 1,n 'l'hur~,l11y1 f-'Phruar1 IR, l928, .,lit [email protected] an '' All ~111l111' :Sight.,'' On ti.ii~ r'lC'tMJdun it ho,• be~n 1Jf'.'lcll1P,I ,., 11111;g, 11, 1lrh~t.., 1n whir,t, ••ar,.ntv.ornl,'' Ce,me1·on Stn1:1t., Hout.h Scnth• t1.-1d. 10:nfl•LI

    SOUTH 1lA!SDWIClt IJID DIST&ICT 11.ADIO OLUB.• Un )fontJil;ir 3:1nuAff 25, 1.h"' mrmben of the S011111.

    lUntlwi1 "k ,rnd l>~trir, Had10 f"lnb ,ralbl'!rtd. fQr &11('!\t' 23rd 111nt•t.\l u1t•ttl1n,r. a1.1d to llC'i.r th, third lMi-t,nTt nf t.ht1 ,ylJ.a• t,ua d.eliw•r"d h:r :!llr, W \ 1 J::iow•rt 'l'b.r, att1md11nce wa• •'111 ap to the a~UAl rxnlktnl. &tandu•l, and. •• hH bHo lbe n.u u me tings tor aome um• l'Ht. the roll of me1•• b1nllh1 waa further addt-d to.

    \tr St,,wau. 111 m.-mbtt ot th• ilU.b•rommJUH o-t tls• llt"lfi;lltei' f'ou.nctl, w;a• 1•P11lt1d. upon tn ,-xplatn tho natar• 11wt mP-fbo,I "' wurklna: of Ulll tTantr •rllcmc of U1i, Y.x-peri• 1t1l'nhi.l R.1'11,.:irch 11nd Traffic On..r•u. 'l'h~ 1':bedule.11,. 'WOTk• ,nc n~bt ott:t &nd • bnol: flf mNHre forma .-ere n view.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 36nla.obj-654077205National Library of Australia

    Page Thirty-four WIR ELESS WEEKLY Friday, Februal°y 5, JH2fl.

    O>tlllllWJJfDIIIIC)~IRJUll!fflWIO~lfiiftfiDWl._lDIIINI--IHllllllm .. lllDIJIIIIIIIIIKlllllmtufCJIJIBCJll11lfflJlnmtntUIMlfOlfflllllUlltlll ❖

    I I B -1 Our Annual_______ I I Stocktaking Sale I I E-xtende

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 37nla.obj-654077331National Library of Australia

    Friday, l•'cbrm1ry 6, 1926 WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Thirty-five

    and :\ number nt rommrnt"' Wl'ri" m.o,le un lhe neal ond (l.nid(.:1!1 ¥1&1 in wht,h they hr1d \)te,n [email protected] a.nd p--re-uarf'd.

    •.rh('I hn;iinOR!t nf thn nlgl,t lncludutl ttJQl!lidcr~tl11n of nlnn~ u ,111 ~11rrlf1r·1tlon,. tot n. -workAhop to ltom;e 11. wor'k hMH!.h, t.m1l21., and nu.1.cl1innr1, a~ well 01 tho e lub 0.17Vl'l1't1t11a 1t.1Hl i,, i•luh tnn,uniU. .. r. (A.nyon~ with 11 workahop for dH r111s-al 11h!mrn a:'£'a1>. up.). Art.,, Ih 4"0m]llt>tlnn It v.ill btt :t.Vr\ilnl>l.c, to rrte:mbe:rs for thr, c-t)nl!ltrr1u:t1on uf •oram~u•. or t,ho!\o -,;Jio so d11sir0 nmy fol'~~alher to work the club r•• t'IPinu• or olbar- 1u.di.o ,;car. Lntt•r, wh~n our 1i.6l o! a,•· nhh, C)ll!",t111 hn" h1>1•r1 ijflmtiwhnt .u.o~o.nled, 1.1. club Lrnu.. miller ia ahw t.n b11 ir1~L1,lfed

    Mr. 81cwn-rt ~t>l('t'tr>d for his • ttbjud uWt1.VL•mtiL0Ta-th( (\m...:ln:1t"L!ou, u,._.._., ond t1tt.l1hrntiont"' rmd me)l1ber.1 Wero ifllt(H)ncP.d fn anti Wf)n mtl.df!I with [1uniHn.r \'1'.illh tha l\L1H,rJ>llo11. ht1tu••viJyntJ, t11,d l)u:.r.zAr kypt>x or wa,.-inAf.~ni.. '..rh~ lt"rtUTf"r tuW1d no 1llflir:ul&y In k~..-ph11t lil• li•h111i"l'1J wull int.\'lru. ... ~td, rmd I\ nu.mhe1' ot mNu.bc-,.ra wl'lr!'I ob15o1"rnd tl1.kin1r nolPS ,rnd pnnicular~ (or 1•pn,d,r-u.c.tlot11\I pnyPCtllt!S TJ1e1 lee-t.u,-a wn"' Y,t•II d.-mu11Rt.-r·nf,F-1f will1 l'ln "b~mrpllon t.ype m&Ler. ton,etrn,·tod aJHl c.11lihro~od by "Mr. BMdy t\l '2,Jtt),

    Au lalt,r 1'lub ,,J,.Jt to t,110 W1t.verlcy Clttb h11s bow at Trrnged f{1r 1;•011TuJ1ry 2Srd' an,J an- lnt.t""r-rluh debate it to t.nkt'I t)lnce thnl ovon,n.i;. The hubjoet lho.t h~s bocn chosen i ft. ''A llndlo B\: ll('tti -,;en•ed on tho;5b1,1r(l M ,~ P.I,

    ~Rn 1 .. "' r,r,,i;irnt bn.•ry ,ih1ftlnir his foclltion, I\.JHl il i11 s:\id ihnt :i mo"n n.r!ll't>ndec1 111,;:li wlum t.he ml\in mn~t hArl in lit• rut for tl"lt,,n,;porlaticm,

