50th at Bryant Ave. S. Minneapolis

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  • 8/14/2019 50th at Bryant Ave. S. Minneapolis


    50th at Bryant Ave. S. Minneapolis 612.824.1352 9999

    HOMEMADE SOUPSTry one of our delicious homemade soups or chili

    using only the freshest ingredients available!

    Todays SoupsCup 2.99

    Bowl 3.99

    ChiliCup 3.99 Bowl 4.99

    With cheese and onions add .39



    Hot Nachos EspecialTortilla chips with Cheddar andMonterey jack cheeses, veggies,

    jalapenos and black beans 6.29With Chicken or Beef add 1.39Add guacamole and sour cream .99

    Breaded Mozzarella SticksAlways a favoritelightly breaded anddeep fried served with marinara sauce5.49

    Mini Burger Sampler1 each-Southwest, LS, and Greenhouse6.29

    Beer Battered Onion RingsFull Order 5.69 Half Order 3.59

    Cheese CurdsServed with marinara sauce 5.49

    Chicken WingsDeep fried with BBQ sauce or Bleucheese dip 6.59

    Sampler PlateA selection of favorites includingChicken Wings, Mozzarella Sticks andOnion Rings 8.79

    Make it Soup and Salad only1.79

    MALT SHOP CLASSICSMake It Completeadd

    Mixed green or Caesar salad or a cup of soup 1.79 Both soup and salad 2.99

    Chicken Pesto Parmesanwith Two-Sauce PastaCrispy chicken breast with basil pestoand Mozzarella cheese served withspaghetti tossed in pesto and toppedwith marinara sauce 9.29

    Spaghetti and MeatballsYour choice of marinara sauce or pestoGenovese and served with a mixedgreens salad 7.69Substitute chicken add .79

    Spinach andMushroom LasagnaLayered with pasta, 3 cheeses andzesty marinara sauce. Served with amixed green salad 7.69

    Walleye DinnerMinnesotas favorite fish deep friedand served with garlic mashed pota-toes and broccoli 9.29

    Grilled Wild Alaskan SalmonGrilled with lemon pepper and served

    with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli 9.29

    English Fish and ChipsA traditional favorite served with maltvinegar and French fries 7.99

    Curried Chicken StewTender chicken, pea pods, mushroomsand onions in our own curry sauce 8.79

    Chicken Fritters & FriesTender white chicken strips deep friedand served with BBQ sauce 8.99

    Malt Shop EnchiladaSpicy Beef or Chicken, guacamole,green peppers, onions, sour creamand Cheddar cheese with Creolesauce 7.99

    Malt Shop Mini Burgers3 Mini Burgers (1 each) Southwest,LS, and Greenhouse 7.99

    LS BurgerSizzling smoked bacon slices andCheddar cheesevery tasty! 7.99

    CheeseburgerWith choice of cheese 7.29

    GreenhouseAlways a favoriteLuscious sautedportabella mushrooms and Monterey

    jack cheese 7.99

    MegameltTry the special taste of Swiss andCheddar cheeses and fried onions onrye bread 7.99

    Malt Shop Burger SupremeBacon, avocado, mushrooms andPepper jack cheese 8.69

    Troys Southwestern BurgerPepper jack cheese, guacamole and

    bacon 7.99

    Black and Bleu BurgerCajun burger with Bleu cheese and

    bacon 7.99

    Aegean Turkey BurgerSeasoned ground turkey loaded withfeta cheese 7.99

    Make it Soupor Salad & Burger!

    Add a cup of homemade soup orgarden salad for only 1.79

    SIGNATURE BURGERSAll 1/3 lb of fresh lean ground beef and served with choice of

    french fries, cottage fries, fresh fruit or cottage cheese

    Extra Special with these substitutionsFor larger1/2 lb burger add .99

    Cheese fries add .59 Mixed green or Caesar Salad add .79

    Crisscuts add .79 Onion Rings add .99 Garlic Mashed Potatoes .59

    SANDWICHESAll served with french fries, cottage fries, fresh fruit or cottage cheese

    Extra Special with these substitutionsCrisscuts add .79 Onion Rings add .99 Garlic Mashed Potatoes add .59

    Cheese fries add .59 Mixed green or Caesar Salad add .79

    Make it Soup or Salad & Sandwich!Add a cup of soup or garden salad for only 1.79

    SOUP & HALF SANDWICHA cup of soup and choice of turkey, roast beef,

    ham, tuna salad or Sausalito sandwich 6.59With Matts Turkey Supreme or Malt Shop Clubhouse add .89


    Malt Shop ClubhouseAlways a favoriteroast turkey, bacon,lettuce, tomato and salad dressing onwhole wheat, white or rye 7.99With cheddar, Swiss, Pepper jack orMozzarella add.59

    Roast Beef Au JusOur own fresh roast beef thinly slicedon a hoagie loaf 7.99With cheddar, Swiss, Pepper jack orMozzarella add .59

    Matts Turkey SupremeRoast turkey, cheddar and Monterey

    jack cheese, tomato, alfalfa sproutsand Zorkas sauce on a multigrainhoagie 7.99

    MergatroidTurkey, smoked bacon, tomato, salad

    dressing and cheddar cheese bakedopen-faced on a white hoagie 7.69

    ReubenCorned beef or turkey, 1000 islanddressing, sauerkraut, and Swisscheese 7.99

    Hot Turkey orRoast Beef Sandwich

    Your choice served with garlic mashedpotatoes and gravy 7.69

    Walleye SandwichMinnesotas favorite fish deep fried andserved on a bun 7.99

    The MontereyTuna cashew salad, Monterey jackcheese and avocado grilled on wholewheat, white or rye 7.29

