9 Simple Ideas to Grow Your Region

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9 Simple Ideas to Grow Your Region. What This Workshop Is About. NEW registration for next season Helping every kid have the AYSO experience A Targeted Marketing Plan. Marketing Can Help Get New Players…. …An excellent experience keeps them!. NEW AYSO Players Are Young. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 9 Simple Ideas to Grow Your Region

  • 9 Simple Ideas to Grow Your Region

  • What This Workshop Is AboutNEW registration for next seasonHelping every kid have the AYSO experienceA Targeted Marketing Plan *

  • Marketing Can Help Get New Players An excellent experience keeps them! *

  • NEW AYSO Players Are YoungNearly 90% of NEW AYSO players are U-5 to U-10. The largest single age group is U-6.


  • Focusing Your EffortsFocus your efforts on these age groups for success

    Work smarter not harder!


  • Who Are We Targeting?

    Young Moms25-40 years old*

  • Why Are We Targeting?Limited time and money The biggest bang for your buck.*

  • How Does a Mom Choose?Moms want to know that their child is going to play. AYSO must stand apart from all the other activities in the moms mind.


  • 9 Ideas To Grow Your RegionAlways Honor Brand AYSOYour Web site is the Face of Your RegionHave a Call to ActionMake Registration an EventGet to Know Your ParentsIts Critical to AdvertiseReach Out to the Local MediaUse the AYSO Parent VideoTake Advantage of Sponsors*

  • Handy Tips For Success

    Most effective when used togetherTiming is KEY!Get your registration information in front of the moms*

  • Tools

    You can download everything you need at AYSO.org/MarketingToolkit.TemplatesPhotosTV spots, videoPresentation materials


  • Idea1: Always Honor Brand AYSO Brand AYSO is the mental image picture parents have when they think about AYSO. *

  • *

  • Idea 1: Always Honor Brand AYSO Brand AYSO is the mental image picture parents have when they think about AYSO. What Do You Think Brand AYSO Is?We want Brand AYSO to be fun, fair, affordable, well-organized, safe and a soccer experience that is a part of an active and healthy lifestyle.*

  • How can you make AYSO visually stand out from other youth activities?

    Traditional AYSO LogoAYSO color paletteTemplates


  • Which one of the six philosophies most resonates with young parents?


  • Idea 2: Your Web Site Is The Face Of Your RegionYoung moms are online. Simple, clean and easy to navigate.Use your website address*

  • Take advantage of Brand AYSOInclude the Traditional Logo/Everyone Plays prominently on every page. Have Registration Locations, Dates and Times on the homepage


  • Remind Parents that they can pre-register through eAYSO. Embed the Parent Video on your homepage.Have an e-mail address on the homepage where parents/ volunteers can contact you.


  • Idea 3: Have A Call To ActionRegister Now Sign Up Here

    If they cant act immediately, they may not remember later.


  • Idea 4: Make Registration An Event Make Registration a visible, fun event that parents and families want to come out to. Ask yourselfWHERE ARE THE MOMS?*

  • SupermarketsPTA meetingsTarget/Wal-MartPre-schoolsParks/Zoos/AquariumsMallsFaith Based OrganizationsPediatricians

    DentistsWomen-Only GymsChuck E. CheeseHair/Nail SalonsPartner Up with a Company

    Heres an example: *Have a Saturday registration at a local supermarket. Lots of moms will be coming to you!*

  • We Challenge YouFind one new location for spring Registration where there will be plenty of moms - along with your traditional Registration location.*

  • Idea 5: Get To Know Your ParentsYour parents are a great resource to get the word out about your Registration event. Use them!Bonus for a buddyGo viral!


  • Professions to keep an eye out for:

    Marketing/PR Pediatricians/OB GYNs/Family DoctorsStore ManagersPrincipals/Teachers/Child-Care ProvidersAd/Marketing/PR Professionals*

  • How Would You Make This Ad Pop?*

  • Idea 6: Its Critical To AdvertiseThe goal is to have each of the following on your advertising materials:Traditional LogoWho? What? When? Where? Why?Location address Contact informationWeb site addressCall to actionKids playing soccer and a soccer ball


  • *

  • Idea 7: Reach Out To The Local Media

    Reach out to community news and/or parenting publicationsDont sweat the big Dailies. Think about radio


  • Parenting media, Publications & websites that target moms Use PLAYSOCCER stories as a hook.*

  • Get On TV!AYSO has :30 second Registration TV commercials featuring former U.S. Womens National Team star Julie Foudy *

  • Why Cable TV?Its cheap. Its very targeted.Saves time and energyTiming is Key


  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Only $500 to $1200 for a two week campaign!


  • How To Find The Money?

    Go in together as an Area or Section. Get a partner! Find a local company that also wants to target our market, Moms 25 40 years old, with young children.


  • Herbalife DistributorSupermarketsHair/Nail SalonsWomens/Kidss GymsDoctors/Dentists OfficesParks/Zoos/AquariumsLocal Restaurants*

  • You Can Do It YourselfWork with a local business that already advertises on that cable provider.Ask and expect buy one, get one free.Never buy ad time in a specific show.Tell the cable provider that you want spots to target Moms, aged 25 40.It takes two weeks to make an impression.*

  • 8. Use The AYSO Parent VideoEmbed the video on your Web site.Have the video playing at your Registration event.Add the link to the video to your e-mail signature and e-newsletters.*

  • 9. Take Advantage of National & Local Sponsors

    Invite sponsors to be at your reg eventsUse their facility as a reg locationHold a special registration for employeesAsk to include reg info in their mailings


  • Tips To Remember For Returning FamiliesLock them in earlyDont forget to contact last seasons familiesThank families for participatingUse early rewards, not late penalties*

  • What do you do? What works for your Region?


  • The NSTC Marketing Department is here to support you as you go through you Spring Registration, so please call or e-mail us with any questionsThank you for attending!*

    Mention that this is for THIS YEAR!!! Define Targeted Marketing PlanOutline and steps we at the NSTC are here to support you!!!

    Keeping kids is different that attracting new kids. We are going to help you ATTRACT new kidsMom will get dad to volunteer, but she is the decision maker for the childs activtivesParents are looking for activities for their younger children if your Region doesnt have U-5 start one. Capture your players earlier. Also, parents of children that age are more likely to volunteer

    In no real order and in most cases you have to follow two or more of these rules for a single thing to be successfulQuestion to ask What does use the AYSO Traditional Logo Do for you?Question to ask What does use the AYSO Traditional Logo Do for you?The Traditional Logo has been used since 1964, and its one of the most recognizable logos in youth sports.Its whats most associated with AYSO and its what parents of our target age group find most important. They want to make sure their son or daughter is going to have a chance to get out on the soccer fieldE-mail can have an automated response that you will get back to them as soon as possible. But you should get back to them in two business days. E-mail can have an automated response that you will get back to them as soon as possible. But you should get back to them in two business days. *For Regions with local sportsInstructor can let them know that there are instructions on what to do if they want to step up in front of a Supermarket.Instructor can go through why each of those professions could helpfulHere is an Ad that Ran in a local newspaper this past registration seasonMake a note that location without the address just gives parents more workThere are press releases templates you can use to announce your Registration date. As well as sample Media Advisories.Explain how magazines are always look for content especially if they have to pay for it. MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR REGISTRATION INFO and/or Web site MUST be in the footer of the story*For Regions with local sports