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<p>41 Signal Regiment Five by Five NewsIssue 12 25 July 2012 December 2011 2011 Regimental Headquarters Commanding Officer: Major Natalie .L. De Roij Deputy Commanding Officer: Major Beth C. White Regimental Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer Ian Woodie Power Adjutant: Captain Dan Davidson</p> <p>RSM Comments:With the Summer upon us and many members of the Regiment away on courses, summer employment or taskings, this quarterly newsletter will be predominately about Regimental events that have taken place since the end of the training year in April and the soldiers of the Regiment who participated and played key roles.. Enjoy!! CWO Power, RSM 41 Signal Regiment</p> <p>COs Comments:Members of 41 Signal Regiment and Friends, What a difference a few months makes! Since our last newsletter, several key changes have taken place for the Regiment. Firstly, we are officially official! The Canadian Forces Organizational Order was signed in late May that created 41 Signal Regiment as an official unit of 41 Canadian Brigade Group, with all the resources, responsibilities and roles that being a part of the Brigade entails. Secondly, we have a new Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Mr. Jim Graham. Please welcome him to the Regiment and get to know him when he and Hon LCol Ron Woodward visit. Thirdly, due to the changing priority of 41 CBG to move into a growth period for the next five years, we have reorganized the Regimental structure in order to play to our strengths and attempt to minimize the impact of the loss of some Class B positions within the Squadron. I would like to acknowledge with gratitude, the contributions that each and every Class B and Reg Force member of the Regiment has made while serving for the good of this organization. This new growth phase that we find ourselves in places a new priority on recruiting, retention and training. Our goal is to retain 90% of our current personnel, grow by at least 8 personnel, run 5 ATCIS courses and provide personnel for BMQ. It is a tall order, but many of your were there on June 2nd, when we went through and analyzed the problem and while we had to make some changes to the calendar to make items fit I believe it will be achievable and I hope you will work together to accomplish this ambitious goal. All of us are now recruiters for the Regiment, your ideas and participation is not only necessary, but required! I hope you find that the year ahead will be one of renewal and change, challenge and tradition, and I hope that each of you will commit to going on the Brigade Training Event in early spring 2013 the 41 CBG Comd has required that 90% of all available unit pers attend in order to make it a worthwhile event. This year is a tall order indeed, but we can achieve it, like we always do! Best wishes, Major Natalie De Roij</p> <p>Hellos &amp; Goodbyes RHQ saw several new additions HLCol Jim Graham is the newly appointed HLCol of 41 Signal Regiment. Maj Bruce McDonnell takes over as the Regimental Ops Officer Capt Ridgeway joins us from the transition team and will become the Regimental Training Officer. Sgt Suggett was appointed as the Regimental Quartermaster (RQ) on 29 Jun 2012. Congratulations on the new position. Regimental Factoids The Regimental Soldier of the year of the year for 2012/2013 will be flown to Kingston as a VIP to meet the Princess Royal during the C&amp;E 2013 celebrations. HLCol James Jim Graham Biography</p> <p>HLCol. Graham dutifully served the Canadian Forces for three years with 746 (Calgary) Communication Squadron. After releasing and relocating to complete his education at the University of Westminster (London, England) he continued his strong connection with the Calgary military community by returning often, maintaining contacts and attending functions. Although HLCol Graham has a short previous military service, he credits his time with the military as developing a strong belief that he could achieve any goal set before him and the ability to work with a team to achieve a common goal. His talented career has been one of distinguished professional corporate service, rising to be the Director of Gramor Investments and Director/Owner of Utilipro Services Ltd. HLCol Graham has exceptional technical knowledge of the telecommunication and construction industries, and has extensive corporate contacts at the senior level within the Alberta Construction, Telecommunication and business community. He has used these contacts in the past to provide introductions for current and past military individuals seeking employment, allowing them to contact the right persons within a company to get an interview. He has provided advice to members and former members of the unit which resulted in assisting them in their careers.