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  • 5 Unwritten Rules of Hair Stylists

    Here at Curl Co., we believe we operate the best salon in Salt Lake City. Much of the success we enjoy is directly related to the dedication and hard work of our world-class stylists. We take great pride in what we do, as does each stylist who serves our clients.

    Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at your favorite hair salon? Well, we cannot let you in on all the secrets without having to kill you afterwards (just kidding), but we thought it would be fun to give you a little bit of insider information. In light of that, below is a list of five unwritten rules just about every hair stylist knows and lives by. Enjoy!

  • Rule #1 Saturday Is Not a Good Day for New Clients This first rule is really one that benefits our clients the most. It states that Saturday is not a good day for a stylist to work with a new client for the first time. Why? Because Saturday is the busiest day of the week in any hair salon. And the fact that we operate the best salon in Salt Lake City means we are even busier. Your hair stylist needs to be able to spend time with you during that very first appointment. Doing so is not possible on most Saturdays. Rule #2 Keep Notes on Client Cards The most successful stylists get to know each of their clients on a first name basis. But let's face it, remembering what each client likes and does not like is not easy if you are one of the top stylists in the business. So it never hurts to maintain a few helpful notes by way of client cards. Those cards can be utilized as the stylist is looking at the day's schedule just for a quick refresher. Rule #3 Be Careful of Do Whatever You Want Every once in a while, a client genuinely does not know what he or she wants, preferring the stylist decide what to do that day. But such instances are the exception rather than the rule. Stylists always have to be careful of that client who says do whatever you want. Rule #4 Be Careful of Industry Jargon Every industry has its jargon and 'tech speak'. Hair stylists need to be very careful to avoid using that jargon when speaking with clients. They will not understand the same terms and phrases, which can sometimes lead to confusion and unintended results. The best hairstylists know how to speak in the language of their clients. They know which words to avoid, how to phrase certain questions, and even how to engage in what appears to be casual conversation while at the same time attempting to get a clue or two about what the client is looking for. Rule #5 Clean Hair Is the Best Hair to Work With The best stylist in the world has trouble working his or her magic when dealing with a dirty head of hair. This is one of the reasons top stylists ask clients to wash their hair the night before and to not put any conditioners or chemical products in it once clean. These just make the stylist's job more difficult. When necessary, a stylist will shampoo the hair for that extra bit of clean just in case. We believe that Curl Co. is the best salon in Salt Lake City. If not, we are at least near the very top of the list. We invite you to come in and experience what world-class hairstyling can be like.

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