5 ways to be more productive as an internet marketer

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5 Ways To Be More Productive As An Internet Marketer


Have you ever sat at down at your computer and immediately felt like you were mentally paralyzed?

There is so much to do but the time frame you have to work with is so limited that you literally don't know what to do first?

You almost feel like a person who is trying to bail water out of boat that's stuck under a waterfall right?

Everything seems virtually impossible to do and before you've done anything you're already mentally exhausted and need a break.

I know when I feel that way I tend to start surfing and I'm not talking about catching giant waves in Hawaii either.

I start looking for ways to distract myself and put off what it is I have to do as a way of coping with the stress.

Do you do this?

It's o.k. we all do this at some point.

But there are some simple tips I can give you to help you cope better and actually become more productive.

Tip #1.

Get organized.

Organize the desktop on your computer and organize the desktop your computer is sitting on.

You don't have to go crazy and waste time filing each piece of paper.

Just put everything into a neat little pile and get it out of your face.

This simple tip will help your brain to focus only on what you need to do right now.

Tip #2.

Write a short list.

List three of the most important things to do right now.

Work at accomplishing each task in it's own time frame.

Instead of trying to bang out what you have to do all in one shot, do one task now, take a break, then do another task and so on and so forth.

You'll find that when you space out your workload it becomes easier to manage.

Better management equals less stress.

Tip #3.

Leave your email alone.

We all like to know what's happening when it's happening.

If there is one thing that motivates people more than anything else it's fear of loss.

Who likes to miss out on anything?

But reading emails all day is one sure way to crowd your mind with useless jitter and overwhelm yourself to the point of paralysis.

If you absolutely have to read your emails, do it at night after you've accomplished your goals for the day.

Do what you have to do now... so that you can do what you want to do later.

Tip #4.


There's nothing heavier to weigh upon the mind then a task undone.

Which is better?

Starting 3 projects that never get done or finishing one?

As an internet marketer you don't make money by starting projects.

You make money when you finish them.

There is no money in creating products unless the products are completed and ready to sell.

There is no money in affiliate marketing unless the marketing plan is set up and you start sending traffic to the offer.

Setting up a website or blog to sell your own or affiliate products is nice, but unless you start sending traffic to it... there's no money in it.

Tip #5.

Set a time limit.

If you give yourself all day to do something... it will take you all day to do it.

So set reasonable time limits on each of the three tasks on your list.

The more you make an effort to put these tips into practice, the more of a habit they will become for you.

Before you know it, you'll find yourself getting all kinds of work done, your productivity will increase and you'll feel better about it.

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