</p> <p>He has taken a keen interest over the years with 746 (Calgary) Communication Squadron and the newly formed 41 Signal Regiment. He was very interested in the transformation of the independent Signal Units in Alberta into a collective Signal Regiment and the challenges the leadership faces; he was able to easily grasp the potential and provided insight and advice based on his experience with corporate restructuring. His desire to support the Canadian Forces and the Calgary Military Community was evident when he became a key (and unsolicited) donor of $25,000 for the Calgary Soldiers Memorial. He also supports the Calgary Military Ball with corporate sponsorship of tables for the event, and has attended Remembrance Day ceremonies with 746 (Calgary) Signal Squadron. In short, HLCol Graham is a corporate citizen who is mindful and respectful of military history and tradition; who has the corporate connections and personal motivation to enhance the reputation of the Canadian Forces within the Province of Alberta and engage the soldiers one on one as their honorary. Ex JIMMY WEST 2012 After a several year hiatus the RSMs with Commanding Officers consent for all 3 Western Army Reserve Signal Regiments requested the resurrection of the a historical signals competition Ex Jimmy West With 38th Signal Regiment in the Prairie Lakehead region taking the lead. The competition between the Western area Reserve Signal units would be as held in Dundern over the weekend of the 27th May 2012. That hot and muggy weekend, saw members of 41 Signal Regiment drive across Alberta to meet in Dundern, SK. The competition in its infancy would be a small scale affair consisting of several stands with a navigation portion between each leg. The Stands consisted of the following: Kit Inspection, Line stand that employed both WD1 and Black /.Red Cat 5e systems First Aid consisting a Triage stand and Combat First Aid CP Stand consisting of a normal Signals CP Set up HF stand consisting of QRT, Field Expedients Antennas and Mast Set up The team led by 2Lt Tan managed a 2nd place finish despite several first place finishes, specifically the HF and CP stands, we missed taking the trophy by a few points. The team showed great skill on the HF and also the CP stands but we must learn the basic lineman skills and combat triage scenarios as well as basic soldier skills, Next year we will be better prepared. Many of the team want to do it again Kudos!</p> <p>The Warriors of 41 SR Jimmy West team 2012.Dont mess with us!!</p> <p>41 Signal Regiment Team, DS and Command Team - Ex Jimmy West team 2012 Rear rank: Left to Right Sgt Barnes (RHQ) , Cpl Ahloy (746), Cpl Daum (745), MCpl Locker (745) peeking out, Sgt Barnes (RHQ Middle rank: Left to Right Cpl Kinner (745), Cpl Fleming (745), Cpl Rotea (745), WO Hayes (RHQ), CP Peiris (746), MCpl Masson (749), Cpl Hocken (749), CWO Power (RHQ) ) Front rank Left to Right: Maj Natalie De Roij CO 41 Signal Regt, 2Lt Tan (745) Team Captain, Sgt Crookes (746), Cpl Johnson (746) and Capt Cashman (41 Bde G6)</p> <p>Ex Jean Romard Limenan Competition - Kingston June, 2012 The Regiment entered a team in the Signals Line competition held in Kingston in June. This was our first attempt in the competition and we were the ONLY Reserve Signals team participating. The competition followed a week of Line training and PD. We were up against the best of the Canadian, Brits and Americans to name a few countries. The team led by Sgt Andrew Daring was made up of line crew from 745 and 746 Sqns. Team Manager was Sgt Daring along with the other team members, MCpl Kalmakoff (Bde G6 cell) Cpl Ahloy (746), Cpl Nakai (746). WO Parcheswsky (746) and MCpl Sagar (745) went as observers. Despite some good showing in many of the competition events we did not medal. The Lineman are determined that next year we will prove that Army Reserve Lineman can beat the best and do a great job</p> <p>41 Signal Regiment Line Team, Sgt Daring, MCpl Kalmakoff, Cpl Nakai and Cpl Ahloy</p> <p>MCpl Kamakoff, and Cpl Ahloy pull cable through EMT conduit</p> <p>Cpl Nakai in the hole with a US Army cable dog!!</p> <p>Ex Golden Coyote 2012 (South Dakota) Written by Capt Wagenaar CWO Power and OC 745 Capt Wagenaar joined the 635th KANSAS and 109th SOUTH DAKOTA National Guard as well as the US Army Reserve 98th Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB) in SOUTH DAKOTA on their annual training event Ex GOLDEN COYOTE 2012. 98th ESB are a very professional Army Reserve Signal unit with signal Co in Arizona, Colorado, Texas and California. It consists of and Bn HQ (ALOC, HCC), A, B , C and 820 Line Co. (Note; The US Signals do not call their Sub-units Squadrons!!). The RSM fit in quite well as the Command Sergeant Major (CSM) in the 98th ESB, where he quickly established a reputation as the hard charging Canuck that knows how to get things done. I am sure he can fill you in on the details over a beer, ask him about the HCLOS. Capt Wagenaar worked directly with the 635th and later the 109th as the Assistant S6 and the BATTLE CAPTAIN (equivalent to our Duty Officer) coordinating the Communications at the Bde level for the Ex. He was also able to get out to the 98th as a Battle Captain. Overall the Ex was an excellent experience and both the RSM and the OC 745 are looking to see how we can expand the Regimental involvement especially at the MCpl Pte level in the years to come if given the opportunity to attend future Golden Coyotes.