7 ways to improve your productivity

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<ul><li><p>7 Ways to Improve Your </p><p>PRODUCTIVITY </p><p>~ ~ </p></li><li><p>1. Start The Day Before Reduce tomorrows stress by preparing yourself for tomorrow. </p><p> Things you can do: </p><p>1. Set aside your wardrobe for the next day </p><p>2. Mentally take yourself through the day </p><p>3. If you need to study, think about the times </p><p>during the day you will dedicate to each topic </p><p>4. Set goals for the major things you want to </p><p>accomplish the next day </p><p>5. Set aside items for breakfast (e.g. set up your </p><p>coffee machine, fill a bowl with dry oatmeal). </p></li><li><p>2. Sleep Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night </p><p> A Harvard study estimated that sleep deprivation </p><p>costs American companies $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity! </p><p>vs. </p></li><li><p>3. Create Limited To-Do Lists Before starting work, list out all of the major things you </p><p>want to get done that day (be realistic!) </p><p> List the time slots you want to allocate to each item </p><p> Tip: keep a small notebook to record things you need to do in a day, what you achieved that day, and things you need to carry over to the next day. </p></li><li><p>4. Do The Most Important Things First Doing the most important things first makes sure that you can end the day </p><p>feeling like youve accomplished a significant task. </p><p> It also allows you to fit in more during your day. </p><p> Watch this video on completing the BIG ROCKS first (link) </p></li><li><p>5. Dont Multitask Finish one task before beginning another. </p><p> An American study reported in the Journal Of Experimental Psychology found </p><p>that it took students far longer to solve complicated math problems when they had to switch to other tasks - in fact, they were up to 40% slower. </p><p> Switching tasks can make it more difficult to tune out distractions </p></li><li><p>6. Designate Time To Handle Emails Try checking your email before you work and reply only to those that are </p><p>urgent and need an immediate response </p><p> Allocate 15 minutes around midday and 15 minutes at the end of the day to respond to the other emails. </p></li><li><p>7. Disconnect The internet provides a constant stream of new distractions. Try working away </p><p>from the computer and the internet whenever you can. </p><p> Place your phone and laptop in a separate room or in your bag </p><p> If you need to use the computer or your phone, download an app that blocks certain sites at certain times of the day. </p><p>Slide Number 1Slide Number 2Slide Number 3Slide Number 4Slide Number 5Slide Number 6Slide Number 7Slide Number 8</p></li></ul>