    '1"'11~ Mori.A r lnacH ~tondt.y, 26ilt. prior to lbt'! G'~neral Jn~l•th1jr, 11ml 11.r mr,gf-mf'nltt J1B,·e Til)W bM:U fl10,{l._; foi:- t hr m 1n meHt. !.hmWI.J,·, W'i!d1t1•.,1h,v llintl Frld.u.y evenin ~. .. nd flu Snndnr m01·nUlg11. Tb..,ri' is :i. ,·uy "ood en:r:olm('nt 1rnd pll'nly of t•n1hu~ia8tn \11 in ('\' illE'Dl~P., ll('I U 1, St\f~ to tnft'l";l:,,I l\n i11ttrrU1'1 ln Lb.ft hlllll r.t1'liflULIJ !)(?:fore lttni;. 'l'Uo A.o:r O. 11lan il4 10 rn,mmrn,.,~ on MondAy, l1'11bn,mry l, l\t 7 .30 p,m., llnd proruh,e:q ltt h lt ,weio ,nor o 'POOlll ll-.r lh1t itor 111c cla!ittt"I~ Arr1.u1gtun1m.c~ l\f6 b4!ing: ffl.lld~ for lhf'~;II dn-'su tO m"d 1h•c11:sln11:\lly I\I ~RD for flt"mcsn,:t.l':ttlm-1 1)\l"f'"• 1\oiS-t", ond tt Tf'TY lhorough 1•uurao llf tufLion hax been drn"-n lip. ll i11 n ul yuL too JMe foT' 1n1ynn"' ~o join np with these f'l:t&flf'tt :And tho•_. i:[email protected] or ttn)"Onti inlt'nt!l••d i:n t.lte i flh onl(l 8-L o,a,.. a.Cf':t inl.o lnudl with U1P. lion. SMcre t.a.ry.

    Other ('luh-!!! IH1' n~UC'AJNi to mite ch1m_i;c(! of the Ilo.n.

    rr;~:;!t~(~;~d~!~i, '8~~~:-~~ ~1':~~!1:. W It, TT"rdy, l97


    On ~rth1rcb'f, ,Inn. ao, tho Croydon Hndlo Club h.ftld 1ln"' u:o>1r111 Wt•f'kh m t-r!Lin;r M the. afhelh~ rcrnintler to lho~a U~eucea WE!ro np, but tho~a who ha,eJt tt yet paid will agree th"t tho paying 0£ anch a £ea is a 1~ontom1dC'd nnisanr.r.. It ouRht lo he rulded 1o your inrmno t,x, ~r the gng bill, or lell in the milk-can overnight., Even if one's f,1-vouri.te ,,'Uelesq de.~ler w&e r.m11nw1•retl lo add it 011 lo l1iB bill 1L would get paid ruore raprnly thau H is now. Thiit brainy idea of making the Cnatoma pny it i• renlly T~t.hor t.oo so, for n. law-a.biding rommunity1 which 11:1turnlly f).Sks why those who entourage local in-dni-try by buying imported goods' t1houl1l pay tlto fcf'S of tl1r> f~llo,w who uses horne,.mRde pa.Th.

    Anyway, who wants to ;qrn A i:r:1t

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 38nla.obj-654077462National Library of Australia

    \\ I I( I..: L 1·, '> :, II I•; J; K L '\

    DO\VN and


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 39nla.obj-654077599National Library of Australia

    Friday, J;"chrllll1'r 5, 192G WIRELESS Wr:EKLY

    Bro a d cast i n g


    Wavelength, 386 metres.

    FRlDAY. TI!BRUAltY 6, ~fi.dd:1.-y ~1•o;.HiU11.

    l ~.65-'l'•m~•iu ~i~rlll I 1-Jit.arluit rl!l)O'l'½ifl i..u1,plicd by t.11" Coun•

    ,·il o! .ltrir.nt1ur-o, .81.ot.k ExchQni,to in-forn11Hiotl c::u11-plil•d 1,y Lhtt Committee of thf! .Urii;bano St~ck El.: oncl '\fr. K. '!Ghcmy. bn.r11.-.,_,11-,; eU'ClllOl't('tl by Mr-i. U, .ParliC!r, eopr.JL• no.

    8 -1'11110,rn ti~ t ha 'rivah 't'he11tn-. 8.5-From tl1l' S~udio, (11) hi!I.Trl1..;

    ~~~11~:p,1'4.i ~~1 i!t~:;;nn ~;~ ·c'#!li) I ~~!

    l'arruno1rnl Orchel'itrn.; baritone 1:1oit>, •

    1 H.oae~ "' J?h•H11y·' {Wo~tbull"t tu1d 'liVood). \Lr. R. Mnhony: phuwrone l!lfllQ. 11Pr~1Lultt, I~ Sht1tp Minor•· ( fbcl1 111u11inri!!). Miu V, Btiwm11n; ~ornei fit1l11 • •() Soti, Mio'' (T,11cm'a Hotti\1 an lrnur wd ,i 'half'a dantlJ muaic lJlil}"L'd l>Y Mi~• lfoy Dob"byn',i Vic.ti• Reg-r.l OrcllPstrn, wlll be -rel11.yed from. l,P.nnon'• 'fh1.1lroom.

    10.aO-Frnm t~ Studio: The ' 1 S und117 JJ:ajl .. nfw, •er,•jc.l!. 0 1,:,se down.

    Page Thirty-seven

    SUNDAY, F:&BRUARY 7. lforntn'I( ~CM1ion.

    The, cum1•l~t.- mutnini:; i:('t\·ico fYl'ltu th• Cicy T11l1t!.1·11n

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 40nla.obj-654077729National Library of Australia

    Pnge Thirty-eight WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, .Pehruary- 5, 1926.

    Lead/no neQ/er/i lit.!IJ Thtm.

    COMFORT The light weight anti ease

    of ndjustmenL of Ediswnn 1phones make your lisLening-in not only hnurs o:f pleasure, hut hours of comfort t.oo.

    Each i,ccc.iver i~ fitted vdth cord 6fl.. lon,t. TuLal resistance, 4000 ohms. Pri!on Swan El~tric Co. Ltd., 58 Clarenc• St-., SYONEY.

    Head 'Phones

    M. H.

    lKL Mica Fixed Condensers

    ar~ 1. OC tlt,o perm;m~nt eapacity engraved. thereon.. 2. lnMantly tnt.erch.angeable. S. Of ne.rlastinll and nnf-a.,Uing aentc;:o.

    Unmounlod. Two 1rni,pllod ea~b Oondiuuo.r, 0.0001 to O.OOluP. 3/-0.0016 to 0.0lnF, 3/D 0.0lG to 0.0 ltu', 4/S

    Mou.uted Trpe.

    enr11 0.0001 to O.OO!uF, 4/6 0.0016 t.o Q.OluF, 6/6 O.OHi to o.o inF, 8/8

    '.BuUTJ 1>)'

    I.,. MC!Micha£1l Ltd,1 WlrDlol!!s ~nelnet!ira, London.

