78 rpm INSTRUMENTAL RECORDINGS - Holdridge 78 rpm INSTRUMENTAL RECORDINGS String, Keyboard Wind Soloists – Conductors - Orchestras If anything is not clear, please

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    78 rpm INSTRUMENTAL RECORDINGS String, Keyboard & Wind Soloists Conductors - Orchestras If anything is not clear, please advise as soon as possible and Ill try to help.

    HERMANN ABENDROTH [conductor] dir. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 4443. 12 PW Dk. Blue Odeon O-7734 [XXB8617/8618]. UNGARISCHE RHAPSODIE

    (Liszt, arr. Mller-Berghaus). Two sides. Small lbl. stkr., few lt. mks., 2. $10.00.

    JOHN AMADIO [flutist] 1338. 12 PW Plum Electrola EH 229 [CR1605-I/1604-I]. FLUTE CONCERTO: Andante/

    Finale (Mozart). With Orch. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    AMAR STRING QUARTET [L. Amar; W. Caspar; P. Hindemith; R. Hindemith] 1095. 12 Blk. EE Polydor 66422-66424 [429bg-434bg]. STRING QUARTET, Op. 22 (Paul

    Hindemith). Six sides. Just about 1-2. $75.00.

    ENRIQUE FERNADEZ ARBOS [conductor] dir. MADRID SYMPHONY ORCH. 1519. 12 Blue VT Columbia 67606-D [WKX71/72-2]. LA PROCESIN DEL ROCIO

    (Turina). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    CLAUDIO ARRAU [pianist] 3980. 10 Red Decca G-20425 [Be7626/7627]. TARANTELLE IN A FLAT MAJOR, Op. 43/

    TUDE IN F MAJOR, Op. 25, No. 3 (both Chopin). 2. $7.00. 1337. 12 Red Decca 25175 [XXB8225/8226]. FOUNTAINS AT THE VILLA DESTE (Liszt).

    Two sides. Odeon matrices. One TB, just about 1-2. $10.00.

    KURT ATTERBERG [composer/conductor] dir. KAMMARORKESTER 4340. 10 PW Plum HMV X.4946, X.4947 [OSB603-II/604-II, 605-II/606-II]. SUITE

    PASTORALE, Op. 34 (Kurt Atterberg). Four sides. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    ALBERTO BACHMANN [violinist]. 1875-1963. Born in Switzerland and a pupil of Eugen Ysae, Bachmann was active on the concert stage and as a composer. In addition, he was the author of four books on the violin and violinists: Le Violon in 1906, Les Grands Violinistes du Pass in 1913, Gymnastique lUsage des Violinistes in 1914, and the culmination of his work as a writer in 1925 with the publication of his Encyclopedia of the Violin (1925), which is still in print (English translation by Martens, 1926).

    4466. 11 Etched Disque Arophone 535/536. SRNADE MADRILNE (Bachmann)/ THAS: Mditation (Massenet). Few lt. rubs, 2-3. $25.00.

    4467. 11 Etched Disque Arophone 537/538. NOCTURNE (Chopin)/ZIGEUNERWEISEN [AIRS TZIGANES] (Sarasate). Small lbl. stkrs. One lt. NS side one should be harmless, 2-3. $25.00.

    CLAUDIO ARRAU circa. 1920

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    WILHELM BACKHAUS [pianist] 4450. 12 Blk. HMV 05514

    [2837f]. THREE TUDES: No. 8, Op. 25; No. 9, Op. 25; No. 9, Op. 10 (Chopin). Harm-less small internal crk. blank side only. 2-3. $8.00.

    1314. 12 Red Victor 71040 [2654f]. FANTASIE IM-PROMPTU, Op. 66 (Chopin). Cons. 2. $8.00.

    1881. 12 Red Victor 74159 [2840f]. TUDE IN G# Minor, Op. 25, No. 6; TUDE IN A flat, Op. 25, No. 1 (Chopin). Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    1132. 12 Red Scroll Z shellac Victor 6771, 6772 [CR946-II/947-I, 948-2A/949-I]. SONATA IN C MINOR [PATHETIQUE] (Beethoven, Op. 19). Four sides. Superb pressings. Few light rubs, cons. 2. $15.00.

    HAROLD BAUER [pianist] 1025. 12 Red Z Shellac Victor 6592, 6593. MOONLIGHT SONATA, Op. 27, No. 2

    (Beethoven). Four sides. Wonderful pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00. 1644. 12 Red PoW RCA Victor 11-9113. WALDESRAUSCHEN/TUDE IN D FLAT (both

    Liszt). Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    Sir THOMAS BEECHAM [conductor], ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA 1171. 12 Blk. VT Columbia 50130-D [WAX3158-1/3159-3]. PRINCE IGOR: March

    (Borodin)/ANTAR: Unidentified excerpt (Rimsky-Korsakov). Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    JEANNE BEHREND and ALEXANDER KELBERINE [pianists]. Behrend (Philadelphia, 1912-1988) was a graduate of Curtis and pupil of Josef Hofmann. Her New York solo debut was in Carnegie Hall, 1937. In building her repertoire she concentrated primarily on North and South American composers. Alexander Kel- berine (Kiev, 1903-New York City, 1940), also a pupil of Josef Hofmann as well as Busoni, Leo Sirota, Alexander Siloti and Abram Chasins, was the first husband of Jeanne Behrend. They formed an acclaimed duo-piano team, making a few recordings for Victor. He was a noted soloist and arranger as well. For some years, Kelberine suffered from acute depression. His final concert, at Town Hall the week before his death, was mostly of minor key music with funereal connotations, concluding with Franz Liszts Toten- tanz. His death was from an overdose of sleeping pills.

