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1D What’s your e-mail address? p12
the verb be (I, you)
the verb be (he, she, it)
the verb be (we, you, they)
the alphabet word stress numbers
greetings classroom language
countries and nationalities
Learning Curve LISTENING
listening for information about people
a personal information form
2 People and things
2B Lost! p16
singular and plural nouns
this, that, these, those
personal items colors family and friends
READING an article about the Transportation for London Lost and Found Office
preparing to read adjectives and nouns
Learning Curve SPEAKING
asking for information at a movie theater or an airport
1 and 2 REVIEW and PRACTICE p22
3 Food and drink
simple present (I, you, we, they)
simple present (he, she, it)
do you /dyuw/
common verbs (1)
Learning Curve LISTENING
listening for times and days
the // sound
a blog about a festival
4 Daily life
4B My trip to work p34
4C Where do you work? p36
4D How can I help you? p38
frequency adverbs
finding specific information
3 and 4 REVIEW and PRACTICE p40
5 All about me
5B I can’t live without my phone p44
5C I love it! p46
5D My profil p48
can and can’t the /h/ sound
common verbs (2) electronic devices
listening for specific information
6B City art p52
6D Is there a post offic near here? p56
there is/are prepositions of place
linking consonants and vowels
rooms and furniture
reading in detail giving opinions
Learning Curve SPEAKING
a conversation asking for and giving directions
5 and 6 REVIEW and PRACTICE p58
7 All in the past
7A When they were young p60
7B I was there in July p62
7C Famous decades p64
simple past: be simple past: regular verbs
was/were -ed endings
WRITING writing informal e-mails
8 Travel
8D A trip to Canada p74
simple past: irregular verbs
READING posts about an unusual trip on a travel website
understanding the main idea
buying a ticket
7 and 8 REVIEW and PRACTICE p76
9 Shopping
9C Love it or hate it? p82
9D Garage sale p84
a video about how our clothes affect how we feel
identifying key points
an e-mail describing a photo
10 Time out
10B What’s on? p88
10C Royal hobbies p90
present continuous for future plans
question review
free-time activities
sports and games
scanning for information
a conversation about a tourist attraction
9 and 10 REVIEW and PRACTICE p94
Grammar practice p96 Vocabulary practice p106 Communication practice p134 Irregular verbs p151

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