    OSBOLDS2'0NB & 00, Pff. LTD., 100 rUnden str.ant, Mclbonme,

    Sttlo la.Jcn.U.



    A balanced preCJs1on instrument scientitic-nlly designed, having extreme accuracy, combined with mechanical strength. Sup-plied with OT without Vernier adjustment.

    Made by the makers of "C:TIT.lTY" No-e>1pacity Chot\ge-uver Switches.

    At,"rcsentin,: 38 Aw.trulinn an,d Foreign Rudio Manufacturers for both Indent and

    lmmedlute delinry.

    Sale~ Agent for Re.nrade Products, also

    Ilmmco Products Manufactured by


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 41nla.obj-654077858National Library of Australia

    Friday, February 5, 1926

    Night Sessiun, h- Tu111dn lo Lb£- Tivoli Theatre., i:L6--~ ... t.r,-'i,,--Frnn, llu~ !:itudil•' 'l'be ·•.Oreily ~flU) 1 ' tll; fo.el'\'i('~.

    10---f l 111o,n tlo,, u

    :rlJESDAY. FBB&UAJ,tY 9 .Midlhty St•t11iol.n.

    12.56-'J'tLUe-in HiCnl\l , .l----:-l\f11l'ket l'llJ)Qr&'!i ~u]Tfihccl 1,y lhe

    thnml'I.I of A"-"t'kultute , ~todt J,],c:-t•lurngto infol"rn:itinn fl UJIJIJltliPd 1Jy 1-h,• ('omurnnwe.11.lth "~Qn1llcr Bu .J'tmu; "l>oily F:.11\ll:dArd'' new& itt* vie',!. ClOf'P down

    ''."Ht!ht ~f'J111.icm, H-'.runE' in to flie- Tlq~U '11hcs,rf>

    8.~.~i!tupflhlt~~,, St.(1~~l~dit!~~fl\r~!.e J~o~: I 1loirl'c:; l11t•tu.rf'tte ''-Pl1otograpby,;'

    ttt.~lr. ~:;;"/~~, So:,!{~, m~~;?~~r ~;::~ Pigeon'' 1L..,hn1;1011). .lfis5 Lili~n tlrt1w11 : A~olinu St>IPMion, 1t1strllttian* lol, .. No, ..S(1, N'nndlt-," J'»art11 J. & IJ.. plBtL'f\ ot m11, rwd minh hy S iJrnM eortl.

    -H fio--W('l.i.thM" infoi•mf!tion offlei "-IJl ~111111licd l,~• llJo Commonwf!Alth \V"3 thf"r Bu,-ea11

    15,6.5-Annuu.m•f'>ment f< fl-Hh.!:18 eoto '' When Rt>ng fa SYt-~t •'

    (Di>l Riei:o), ~ .... J, P. Cornwell; riisanMnrl1• f.Olo. $f'leclrd, 11n.'tllt Afofl'' ncwa a

    • 'Ohl·f111hiun~l Lady•• (Nicl.iollP1) '-Jr. 0srJlld Oa\l.hma.n; nookma.n'a Ra-diett~, 11. tol'k CIU la.te-11t by M,-. W A. Hr3lflrm (Mt'l,eod'e Book• !! cornet -culu, .. Somewhere a \Tul~6 fif Culliug" (A. F. Tuto), :Mr. P. Pfon; A&. \JcJluwelt: m}lfo 'ltUtrletlP, 1 'flmlti 'YohNe th,, WoMLbinA 'l'w-iue11•,., tlu~ Lyrh.• lJ:alA PA.rt.)' b.iritonti !'lflln, 11~ll•ct.-d, M.r. E. 0 . lh!11


    t,jrtw\l; 1mr1 JI.OYIK, '·in mt,; Honr nf f-inr't,rned Splen,!otJt''' (Pimmtl), the (,Jtlt1 Put Y; t'Untrlllt n f(0I0, 1tl!IA

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 42nla.obj-654077987National Library of Australia

    Page Forty WlRELli:SS WEEKLY Friday, February 6, 1926 .

    ..,:,,_,1_n_n_ o _ o_ .o ________ -i _ _,_,_ ____ ,_..o-.i-


    Radio Sets, Loud Speakers, Accumulators, A & B Battery Chargers can be purchased on



    Efficient and Selective, complete ready for use.

    2 Yalve Sets £15 15 3 ., £21 0 4 £27 10 5 £32 10 "Udisco" Super Six .. £110 0 DJ 7 De Forrest .. .. . . £75 0

    0 0 0 0 0 0

    ThiPk of it, 9d. per day will Plll'Chase a valve a Valve Set. Complete ready for set for you.

    use. Price, •• £21. Radio Fans please Nnte:-Ra.ymond Shaw, 2LY, weU7rnown in Amateur Radio Circles dur-ing Lhe past 8 years, h,._, taken over con!rol of the tc~hnkal branch o!. this firm, n!'d the manu-lsc,urers of all our Receiving .. eta w,11 be under his direct supervmon. He will be pleased to offer any technical advice to those in need.

    503 George Street. Sydney,

    Opposite Crystal Pala.ce Theatre.

    l ! I i

    I I I i


    I i




    'Phone: City 870.

    Phone: l Sydne4 ·· .. __ City 870. I


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 43nla.obj-654078110National Library of Australia

    Friday, Fcbl'unry 6, lll26 WIRELESS WEEKLY

    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8. .A.ftarnOon Sou1on.

    2.30-A varied m1Hfoal nnd voco.1 -pro• grnmmo will be 1iran11mihllT. (L~!U '·'l'lto .l1fln 1n tbn Moon" .11n4

    t't:, l+oi "Vnl. l•:vel)in,ir S:e~&ion,

    7.45 Lal1"iflf. newfl itr111ff; )fr. MciK.illOV,

    tfMl\WDY comoJ.i1,n: .MiA:.,i IJor.r1nJ::fon, ~011r11.lln; (:('I"'. lfoa•d$. trn!J hla Blu_e--1,irdtt' ,Jiu::r. lhnd: .ind oll,tl'S to be ,'lllllflllULt!I

    WEDNESllAY, FEBRUAl!Y 10, J\flrrr1oon R,•~t;i11siion. i.4-5 f.:tt.--~ 11'-'"'" iU.'tr1.11; r.11.dio lcc-tur•

    d Lt>, M r ll. Whito.kcr: :Mr. D.o.vld Bo1111. l;,,rltont,, Mh1c. l)pnn, [1i11ntMtc>, ,r r. Drn1 "P.:llia, 11:irmona·a; h•du.roltflt i11tp1'1mti,n ul l c,ph-1:1:, inrlniurirt.1 1rnJ 11oli1irnl, fllr. J . S. rJurdPn: &nd Ill l!rrp tu 11t• IL.llftUtUJC'ed

    TiltJltSDAY. F:BBRUARY 11. • , rt.crul,H.m s .. 1oli.i(111.