    4341. 10 Red Scroll Z-type shellac Victor 1790. WOHIN? (Schubert, trans. Kelberine)/ PASTORALE (Zipoli, trans. Kelberine). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $12.00.


    1801. 12 PW Blk. (gold print) Victor 36347 [2LA-3005-1/3006-1]. NORWEGIAN RHAP-SODY (Edouard Lalo). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $8.00.


    1391. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 11407. ANDANTE FOR THE FLUTE (Mozart)/ IDOMENEO: Ballet Music (Mozart). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    ALBERTO BACHMANN (previous page)


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    1547. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 11434, 11435 CLR4840-II/4841-II, 4842-II/ CWR1383-I]. THE MOLDAU (Smetana). Three sides./HUNGARIAN MARCH (Schubert-Liszt). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    1544. 12 Red PW (silver print) Victor 11456 [2B1519-II/1520-I]. NORWEGIAN DANCES No. 1/No. 2 (Grieg, Op. 35). Couple lt. rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.

    1449. 12 Red Scroll (Z-type material) Victor 11457 [2B1521-II/1522-I]. NORWEGIAN DANCES No. 3/No. 4 (Grieg, Op. 35). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    1517. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 11458 [2B1192-II/1193-II] SERENADE FOR ORCHESTRA, Op. 11: Scherzo in D Major/Minuet in A Major (Brahms). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    JULES BOUCHERIT [violinist]. Morlaix, 1877-Paris, 1962. A renowned soloist and pedagogue, Boucherit studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Jules Garcin. His pupils included Ginette Neveu, Michele Auclair and Manuel Rosenthal. He married Denise Soriano (1916-2006), the noted Violinist, who was 39 years his junior. Louis Dimer is indicated in Creighton as being Boucherits accompanist on his rare records.

    4322. 10 Green Russian Zonophone X-87911/X-87912x [5597o/6021o]. NOCTURNE, Op. 9, No. 2 (Chopin, trans. Sarasate)/AIR ON THE G STRING (Bach). Just about 1-2. $150.00.

    Sir ADRIAN BOULT [conductor] 1518. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 11533 [2B-2905-IIB/2906-IIA]. TRAGIC OVERTURE,

    Op. 81 (Brahms). Two sides. With B.B.C. SYMP. ORCH. Just about 1-2. $7.00. 1211. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 12031 [2EA-1051-1/1052-1]. CROWN IMPERIAL [A

    CORONATION MARCH 1937] (William Walton). Two sides. With BERKELEY MASON [organist] and B.B.C. SYMP. ORCH. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    1420. 12 Red PW (silver print) Victor 18155 [2EA7636-I/7637-I]. TWO INTERLINKED FRENCH FOLK MELODIES/FTE GALANTE: Minuet (both Dame Ethyl Smyth). With LIGHT SYMPHONY ORCH. Small PB side one. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    1761. 12 Red PoW Victor 11-8729 [2ER599-I/600-III]. KIKIMORA, Op. 63 (Liadov). Two sides. With HALLE ORCHESTRA. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    [JOSEPH CHARLES] ROSARIO BOURDON dir. VICTOR SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Longueuil, Qubec, 1885-New York City, 1961. Bourdon began studying the cello at the age of seven. In 1897 he continued cello studies and piano as well at the Ghent Conservatory in Belgium, winning first prize with great distinction after being there less than a year. In 1902 he accepted a position as cellist with the Cincinnati Symphony and then in 1904 with the Philadelphia Orchestra. In 1909, Victor hired him in various musical capacities, including piano accompanist and cellist for a number of artists, as well as directorship of various Victor house ensembles. He became musical co-director of Victor in 1920, sharing the position with Josef Pasternack, and remained there until 1931, when the Depression virtually ended, at least for a period, the domestic solo and house ensemble recording activities. He then worked in Hollywood, on the radio, and in 1935 became the first conductor of the Montral Orchestra Symphonique. He

    was awarded an honorary musical doctorate in music, 1944, by the Universit de Montral. Wikopedia. 1669. 12 Blk. Orth. Victor 36035. OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY/COLONIAL SONG

    (Percy Grainger). Cons. 2. $7.00.

    ALEXANDER BRAILOWSKY [pianist] 1145. 12 Blue PW Japanese Polydor 40443 [191 BV/192 BV]. MAZURKA IN B FLAT

    MAJOR, Op. 7, No. 1/FANTAISIE IMPROMPTU IN C# MINOR (both Chopin). Lbl. side one signed by Brailowsky. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    1360. 12 Red PoW RCA Victor 11-9260. GASPARD DE LA NUIT: Ondine (Ravel). Two sides. Few minor mks., cons. 2. $7.00.

    BUSCH QUARTET [Adolf Busch; Gsta Andreasson; Karl Doktor; Hermann Busch] 1448. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 8252, 8253 [2B3866-II/3867-II, 3870-II/3871-II].

    QUARTET No. 11 IN F MINOR, Op. 95 (Beethoven). Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    HENRI BSSER [conductor, composer], SYMP. ORCHESTRA 3393. 10 Blue Art-Label Path X.8774 [N.30087-A/N.30087-A1]. LA RONDE DES

    SAISONS: Variations sur un air populaire (Henri Bsser). Two sides. With vocal autograph (spoken comments) by Bsser following the performance. Tiny rim bump (in about first half of outer margin), otherwise just about 1-2. $40.00.

    MAURICE BUSTIN [conductor] dir. THTRE ROYALE DE LA MONNAIE ORCH. 1520. 12 Blue Viva-Tonal Columbia 67818-D [52001-2/52002-1]. LA VIDA BREVE:

    Dances Nos. 1 and 2 (de Falla). Two sides. Side two with chorus. Few lt. mks., one minor (small) lbl. stain