</p> <p>98 ESB SSS and SAT shots and with the High Capacity Line of Sight (HCLOS) shots in the background- Camp Rapid ,SD</p> <p>th</p> <p>820 Co 98ESB 820Coy placing a pole (West Camp FOB , SD) ..Some cool toys like a picker truck!!!</p> <p>th</p> <p>A National Guard Missile Launch System (MLS) . Just one of the toys the USANG get to play with</p> <p>The Aussie way of Shade: Capt Boz - Australian Signals Corps and the RSM FOB Custer, SD</p> <p>Regimental Cairn The Regimental Signals Cairn will be built between the Regimental and 745 Sqn parking areas at LCol Phillip L. Debney Armouries. The plan is to have it built and ready for unveiling by 19th October 2013 (Jimmys Birthday). Donation towards this project can be made to 41 SR Unit fund. Anyone willing to assist with this project in any capacity is most welcomevolunteers to the RSM.</p> <p>41 Signal Regiment 745 (Edmonton) Sig Sqn Bear News Five by Five 25 Jul 2012Officer Commanding: Capt D Wagennar Squadron Sergeant Major: Warrant Officer M. Laforce Recent News from the Bear Den Goodbyes &amp; Hellos: Nil Promotions In July the MWO Meace was promoted to Captain. He is now the 2 i/c of the Sqn .</p> <p>Capt Meace being promoted by Col Boehli (41 Bde Cmdr) as the CO looks on</p> <p>News Flash: 745 Recruiting will send a team the Athabasca Air Showthinking outside the box in an effort to meet the BIP Sqn Factoids: The 745 Sig Sqn Facebook site is up to 107 members and counting. A good mix of old and new sqn members. Join us on Facebook.</p> <p>Cpl Duam, Kinner and Fleming recruiting on a road trip!!</p> <p>RSM REQUEST: The Regimental Coins The Regt Crest in into DHH for approval, once approved, we will be able to create Regimental coins. Anyone who would like to get involved and wants to create a coin design, please forward names to the RSM. The criteria for the coin will be decided very shortly. The winning designer will get one of the first coins made and their design will be displayed in the Regimental Museum.</p> <p>41 Signal Regiment 746 (Calgary) Sig Sqn Determined News Five by Five 25 Jul 2012Officer Commanding: Captain T.D. Wallace Squadron Sergeant Major: Master Warrant Officer L.R. Mah</p> <p>Recent News from the Home of the Calgary StampedeHello's &amp; Goodbyes: The Sqn is sad to say good-bye to Sgt Flavelle who is transferring to London ON to continue his PhD and Cpl Nakai who is off to Montreal to continue her schooling. Promotions: MCpl Fournier-Montalvo was promoted to MCpl 27 Mar 12. Awards: Congratulations to Cpl Grigg who received his CD. Sqn Factoids 746 with support from Regt HQ and 745 Signal Sqn participated in the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede, by providing a Signal Display during the Caravan Breakfasts which were held 5 - 15 Jul 12. Cpl Bruckshaw(746) and Cpl Fleming(745) participated in a 41 Svc Bn CPX which provided them with excellent hands on Command Post Training.:</p> <p>Newly promote MCpl Fournier-Montalvo</p> <p>41 Signal Regiment 749 (Red Deer) Sig Sqn Swift News Five by Five 25 Jul 2012Officer Commanding: Captain R.C. Hammel Squadron Sergeant Major: Master Warrant Officer R.J. Prospero</p> <p>Recent News from Central AlbertaCapt Hammel OC 749 Sig Sqn presenting MWO Prospero with his CD1. Congratulations!</p> <p>EX Belligerent Grizzly For the Brigade May long weekend, four of our brave soldiers as part of 41 Signal Regiment contingent participated on EX Belligerent Grizzly. 2Lt Gascoyne stretched his legs as a Tp 2IC and developed an affinity for laying WD1 by hand.</p> <p>Westerner Days Parade 749 Signal Squadron again participated in the Westerner Days parade showcasing our shiny new MSVS and intriguing the general public with the technical looking CLAC. (Photos will follow if I can get some!)</p> <p>2Lt Gascoyne, Sgt Wyzinski and Sgt Rupert posing for the Westerner Days Parade crowd</p> <p>EX Jockey Grizzly With the end of another successful Driver Wheel Course comes the always entertaining final field exercise. EX Jockey Grizzly took place at CFB Edmonton and over the course of the weekend some exceptional driving skills were put on display. Despite the ever changing hardships of the weekend, the staff and students persevered to complete all requisite portions of the course. Cpl Dubas utilized and refined his recovery abilities in conducting 8 recoveries of slightly immobilized vehicles.</p> <p>Cpl Dubas and Crew recover an LSVW</p> <p>Yet another vehicle!!!!</p> <p>Who need EME recovery when you have a big honking truck??</p> <p>Ok, so the plan was for this truck to pull that truckGuess we need the BIGGER truck!!</p>