    2 , :·,l---\ ,·11rft>d m11'S11•ol llnd ,·ocn.l pro· {!'rnmme -v.·ill UP t.l"M1:m1iltl.'d, doAin.~ ~U'"-'ll 111, •1.:l[i.

    ('hJldrf"H •,. ff u11 r, ti.~n- '·1t'ht! '{ou iu tbe Moon'' aud

    llnl'h.! \"nl. E\f'll Dg" ~l'··t-1un.

    7,•l!'i-l a Ifft )I1.I\\'- i l.1ma; ;\feS&rii. H11o7-don .U\(I I'rt:!i. ltn, undc,r Lh t- dfre(!Llon o( } fr. (lt:.,t Morrii,,o~i.

    ti.a0-~11orting re!iUMt' front ''Sun'' N'f'\\);Jm11or'-: l.-nuiu Gtor,ra nnd the Ii tldic~

    7A.5-!Ai t .. ,tu1·k, hit1e--i ata.d marl(cl to• 11111"1,. b)' t'i'1Jflt-Kl' h( Pitt, $011 and H11.11(tnry

    7 .S(J-(\liJ!!l' tlu I' 11. fl,·e11iuJ MoS1-1Cm.

    \"ri;~::!r 1i ~ri~~mPEait°:~l. $}::!(' JJ~;.: 1111d,-r 1ho IHrt:ction o( }IT". H, BelllJ~U hrol\.draiit from .EmblUAY ,l'ttl•it'l. At U J•.111 • .Mr. Il. C. llorgun wlll lt)ellk ,.-,n '']Lhihrrlng,'' A.nd Rt 1(.) p,nt. • round tbr wotlt.i tn•,·clo~I! will be J"i"lll Li.~ lit J. :M. Prc.nli~c.

    SArtlRDAY, FEBll.1JARY e. Af~~:rn11(1T~ ~e:iiti'>n,

    2 u.r,,o 1'111rl,; ,u11] 1"11huvi-, IIJ•flC:lAl w1i11rling ini\.1rn111t1un hro:ulc1u1.t 11Trert. !'°um • '~uu' • offlro.

    .'i,15-(:;. [•J..), 1lo(•l; und 1lifm.., .. , (llnau fJO\\ II

    t-:, rip' E,·rning ~Pav ion. tl--G.P 0. clod,; ond 1;,hhJll!I; Jl1n:i111hl

    J linn""l" (.lrc,hci:itr-.1, und,eT thn dlrl'ciol

    mn )fn1dr111

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 44nla.obj-654078248National Library of Australia

    rage Forty-two

    fi_15 -G.P~O, clof.k and l'himes Otou t!O'MI,

    .Enl1 Ennlnii s~",di,n 6--0.P.(). riloaJc and "1iimcs; Paylllon

    Din11N' Orche1Jtra, 11.ndtr.r !be ,.lir4'et.iorJ uf. ~Ir. ~"" J,forrllliOIL ~v~r-Lh1,c re,Umt trum "Sun·• .:O-i'w'ipaper1:1; 1:ne'!r Ot'Qr;i,;:,ri ll-n6 \ ,Jn.t"k: ~th the kiddies.

    7 .!;'t.--l,11tf-' .dock~ bidl!II and mt1rkrt re-Jl()rlil hy ronrw1.--,- ot .Pitt, i:lnn l'nil

    'i.S~~'b)~~ dt•e nw1lc ID.P plied by Prof('i'IIIOI' Bntot •• l!lmbA.118')" J11.z.1 DK-ndr u.ndur tl10 lllrt"clll'>n 1,f Mr. ~- Br-nn P.t.t, hrondcn1.t /tom Etub~H)'

    f"111t:rrrn~u~of ::;:Akf)V~~iDf,T~:· i:!: in.n..n,co of Buried l'ttal!i.trl~ ''

    THU&Sl>AT, l"llB&UA.RT 11. Afttornuon Senion..

    3----G. P.t,. r-lnr k. u1d t'himf!II; wMther ~~~::i .. , :1n(l rw,•11)1 n,ne• trona Ui.e 3 . l 6-Du,vid Jonl!ll' T~B n()om Tri.


    ::J.:-10--------G .P,0, clor.k 111n(] clLimB!t; mu11c trom 11111 Swdlo.

    i-(hf'.O.,ck. ;lt1d d1hn~11-: l)a.vid Jc>net-' ·rt'~ noom 'l'rfo.

    4...15--Mu6iC [rorn the Siudio. 4 .3u-(.l.P.U. dat'lc n.nd ehiruM; ai,.ri•I

    j,jl1tr;r HlLitll'•1 ''Tht Trf!\j,.U1"1• 11( Ro.'' .s,-LS--Mut1lc fr-rim ~ho S1.11d lo. -1 5~lil\ll! m11rk~t ruvvrlli from tho

    ''Sun, ' ' l ,;.r.o. clock nnd c.hi:mes; "Hu.n"

    ne-we !!f!l',·ice, !i.J~O.P.t) dock Jlrul cltimf'-A-. Cio.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 45nla.obj-654078374National Library of Australia