    Grilled Ham & Cheese on RyeWith cheddar, Swiss, Pepper jack orMozzarella 7.29

    Chicken SandwichesYour choice 7.59 Malibu Chicken Bacon, avocado

    and Swiss cheese Ranch Hand Chicken Crispy Chicken,

    Bacon, Pepper jack cheese & Ranchdressing

    Karins Crispy and Spicy ChickenCream cheese, cucumber, Buffalo

    sauce, lettuce and tomato

    Chicken Pita SandwichesYour choice 7.29 Chicken Fajita Pita Green peppers,

    tomatoes, cheddar, and our own salsa Oriental Chicken Pita Broccoli,

    peapods, mushrooms, onions, and ourpeanut sauce

    Hansens WrapGrilled chicken, romaine lettuce, tomatoand feta cheese with vinaigrette 7.99

    French fries 2.99Cheese fries 3.59Sweet Potato Fries 3.29

    Seasoned Crisscuts Full order 3.29 Half order 2.29

    Mixed green salad 2.99Small Caesar salad 3.29Spring greens salad 3.29

    Malt Shop Cobb SaladOur version of this favoriteGrilledchicken breast, avocado, bacon, Bleucheese, tomato, hard boiled egg and

    black olives 8.99

    Taco SaladTraditional taco salad with spicy Beefor Chicken, cheddar cheese, guacamole,and sour cream with our own salsa8.79

    Grilled Chicken CaesarPopular classicGrilled Chicken,Romaine, tomatoes, black olives,Parmesan cheese, and croutons tossedin our own Caesar dressing 8.79Sub Alaskan Salmon 2.99

    Oriental Chicken SaladGrilled Chicken, mixed greens, broccoli,red cabbage, peapod, tomato, lettuce, andcarrots in our peanut dressing 8.79

    Birds Nest SaladFresh spring greens, assorted vegeta-

    bles, avocado, sunflower seeds, cheddar& Swiss cheese 7.29Add grilled Chicken 1.29

    Yogurt RushFresh fruits, yogurt, granola andhoney 6.29

    Greek SaladFresh greens, pea pods, black olives,tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower seedsand feta cheese in our vinaigrette 7.29Add grilled Chicken 1.39

    Quiche of the DayServed with a mixed green salad orfresh fruit 6.79

  • 8/14/2019 50th at Bryant Ave. S. Minneapolis


    VEGETARIAN SPECIALTIES*Served with french fries, cottage fries, fresh fruit or cottage cheese

    (Except Lasagna and Ratatouille)

    RatatouilleOur own spicy vegetable stew withmelted cheese served with a mixedgreen salad 7.69

    Vegetarian Denver SandwichMushroom, eggs and vegetables onwhole wheat 6.99

    The Malt ShopVeggie BurgerOur own vegetable, nut and grainburger with Monterey jack cheese on

    your choice of bread or bun 7.29

    Black Bean BurgerOur own black bean patty withPepperjack cheese, avocado, lettuce,tomato and chipotle mayo 7.29

    Black Bean BurgerSpicy black beans, guacamole, greenpeppers, onions, sour cream andCheddar cheese 7.69

    Spinach andMushroom Lasagna

    With a mixed green salad 7.69

    Veggie PitaAssorted vegetables sauted in ourpeanut sauce 6.99

    SausalitoCream cheese, cucumbers, tomato andalfalfa sprouts on whole wheat or rye6.99

    3 Cheese Grilled CheeseMonterey jack, Cheddar and Swisscheeses grilled on whole wheat or ryewith tomato and onion 6.99

    Portabella MushroomSandwichPortabella cap with onions, blackolives, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoand pesto 7.59

    A 15% gratuity will be added to groups of 7 or more

    TAKE OUT & CATERINGAll items on The Malt Shop menu are available for take out dining.

    We also offer Party trays and large portions of many of ourmenu offerings for larger groups and family gatherings.

    Check it all out at www.themaltshoprestaurant.com

    BEVERAGESCold DrinksMalt Shop Chocolate Soda 3.99Soft Drinks 1.99Iced Tea 1.99Lemonade Reg 2.29 Sm 1.69Milk Reg 2.29 Sm 1.69

    Chocolate milk Reg 2.49 Sm 1.79Root Beer Float 3.99

    Hot DrinksFresh Brewed Morningstar Coffee 1.99Hot Teas with lemon and honey 2.29 Apple cider Reg 2.29 Sm 1.59Hot Chocolate with whipped cream 2.39

    OUR FAMOUS MALTS & SHAKESTruly our signature itemstry one with your meal and see why!


    RaspberryBanana*PumpkinApple PiePecan

    HoneyPeanut ButterCoffeeVanillaButterscotch

    ChocolateHot FudgeCaramelLemonOrange*


    *Fresh fruits used when in seasonAll single flavors 4.29 2 flavor combinations 4.59

    Specialty MaltsFig & Banana, Heath Bar, Butterfinger, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup,Pina Colada, Triple Berry, Caramel Apple Pie, M&M, Chocolate Chunk Pecan

    Cookie Dough, Cookiesn Cream or Create your own! 4.59

    Additional Flavors add .39 each (Substitute frozen yogurt .69)





    Hot FudgeCaramelCherry

    *Fresh fruits used when in season Your choice 3.59

    Frozen yogurt or additional flavors add .39 With pecans add .59

    Ice Cream ConesYour choice of seasonal flavors 2.39 Vanilla Yogurt cone 2.79

    Old Fashi