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5 Things to Remember When Visiting Dubai for a Hassle-free Holiday

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Every country has rules, traditions, and culture that you should respect and adhere to especially if you are a foreigner. And though Dubai is considered a progressive, open city, it is not an exception.

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  • 5 Things to Remember When Visiting Dubai for a Hassle-free Holiday

    Did you know that it is prohibited to consume liquor in public places in Dubai? Unless you are in your hotel in Al Barsha, Deira, Jumeirah, or Bur Dubai, in a licensed bar, restaurant, or pub. If you're planning to visit Dubai, here are some more things you need to know to avoid an embarrassing situation, or worse, getting charged with a fine.

    Dress Accordingly

    Granted that you are on vacation and the city is packed with luxurious resorts and beaches, but you have to remember that swimwear is only allowed at the resorts and beaches. Do not make the mistake of sunbathing in the nude or even half-naked especially in public. Dubai is a conservative and religious territory of the UAE, you will definitely be in trouble with the law if you are careless. Women are also encouraged to 'cover up' to avoid being stared at. Leave your tight-fitting clothes at your hotel.

    Strictly No P.D.A

    Dubai can also be a romantic city, but that doesn't mean you should treat it as if you were in Paris. Holding hands is tolerable, but be discreet during Ramadan. Other forms of showing affection such as kissing is strictly frowned upon and should only be done in the privacy of your Dubai hotel room. Cohabiting or living under one roof with someone is also an issue here if you are not married. To gain respect, you should introduce your significant other as your husband or wife. Sporting rings will also probably help you get less attention.

    Respect Their Holidays

    Dubai is permissive of different beliefs aside from Islam, so tourists should also be very mindful of their actions especially during religious holidays. Don't behave in a manner that might insult Islamic customs or beliefs like eating in public during Ramadan. Also avoid cursing or trying to convert people to your religion. Both are major offenses and can get you arrested.

    Shutterbugs Beware

    Of course you can use your camera to chronicle your Dubai experience, but you have to remember a few things. Do not take pictures of government or military organizations. If you want to photograph the locals, make sure you ask permission first, especially with women. Doing otherwise will probably cause the confiscation of your gadget, cause you to be charged with a hefty fine, or worse, land you in prison.

    Say No to Drugs

    This is probably the most important thing you need to remember when in Dubai. Do not smuggle, purchase, use, or carry any form of illegal substance when in the country. Dubai has strict policies concerning drugs. Any proof of illegal substance in your bloodstream even before you were in the country constitutes as an offense of trafficking. Penalties are extremely severe, and you don't want that happening on your vacation to Dubai.

    So, just keep these things in mind and you'll never have to worry about cutting your vacation short and getting kicked out of your Deira, Jumeirah, or Al Barsha hotel.