    Fril,o, ''Arlil•U" (~1il11,1l1en); fox I rt•L. ' · ll)~hty Blun'~ ( \-.,hitlng-); in• l'ltl'Hmf-ti!lll tl'lO, ''ltu1nr,rf'~ll'I''' ( i Or.ienln.1, '',JaJ»Wuln'' ( Weidt); WJ'l!r., "('lol'lv Y-u.ur E)'t•,11'f'ley t!)lk. H flCl• -Prom Qitl'\del, c!OntinuP:d. !+---G.1".0. chimes. !J.1 Wt>,:itllt"?' t't!ll) fl.H-li'rM11 (.'ibd.ei, continued . I 0--U.P.O. t\.U-ffltdio tAlk b~ Mr. E. ,T. \\f, 01rn--

    n~r, J 1i. lO-''J\1l ,•e1·t.Li!1()r''' nt-w• P.i'ln'kt', 1ri •• 11~St11,.lion annc,.uhN•nJr.nL~. To-moT

    row's progr1unme. l\atiotHtl Ant.hem. liood-ni,ght

    WEDNESl>AY, Fl:llRUAJiY 10, MM11IJ1i!!: se~i.icw, 11.30 t.o 2,

    ll,:H~-----~: Ph. rllitl'I~. 11.:H ~tflt'lt Dun Al'! and A-001111.11 V•

    ,·,1 Hon n •c· ltt\-11>. I '!--0.F.O. rhinies. 1 ~. I-Newill und 1•n.hlf' 11,e:rvlce. l!! '.JO-TlH• fjC,], P.tuillo Orc.ltesh-3 wilt

    pllly: :-JPlett fon, ''Rig111l>Llo" ( Vo1di); vi ('olin ~oto, "'J'hnifl" (Mtt{l.ilC!lliL}; fo.x

    ~-~~,(\~,.:' l,lk 1!:'ti~m~~~~~~~enYhiti(&J1i~X: waltz-. ''Swt·dtu1t Little Rose'! {De• ,·,11 I); f

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 46nla.obj-654078506National Library of Australia

    l'ag• 1"01ty-fou1· WIRELESS WEEKLY

    3.1. -lhl•;r from lla&pll' Lea( Cat-,, or-r_hPlitral numfltin_

    D,•l6- from Studu>. tie.-ri-al ~lory.

    4..---(i..P.H, c:blmP~. •1.1..._Brqad11.a.U (tom ,-\r1'11rJlll (.:afe, or

    rhA!lltr,1 I r, 1~mll,t.r1-•'J..dverti,!ier·· nPv.1!1 ,.('n:!ro. l-it11Hou atrno 111c;:~t111•ut.1. Tu ulrlna'' {Ethot): "'''II, "n.w1\il;rn t.on; ~u,·• (Va:n 1.hiri,.li1ul}; 'ffllln ,.t>lo, "Berceuse ' r ( 8-quireJ; NUitc, • 'Dre:\m Pidu.rtos'' (J,cruunlJ: n,,Hlt•, ''lJl\tly M thf! H.(Hl610

    (U:ilb~r-1 }, 1.,66 ~. C. Wu.rd p.nJ f"o, ' 1 Stadt fd:-

    cbug., irltelHA"tinctt •ud offi-eial we111--1 h.-r ayn9p1d6.

    2---(, •~lk .. rc::;::;t!•l':!o'!8it~D, :~ lo 6.

    a-tl.P.O. c.himoJt. S.1-Jt&lar trorn .M..n.111.e l,rio.1 CAI111 6 :{1l Jft Hl,;i\J, fl,.:J(~.Jl,Q, cl,lmc15. ,,.:u-l;lodtim6 "luri1•11 rnr tlu.1 ,·hih11'f'!n. 7 J 5 U,.nder!'-d by Hhtd!o Orche-lf· Irr. . ft>'~Lfltffl by lro.ding utisb.

    t1.:Jfl--C"11-0hr:v ta lk, 8 50-Putt•ln, 1, u mlt,1r .. , +•(')ntlnur"d. !l H l'.0, t•ldmt'~ u.1-,'tor fo'rt!'C:n!',t. E-\·111!1~ of thPi d,1,·. B!.,5 -'l'l1l' '".\.n.....,." nt!w• lrnll1•1h,,. J~U~- M11!!ivnl t-PilE"r.d,;,u fruna ,he Stu•

    llill. 12.JO St,,d, Fh:.('1111 rq(O h..,_WP. 12.3!; :\t11rkN r•'ftOrtt1, 1.!. 10· bhui:,1' ,s~h_,,•1,rrne,. 12.55-Mail r~porH, ~blpping mtrte,-

    1rwr,u1. l-~11.J~iil '-ell:'rllm,.. rrri1-u IToyt'a Di!

    L,u.i;'l\ira liourk~ Rtro:et. :!-liLpb,;rJ, I'll nl'II ~11,,t·· 1 ~~iplur~ Le~a••ll l ~-,1·,•t,; Aullu:.1J1: .. JHu \\'u,J i.,f Ci,'1 lor11rr.1u ... " · L\JQM11' I ()lful":?'-; lh"l''" ' ; !l vmv: .. :\.u1 wh~I tbf•"' lan•I~ J1,Hr liuo.e"; :-uioll, 3 1"Ju1f' :-,.ignn}, Ot,tll!I Ml d Voc.111 IV-cit,.]

    jruJH :it_ J-.illo;t' OJ.I C::.tlu:d1ul. Ril,-, A. .I!:, r 't,,,rn,. l al.k: J'ti, St•n> .,, l.faJL,0'.>1Hnr'• Ohlr.~I Qld1e-dul

    4 1;lqk! ii•,,.o. t:Ynn't111, ses~ion.

    t..Jtr-.0'1'.nn H~itu.l Ur !tlr, 1Jr.rt1111t N. D.:11~t""~· 0.55-Cb.uir v~~trr "i/"TTir .... 7- H)mht D•r i• OriQ.E Pl thr W1711q r1a,c:t

    11'• WJ.Y~, flffrrlnit•• !',,qticu11; Bfltll\J ,a,. .. nil:. tin ' .. 1,t l 111i1h: s~•nHm: Un.ll1o!d to npi lkll~fl H,111,11 sotdim of Cl.idal Arlse; l'.le,t:ltid In i•lli.

    K.:-co C.u111,jn 11 J. L.t\lrt wll •p,:,.r. l.. Ji,·~m1.1u1iu.

