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6th Grade Books


Summer Reading Book Report 2013

*Choose any book to read over the summer according to your grade level. Please feel free to read any additional books on this list for pleasure too! In addition to this, grades 7 and 8 must visit their LA teachers website for a summer reading article and assignment. There will be copies of this article in the office over the summer for any students not having access to a computer. Both the assignment for the summer reading article and the summer reading project are due the first day of school.

6th Grade Books

1. Among the Hidden (science fiction) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

2. Babe and Me (historical fiction/fantasy) by Dan Gutman

3. From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (mystery) E.L. Konigsburg

4. Hatchet (adventure) by Gary Paulsen

5. A Long Way from Chicago (historical fiction) by Richard Peck

6. On My Honor (realistic fiction) Marion Bauer

7. Penny from Heaven (historical fiction) by Jennifer Holm

8. When You Reach Me (sci-fi/mystery) by Rebecca Stead

9. The Uglies (science fiction) by Scott Westerfeld

10. The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones Book 1 (mystery) by Rick Riordan

11. About Average (realistic fiction) by Andrew Clements

7th Grade Books

1. Brians Winter (adventure) by Gary Paulsen

2. Fever 1793 (historical fiction) by Laurie Halse Anderson

3. Hope Was Here (realistic fiction) by Joan Bauer

4. So Be It: A Novel (realistic fiction) by Sarah Weeks

5. Soldier X (historical fiction) by Don Wulffson

6. The Greatest: Muhammad Ali (biography) by Walter Dean Myers

7. Zachs Lie (fiction) by Roland Smith

8. After Ever After (realistic fiction) by Jordan Sonnenblick

9. The Amanda Project: Book 1- Invisible I (mystery) by Melissa Kantor

10. Leviathan (fantasy) by Scott Westerfeld

11. Savvy (sci-fi) Ingrid Law

8th Grade Books

1. Mother Daughter Book Club (fiction) by Heather Vogel Frederick

2. Code Talker: Navajo Marines of WWII (historical fiction) by Joseph Bruchac

3. Full Tilt (science fiction/adventure) by Neal Shusterman

4. Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary (biography) by Walter Dean Myers

5. Nothing, But the Truth (realistic fiction) by Avi

6. Rumblefish (realistic fiction) by S. E. Hinton

7. Slam! (realistic fiction) by Walter Dean Myers

8. Stuck on Earth (science fiction) by David Klass

9. The House of the Scorpion (science fiction) by Nancy Farmer

10. The Stars Will Guide You (historical fiction) by Miriam Walfish

11. And Then There Were None(Ten Little Indians) (mystery) by Agatha Christie

12. Matched (science fiction/fantasy) by Allie Condie

Project Requirements:

This project will be due on the first day of school to your language arts teacher. No exceptions! This project will be graded for the first marking period.

1. Over the summer, create one of the following projects for the book you have read.

2. You will also be given a written assignment to complete on the first day of school to accompany the book you have read.

3. Keep in mind that correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure will be expected for each project.

Project Choices1.) SCRAPBOOK (Three ring binder-thin, any color.)

Create a scrapbook that relates to the book. Each picture you choose must somehow relate to the story.


15 pages, please don't put pictures back to back!

Please use colored construction paper for your pages.

Vary your pictures (use clip art, magazine clippings, original work)

Add a cover with the title of your book, author, name, and grade. This does not count as one of the 15 pages.

Under each picture, please include a paragraph of 5-8 sentences explaining why you chose that picture with an explanation of how this is important to the book. Use information from the book to support your reasoning. DO NOT just write a summary of the scene!


Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation about your book. On the first day of school, bring your presentation on a CD or thumb drive, and include a color printout as well. Every slide you create must have at least one picture. Sound and animation is optional. The following slides are required.

Title slide (name of book, author, your name, date)

About the Author slide (use a reliable source, other than the book, to locate information on the author of your book. Be sure to write down the website/URL address or book that was used to find the information because you will need it for the Sources slide. Create at least one paragraph telling about the authors career including a list of other books he/she has written. Include a picture of the author.)

Setting slide (time period, place where most of the story takes place, be descriptive)

Characters slide (list and describe each main characters physical description along with the personality and relationship to other characters.)

Conflict slide (please give a description of the struggle(s) that the main characters face in the story)

Resolution slide (tell about how the main character(s) overcomes the struggles/conflict and how the other characters are affected by it)

Theme slide 7th and 8th graders only (explain the theme of the book you read. This is not a summary that tells what the book is about. It is a word or words that represent the subject matter in your book. For example, in The Acorn People the theme(s) may be determination and/or friendship. Please explain why you chose these words to represent your theme using information from the book.)

Vocabulary slide (choose 15 new words from your reading to define. Include the page numbers of the novel where we can find each word. Be sure to write down the dictionary/URL address that was used to find the definitions because you will need it for the Sources slide.)

Connections (Explain what this novel reminds you of in a complete paragraph. For example, have you read another book, seen a movie, had an experience, etc. that makes you think about one or more parts of the story. Be sure to explain the part of the story in detail as well as the connection you make.)

Sources slide (List all URL addresses from your websites and/or book titles with author that you used for this project. Dont forget the URL addresses for all of your pictures.)