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  • 6th Grade Book Report Schedule

    Please read the entire booklet and then sign and return the last page. Keep the booklet for reference.

    Student Name:

  • 6th Grade Book Report Schedule

    Note: Any due dates could change throughout the year. A due date change

    would be announced in class and posted on the homework bulletin board.

    Date Genre Type of Report

    September 25th Christian Fiction Short form

    October 30th Poetry Poetry form

    November 20th Biography Timeline

    January 8th Fiction Short form

    February 5th Classic Long form

    March 7th Non-fiction science Diorama

    April 1st Historical fiction Short form

    May 2nd Christian fiction Cereal box

    May 27th Biography Oral Report (Dress up)

  • Genres at a Glance

     Literary Genre = a category or type of literature based on a

    similar topic, form, or style.

     3 Main Genres: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

     There are many genre sub-groups. A few are described


    Fiction Untrue/ Make-believe stories


    Fiction Characterized by a Christian author and theme



    Combines fictional elements with an actual

    time/event in history (ex. A made-up story about a

    boy living during the Civil War)

    Mystery Involves suspense and a puzzling problem that is

    (often) solved by the end of the story.

    Fantasy Includes elements that are impossible (ex. Talking


    Nonfiction A book that is written and based on true facts and is informational. (ex.

    “how-to books” or factual science/history books)

    Biography Written about a real person from history by a

    different author. These books relate real events

    and actual facts from the person’s life.

    Autobiography Written account of a person’s life written by that

    person. These books relate real events and actual

    facts from the person’s life.

    Informational Strictly factual (such as “How to” books or factual

    books on science and history topics)

    Poetry Literature intended to evoke thought and feeling from the reader

    through a particular form or style (such as rhyme and rhythm)

    Each genre of literature (mostly fiction) includes some novels that are classified

    as classics.

    Classic = A book whose characters and story have lasted many years and is recognized as a great piece of literature. (Abridged versions are encouraged for this grade level)

  • General Information


    Grades will be assessed based on a rubric for each report. The rubrics will be attached to your

    final copy after grading. I have included sample rubrics at the end of this packet. Short form

    book reports will count as a single assignment, while all other forms will count as a double



    1. All books must be approved by Mrs. Gunter. There will be a due date for each book approval.

    Feel free to have the book approved before the due date in order to get an early start on your

    next report. However, if you miss the approval dead line, you will lose points for the overall


    2. The book must be new to you.

    3. With the exemption of the poetry report, you must read the book from cover to cover. For

    the poetry report, you will be directed to read sections from several different books of poetry

    to add up to 75 pages total.

    4. Remember to follow the unique instructions for each report carefully. Refer to the rubric,

    since it will be the basis of your grade, to be sure that you have met each requirement.

    Publishers (for Christian Fiction)


    For books requiring a bibliography, please use the form shown below.

    Moody Press

    David C. Cook

    Bob Jones Press

    Back to the Bible


    Word Books

    Scripture Press

    Friends of Israel



    Word Kids



    Victor Books

    Thomas Nelson





    Liberty Bell


    Last name (author), First name (author). Title of Book (underlined). Place of Publication: Publishing Company, date of publication.

    Note: Notice that the second line is always indented but the first line is not.


    Hoiser, Helen. William and Catherine Booth. Urichsville, Ohio: Barbour Publishing Inc., 1956.

  • Short Form Book Report Rubric

    Name: _________________ #_____

    Final Grade: ______


    Categories Points

    Earned Points


    The bibliographical entry is included with correct



    The type of book and number of pages are properly



    3 defined words are written and defined neatly and



    Character description is thorough and clearly



    The Signature Statement is filled out indicating the

    book was read completely by the due date.


    Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct. 20

    Total 100

  • Short Form Book Report

    Name: _________________ #_____

    Final Grade: ______

    1. Using proper format, make a bibliographical entry for the book that you read.

    Include author, title , publisher, place of publication, and date of publication.

    2. Circle the type of book that you read.

    Fiction Christian fiction

    3. Number of pages in the book:

    4. List three new words that you found in the book.

    Word Page where you Meaning of the word

    found it

    5. Describe the main character.

    6. Sign this statement if it is true.

    I have completely read this entire book. ________________________


  • Poetry Book Report

    Purpose: The purpose of this report is to expose you to a variety of poets and styles of poetry.

    For this report, you will read 75 pages of poetry by a variety of authors. An anthology of

    verses and poems like The Book of Virtues is a good place to find quality poems to read. Our

    annual AACS poetry competition makes this a good time of year to appreciate different styles

    of poetry. You will soon be writing original poems of your own!


    1. Read 75 or more pages of different kinds of poems (long, short, and medium length).

    Read serious, silly, historical (such as Paul Revere’s Ride), prose, etc.

    2. Chose a poem of 10-20 lines that you liked best. You will focus on this selection for most

    of your report.

    3. Write a one page paper including the following:

     The poem that you chose, copied word for word in proper lines and stanzas

    (remember to use quotation marks).

     What the author was trying to say (Use a minimum of 5 good sentences.)

     The mood of the author (Use a minimum of 2 good sentences.)

     Reason you chose this poem (Use a minimum of 2 good sentences.)

    4. Draw an illustration to go with your poem

    5. Extra Credit: Memorize your poem selection and recite to me for up to 10 points extra

    credit!! 

    Poetry Book Report

    Name: # _

    Book 1: Page # to to

    Book 2: Page # to to

    Book 3: Page # to to

    Book 4: Page # to to

    Book 5: Page # to to

    Chosen Poem Title: Author: to


    Staple the form below to the front of your poetry report. You do not need to fill all of the

    book lines as long as you have the required 75 pages and at least 2 different books.

  • Poetry Book Report Rubric

    Name: _________________ #_____

    Final Grade: ______


    Categories Points

    Earned Points


    The number of pages meets the 75 page requirement. 30

    The chosen poem is copied, accurate in words and

    formatting, and 10-20 lines long.


    The author’s theme (what he/she was trying to say)

    is explained thoughtfully in at least 5 complete



    The author’s mood is explained thoughtfully in at

    least 2 complete sentences.


    The reason for selecting the poem is