    'l--Tbe F.~111,1•· (;111ml Ortbt16t1a, 1111.t,-r 1b .. Ju~•..i loh .,f Mr, G,,u~a Bc111y. i:,,l.t.fe-d Uoru rb,- l:t iv~· TI1t,.:11•, Pon .\tt"JLu11u1c,

    ti..51} Th1 \11,c Nnn llull!/.l,!"I. r:,i-c1111•!,r h• ~AR,

    9.!\5--.!'-utiuoll ,\nlhf'll'I' .1u1d d,,,., Jvwu,

    M~OAY n;ortu.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 47nla.obj-654078634National Library of Australia

    S .15 GJ"ovhl..: l\°t,'ft~. :I-Tim" :'\is'1111. 4.1-;.:-.,.- W,.A.r)u~r 1 •rf'ClS.t, '1.5 ffu)II°• Pn·,ull.t On!1t·,La., 5--r.10•1· Jmvu,

    l',uly t•.vrn n,: "-,,.••L1>n, 6.15 HI 7.30 'fhfJ ClLi l1Jt,,,1·>J Cornn lu trndt

    R11J. l , lb1, 8t1JLlu1e- ShH,, ~. '1.11.l •. v,1 H,1ht,.l.._; J 'f'h.., C hU,fr,-n•• Jig; ~.n, 1•~lnt-i11a C,;,rnpeht1e111.

    8 Tim.ct ~ti;, 1JI, H11plJT TL1•11i;.h.t Cutu111•1l-l!m1. Frln _ r, .... TrtJ 111 H..ay Ami U~:uttt1, TLi- Ni;il.t '• Hupp) Thu ll[lit ,..,n In! l,H~ll• t:n: WU,•· IWJCI Jur.iJ.1,r th~ ,,.,.,:nJp,r lil•IWC'l'U 8 .rt.Jd 10 ,, • .,h,\.l.:,

    8.t-)l,1111 \l.uh,it Ilau,••I~ lau:.,,N·n,111...rJ.hul, 8.10-Tlu• Hi11h Jluk Ru.vil1, Ju, 01rh"'t1.i,

    wi!I pt.n 1wJ.-1·tlnn,, (I'! JUJp11hr 1.1 .. ,nrr n 1•i1:. II.ts M-"'-~ r,,eil4 Stl'\".ru 1~(lvra111,11 8.3:?-llr. F1s.•J ~u.y1li. ILui1ouel n.:,•t--Vt!F" Anh"' Jf!ff,.,.,,. [r'incat1,ni.s,, 1, UAr..-Jllt' 111.,;lt JH,k• [email protected])' J11u Oi.•h,.!11111. 9 Ml.d hllU..iuU Oank.J.A (m,;-a4-cnntnhn ~ f'J.7-l,t;.~ l·r,·d:i :"1rvru1 hoJ>rllnf'I, ,,.il--Thr H!r;h. Jjr,-·h m,~· .. ltJ J11:u ()rth,,,1:ra.. 9.30 !tlr • .$h•1·tu '.\-1, ()(Jn-11,I 'hll.. Vu£,·..- 111 :,.

    Jucli(,D (.5:h -=n,c!L '} • .n--Mlu ..\nu,. Jrlfet)I ld jUl.lUr.i.,.ttl. 10 time Si~n.U. 10.l -·-Th• Al,l:lr !\'.,._,.., lh1Uf'tfn. r"< h1, ,,. t!'i

    :tAJI , 10.15---- Hoyt·• rri•mi1;r OHL,•-.tu,;, ~1·1.a;.:J frorn

    th,· l 11~1.,, I, Tb,. Bed1imr- Sto >: 2 'f'.11I:. ,m BubL:L•~- :l, lhc- t:1tn,1r ... u JIit s. ...... Pui11t-in1 Cnn,petition,

    11-'lim(I SIJl:1111I. Tb.L• H!ip{11 lh,,ng:il C':nm('/> t.llion. l•fi.,_.. ! r tN: trip 1i, 11.-, ,nuJ Jloturn. l'bfll ~~h•", \h1ppy Thnul{Ut .,.,JI l11, l1Mul-t1Uol sultlt! lUm!! lJQIWC''!ll R 11uJ lU 11'd•l1 k.

    8.1-'1'" F.rne .. t Bund f.'.!:tfl'lj1itn11II tan. nu Thrt l'rr-•iirnfflra,ar~ .. r tile ~4!.... \111 Tl. WIU1r-d Kane {trnnr). R.2.'?-lf1. \llt·.,,,\· .,~pe,- ~_J 111,1J t£0t-l,,

    12.20-\1-u• "'el.-,•1i11n11. l:! .. lf}--Srnrk f..·u·h,rnr," r,r.;,.... __ l;?,:I~ '.\Lui.,•• R1"hlfl•. l:.?.-l.-0 :\-ltJ .. iul :Od~c1lu11~ l:!.5'!").-,ta-il ',m "'"", S!.iprl•,3 ".!'1\ ,·u ·nl'"' 1-H.,,t·, lht-1tl11• IJ~ Lu:.-1. \I.u,.,~1 ?-lili;JJIII. 1.1-:!n,t \l·,.11:hc-r t-'Or~•c-•bl -1.f!i R,~ult 111 Ui•l,t.JU,- Jfa..111111 Tr11t. l,JS· Bt•1,lr ol lunrc- * I lfo,,.. .r-"('!Qel;J J.,~11.

    i:..uJ, J:.,·l!'ttill~ ~t'•~l,!!L t,,.u tu :....,U Tl.to1 OallJ..u,u•,. Huw- IJy Uuul

    H,ut. I. 11,c- lk-1him,:, Sm,,; :!, T.1U .. "" flr1hil,J.,.-..: 'J, 1·h~ CJtfldrl'n•,i. J,1= ~nW t•~1n1 Ill.! C.:uL.1ptl(llo.l!.

    "I - TiJ,11 !>i111111I: Tlu1 H11pJ11 T111,uybi f:,11a11flti• rirm. t'rf1,., 1 rrr 1111" 1a lfnr ,m,I f4,.unu ·111~ :-,:_~ht"-; lfopr1· Th,,uAi.1 wt!I t,,- i,ru~; c 1-· ~,., r, l[u _ _._. J.uu..111,. 8 u,I 10 ~•c~~

