7P’s of Retail Marketing Mix

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Retail Marketing Mix

of Reliance Fresh

Company Overview

Reliance fresh is the Convenience store format. Part of Reliance Industries of India is headed by Mukesh Ambani. RILs dream of retail revolution got kicked-started when its kickedReliance fresh supermarket opened its door to the world. Following the first, company opened 10 more stores at a first step towards creating a mega retail chain across the country. The Reliance fresh supermarket chain is RILs Rs. 25,000 crores venture.


It sells fruits, vegetables, staples, groceries, and dairy products.

It has almost more than 500 fresh across the country. Reliance Industries launched its first retail format called Reliance Fresh in Hyderabad.

Retail chain closely follows the moves of global players like WalWal-Mart Store Inc and Metro AG seeking to open shop here in the country.


The product offerings of the move super markets includes a wide range across fresh fruits and vegetable, groceries, personal care, home care, general merchandise and a basic range of apparels. Product verities: - like, vegetables, dairy product, frozen items, groceries, cosmetics, detergents, fruits & daily use items. Quantity: - in the reliance fresh vegetable direct purchase to the farmer & whole seller. Design: - The product displays is well organized & facilitates ease of choice. Bright & clean store, at convenient locations with layouts allow ease of navigation. Features: - Performance value & ranking get best information to help you shop.


Brand name: - Different brand of the product. E.g.: Product is detergents, Brand name is, surf excel, wheel, Tied, Ariel. Packaging: - It is a very similar to the branded counter part. Service: - Good customer service is very important in order to retain a customer. Sizes: - Excepting some big brands of fmcg products they dont misuse their space. Because, PRIVATE LABLE offers better profit margin to the retailer than branded product of FMCG companies. Warranties: - Product or Accessories that repaired or replaced. Return: - Product returns policy is their promise of satisfaction.

PRICING:PRICING: Discount pricing strategy. Wide price of each item. Credits card acceptance. Accepts coupons. Competitive price. Price marked in. Comparable cost.

What elseValue pricing EDLP more than 2000 product below pricing. Product bundle pricing. Promotional pricing. (Buy one get one free). Special events pricing. (Diwali, Dhanteresh). Measure taken to reduce of supply chain thereby. Purchase directly from farmers which is in turn sent to

distribution centre.Two times supply of vegetable and fruits daily to ensure

fresh.Give to higher margin most of staples are under its own

Membership card to benefit the consumer if consumer make a member purchase to goods got to point Private level brand name. Credit card acceptance. Accept coupons. Competitive price. Price marked in paisas.

LOCATIONThe first store was launched in Hyderabad; apart from this it has also various stores in different places like Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Orissa, UP and West Bengal. RRL is well positioned to rapidly expand its existing network of 590 stores which operate in 57 cities. The place where it located is traffic and hassle free. As the Reliance Fresh store is situated beside the main road so its an advantage to the store to increase footfall. Generally located in small commercial complexes close to 3-4 3big residential areas. Observation: found close to Crossroads. Enjoy a clear view from the road.

COVERAGEThe Reliance Fresh group target to establish their store

in a area where the catchments area is very large.They target all age group in their coverage. They target customer of all type of social status.

TRANSPORTAs the store is located just beside a high way so it become easy for them to transport their merchandise. Advantage of the location of the store is that, a customer can easily avail public transport to reach their home. Raw material is procured from the vendors, transformed in to finished goods in a single step, and then transported to distribution centres, and ultimately to the consumers.

ContTransportation from farm to wholesalers: Rikshow van mango, banana, guava, jackfruit. Trucks banana, mango. No control on temperature/ humidity. Packaging bags/ boxes of different weight, size, commodity in the same carrier.


Promotion is a single term used to group together all activities intended to increase the sales of a product.


Advertisement in Tata yellow pages, MTNL telephone directory and through just dial. Billboard outside the store. Providing carry bags including brand names & logo. Print or broadcast ads with the help of National and Local Newspaper.

Sales Promotion:The main idea behind every effort is to make a bulk purchase. Saturday and Sunday are considered as discount and scheme day. Two types of offer: 1. BOGO 2. BXGY Rebates and Premiums focusing on bill value. Auto material inside the store including the latest promotions & offers. Point of Purchase displays are used at reliance fresh to communicate the benefits of a product. Festive season special offers. Live announcement & Spot discount.

Cont.Reliance Fresh Membership Cards. Social events & store tour. Providing gifts- free goods.

What Reliance Fresh is doing?To increase sales volume: Concentrate on Visual Merchandising. New concept of promotional strategy. One to One Marketing. Direct & long term relationship with farmers and manufacturers. Providing concessional long term loans to farmers.

PHYSICAL EVIDENCE:The pure foods convenience store model of Reliance Fresh requires far less space than a full fledged supermarket. Most of these outlets need around only 2000-5000sq.ft. Simple, colourful but cramped. Separate entry and exit point. Chocolates and other kids items are nearby cash counter. Vegetables and fruit items were in display near entry gate. Staff uniform: red green and blue. Amiable staff but poorly informed.

PEOPLEPeople are broadly divided into two heads: Employees and customers


There are 15 employee working in which 12 are looking in sales and maintenance and other 3 are working as cashier. The employee were working in shifts. The working environment was healthy. The company cares about the employees The vm was also looked by the employees The employee were not so qualified. The cashier was qualified. The dress of the employee was not standardized. The employees were also not well informed about the products of the store.


The customers were mainly from middle class.

They are basically price sensitive.

They want good products at affordable prices.


The methods and process of providing a service RRL is gearing up to revolutionize the retailing industry in India. Provides a world class shopping environment Provides returns to Indian farmers and manufacturers. Reliance is aiming to touch almost every Indian customer and supplier

How do people consume services? What processes do they have to go through to acquire the services?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Where do they find the availability of the services? Contacts Reminders Registration Subscription Form fillings Degree of technology


Home Delivery: Customer appreciate that Reliance people are always ready to deliver the 0rder at home within the vicinity of 2 KMs and the minimum amount is Rs. 500/-. 500/-

Trolleys, and baskets & Staff: They provide trolleys, baskets to their customer and Staff are always eager to serve the customer from the moment they enter in the store. Reliance Card: On top of everything Reliance staff members keep asking every customer at the time of billing if they have taken RELIANCE CARD or not. Which helps to increase loyal customer.

Billing: The billing process is painful, as it takes as much time as one spend on total purchasing. They have to look into it if this billing process can be fastened up. Most of the times, all billing counters (3 or 4) do not have an attendant most of the time this is a negative point of Reliance Fresh . Parking: This is an issue on some of the stores due to lack of space but no charges, and is purely on the risk of the vehicle owner.