    8.1 L ,n, •·r· 1r11t1•rni11,.J (101;\ ~.... QuN'n: FLU, C"ollin~ !-1 Pr11;t14mn,.. .1n1t-"li,•·J L'° Mi•• l•,tli\ !IOmmJ 11n 'Lh ~.1)tlgl \lica~ Erlir 8.-rn11r,J r"•itlltiun: Mr. kri1 Kld.1~, W:P~tui" , enc: ··'.11-lr,r,,..d in thr UuJ" wnll.w a.nJ

    r1nrh1r,•d l•Y \f-~fi l·llith 1'rnnrU lntnn!. l)ud1.i,:: thr. UJh•i\'llll. maikal 1c-lccti• .. m6 ...-ill Ii.- n ,'..1y•·rl f r11111 Hu7l'a 01: Lu.l.c. :St, I .n:11in11rrl (rm I Q•i,...n'• llnlh h11mOrb111> r~-eiU.ll vlr. l'dc Khk": 11111i: ' fi..- ELiie B>.:11111J ~: hl1t1hJlll A1,~oeil\Llon i·:lhl1•:oi;; wt>11thnr !urnccH;~; Tlver re-

    k'~~-~~-rn~;11:ftr1~:17111t\1!~cll::::::t' n~:!~!. J ... T111111 ,,lKll'I 1 l.t-1'hfl Studfo Oro:hc.i.rro: mu!Ucnl dj,

    rndur. '.\li!\ira, fox lrul. ''$1Ml'Y Time

    ldd." 1 .2:J "" (13ef"tho\:'rm) ~l..Sll-Mi,;ti 1-tcne J.'t.1lla.rd.. 1t11l)t·ano, ''F;lJe

    ifl ~'tu froru tho J,rirrd," "l!:ile11n Al• t1nnttlJ.1'

    3.:"7-" An I•'ait," ot Dntinr,•' 1 {Hulll\.rd).

    4-.21, Pux tro', "Bltw ,lt-c11u1·• .

    0 1·bildrt"n'-.1. llnttl"' ·•a;Jly Runnp .. i,.t,)rif>;:

    1 ' l .. •1 'ii; Pr4J-:,,n,l ' ' Tt1t' '-11\•


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 48nla.obj-654078766National Library of Australia

    Puge Forty-six

    l{in•t Tr11•, · · ''1TO!ll'1',. 11! tll(' F.1i.(ft'. '' o . .;.5 '·J11,;r11hl' twtl "Ar,:u-,0 m.,w•

    •~1·-r-wP.'I; U ,•11h1"'1 ~rul lit•• A1111&rr11i11tr1 Prei.a A11c~iui-iu...tion. cuhles; madu,o. re~ pol't.11; rlo-'lin~ .Sile.s; \\ l·,1tl1-.:r (orectt.1H: rl~,..r r.-r,nrl•; 11-hl11 p iuc itttellig-t>JH•~; Stodt F.~dmnc-cr in ftin1111llon. mn:rl.H rt't)Ort•.

    1 'Ntue ip~l 1.1 -1'hf- Studio 01'r Hucdr,-. front

    the Williitmf>tllwn Haca tlub ~1Jfotin-g. 2 fo-Timt- Fi i ~fiAI C]O,i!(' tlnwn. :! :1r,-R1•.o.nlt r,t th(' t', 11. Orr ShJc~s

    (r1)111 , h~- Wf!11;:'mJ::' l llWll H,c~ Club Mn•l;us-.

    \f\.urir t,ort fl:('s11{trn ~ lil l'i,, H-Tluttt •l.l(u~I :J.t-Tho -~tu1ti11 Or1l1e:

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 49nla.obj-654078897National Library of Australia

    Friday, Fehrua1·y 5, 1926

    N'i);--ht Seti~Ou. 7 ll• JO r .11l. t:,·e,.r:ung Sor\'ic:c from Hr:oLtf' Church

    romh.1.etl'd by fte,v. W Borh1.nd, M.A.,' ll,D.; oritanHlt 1\.ntl mu~icnl directoT, Mr }l;rni::l,1>y (;reN

    7-lJynan 10:i. '•,1'1•.-ltl tir:Hl g.-r11, '' rnvitntion to t hf" Ih1Ul'.(t" (WP.lH>t).

    n.r.a.- '· .\rguK'' nP,\•,;. M'M'kri;. l!J.-"'Ood S1l\'e Kin~.••

    MONDAY, FEB!IIJ'.ARY 8. ~1idd:~}' Se~i1m 1 12 1o :l.

    I ~-'l'ime: ,oitfml '' ltftl'tdtl'' ancJ '• Ar Ftmi'' nuw-1: ltflllPI"·~ nnd Uta Au~lra· Jinn Pl'fl,A~ A;1Sj!:11du~io11 1·~'l.blos; Wftl'l t hf'r /.1•11.'' 1.»o- .. '1'h~ t'11t•lco lt S1rine11, t >r Ju (BL·lltho,•en}.

    -1 .ao--Orch-0atr~. aeJcctfon, ''From lll\lS,. (Lon~ny)

    4.lll-''UrrA.ld'' ntv.•t. a~rvfrt1.t llf1U"&li~n

    1'rPN• .,\!,.~c,dr.llon ohle.!o; ma-"Tkt-t r ~• ·,orl,:'1; we~th.c-r 11y110J}1rl4: c-lo:;iinl! SLoet Jo:l('+•l11\11g;, i nfor m11ti(lt1: 1:thiJ1pln,.- mov,e-mru:tt~. Mnrlfr-t '1'1tL). ' 1'rf', .. Be11,utiru1 G!Llt'-llll!l," (::iupjlO)

    I 11- f',111 tr'tJl. 'Yl'.IJJ1 Sir, Lhtt~'8 my B,1l1,\" (Kuhn u.nrl Uo,uJlc:I).

    J ,e-• 'Mp;mi,;h n.1on1:t1' · ( Reh!ci"d) l.~2-- Vl~lht !1-010, ~liio),, B Ga.un••rn.

    ··ro111nl\isP.:'' (H11,m111). L2rl--n in l•' ).f.ujor'' COJ'ieg)

    l,Afl- Or1·h ci.t"rn, 11111tt'i·lt, ''Eg-y_ptl,111 ~f11rd1'' i$tr~u~"').

    ·L;i0-''S:1nd1.111,·J n( tbA Iles.rt' ' (Kel-,•,hy).

    .f,•15 -"lf,:iraM" n1111 11 .\rU"l! " ttt!W'l t-eri.•i i."f"•: Rt•uLe,1'•~ tmd tho \n~trBlirrn Pt·t'~ .. Ai-,wrinf\on ,•gli}u~.

    G--'J'irn1, •if(md. ,~Jo~.:, nriwn 1•:\',•rring: ~t::J!.i,inn, 6 J,u 7.1[';

    f-ri1'1TI l1:r~1lutt•rs' rn-f!J•~rntivfl Co. l,111 . ; Il1\ymarkot nhoei1 ~~l t

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 50nla.obj-654079040National Library of Australia

    Pnge Forty-eight

    R.Hi-11r. f-1. 11, lli-uiret, b11rlione. "lu· vi•·ttr'4, ' ' "'rh1:1 Smugg!Pr'• 1::l-0na:" UtuHinar),

    8.2~---0ue-a,:l pl&y, ' 1Tllo f'.brh•Unr Pt•\'t- l'slu,111 (Mn. llroul 'g. J>IJ('rel.1lry, ai,rtd U0) 1 M.i1St11 Ilcatnca Tr-rt11&nf CM11- Prbut. (ti popular nnv• t-lu:ii ltUU " ~-1dU\\, a1rnd JO), 1U.u E.. ,. . l'11 ni-J.on : 'l'humi:u, Ga-rdnsr {• doe• tor), .Alfrt'd Andrew; Adrian PYnut (•. t:Jrout 'a s;.tcpsl!n), Mr. HonrE'

    !Sook. t:l -4:!- lfih.i. 'I1l 1-lm.t ?it'lll, 5UJ)r.ulQ,

    -·~on-gir. my lfotht,1' tnu glil me'' (Uvorsk ) , ''D•rmy Bo1·'' (WcalhH-ly}.

    &A~ ·11t11tL· ~r,lo, ~r r. 11'. "fleTTis, • 'TJ1e•t Khu:" {(ire11'' (Phrllip,i), '"·h,m" et i n ,· :\ :'fl,n won ~1''"i•in, :i to 5

    3--Tilll(" J1tgnal S 1 'l'he- St11di11 Orrtrr;•1rn; 1uui:.1C":'1.I d i

    nctor Mi-,,, IJ~~i .. littun,:t,n, ~.-t,•r •lon ' 1BM1onln11 Oirl' ' rnn fl"J.

    :, In- 1 fc>Jcalt nt the lto.~plt.AI 1-tnndic-ap. ~ .20--ln&trnmiantal 1J.frio. ' ' 'ltinuut in I:;

    r'liat'' (Ur.-..-11 , j\"~n), ''X111n.'' rP.-!'i:o• f;,i;.,-)

    8,.'Jl~~•df'r -Pllr('f'Jl w1IJ 111~,c•nk on ' ·M..,1tbfltcr.or,:•

    S.~lln~~t;~ :,;}l~J,\111~0~~~:• , •uprano,


    ~.,&,;-J:..-,mH. nt rbfl 'Nnt"icn~ lbndieap . 3,15

    ~ :m- ~~r, ,,h .... 1'>ol l-filll ''RMl! PLtl 11lk" (~t , Lt>r;P.r), •

    ,...,:J3 Ot,•lil'~lrn. • Dn11 "I Bl'ing f,u.1,1 " "~l1n,1 OlE t111• ~·fl~· fo ff'O Romr>•

    j.fuu1. la:ht anrl 1?11 .. B!I.' ' t-o l 1-.:::01ir, ~rr. Jn~•li u,rne, hua,-1.,..


    l .. (Bcahm:1) L-I '.!-~11:it~ Bf'i11;.;ft, Gnnu~(l11, vlttlJn, ''.41!

    1)r l11~""'' t FtdnH3a~•)(',n1 .I lo 5, :1- ' I •ign.n.t.

    ~, 1\5· (i~~~~;~':,~; 'r~:: ~:i~:•m' .~~:die~f:1 s11n

    1' (l'-,:tJU11ij l,-).

    ~:i,': Li~rt.. n~~~;~ Hr~t~·:;;. ~~~:;:,, t '~1~·,11J1.' f f-11111 ). '

    ~.37---l•n . , ~trn, ''h, ,, M••a u.i;.tor;r Uar-

    , .. ;t~~l.:l~~te~~Y(tr .. Jli!'.l llll'IJ 'l'rnt . :-:L·!~Or,·l! t· .. lrn A B11ll•d\.IJ!'

    ( • .\ - l1111n I

    cJ.ri.~-~r» ~kr:~H c1u::~~>. «'(ll_l~r,':.1;r:i 11lllt.",l11r:- rnm1• wi1h ~priu;,!:'' ('Briih.e)

    I ri-H(•l}Ult ,:f 1hr Plying l lz\n,ili:.1.,,,

    l 1.t.w:1~;~. (C~t::r~rt1), Fo rhi uc. pisno,

    J ~\~~~;-~;~~trt1, 1.eJ,,1•t lm,, 'DP.tty••

    .i ;)\\,n!:i~~~:~::i~tt:~d 7:a~;ho•: ·~(°'Mo~"Jf" /;,- '.l'tn1.t- ~1_b"tt.d , !'Jou; •.h1wn •

    l::o:-t·n111r :-;,.~,_l,m. fl tn 7.1:!',,

    r.-/~~:i:t ·~ .. )i~11l'F,i1 ~i~!:;, •·11;\••if:ti~ l·_'n 1nr l,t,ud(eJl

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 51nla.obj-654079173National Library of Australia

    Friday, February 6. L926 WIRE L E S S WE EK L Y

    . ·, ..... ,·.:i·:·~·- . ·•.

    a· · tbisSea ma-.-ks a&jenuine

    Radio-t•·on U·Vt99 .. .. .. U·V200 _ .. .. U·V201~ .. .. .. WD12

    c.A-t: a.ll

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 52nla.obj-654079305National Library of Australia

    WIRELE SS W E EKLY Fr idny, February 6, 1926.

    ---------------------0- - -·-+ ~--Dmlllmmrallllllill:ln11:1111~m111111111111111111:11111n1111 mm on 1111" llll ltllll!tlllllll!IUl~IIW.111111' l llll~WII IIUU:atN''!llnll IR1ll!IIUIII l'l!lm nn'lll!E



    New Retail Prices STAR


    Ratio 3-1

    " 6-1

    Ratio 3-75 to 1

    No.38 Ratio 6-1

    Tube Rejuvenator

    18/ 6

    18/ 6



    -F o r aJI Tho rium Filament Valvea

    Obtainable from all Dealers



    :11 inn: , n, ·, , , 11· 11 1:1 •1:1 ::111 1,11 1111, .1:1 1:11 rn 111· 11 n I HI .11 , n ,1n11 :11ri11, 1:1 l'I 11:1 n 1.1 m111f1! ,___ ---a ---•- -•---•- •---:-Publiahed by E. C, Mumford, of WllliAn, Edward St., Longueville, for the Proprietors and Priutera.

    PnbliciLy Press Ltd., 1.2/16 Begen! St., Sydney.