5 Themes of Geography

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5 Themes of Geography. Slovakia By: Danni lin 2011/10/24. Location. ★Slovakia is latitudes 47° and 50°N and longitudes 16° and 23°E. ★Slovakia near to the Czech Republic and Austria to the west ,Poland to the north Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. Place. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 5 Themes of Geography

  • 5 Themes of GeographySlovakiaBy: Danni lin2011/10/24

  • LocationSlovakia is latitudes 47and 50N and longitudes 16and 23E.

    Slovakia near to the Czech Republic and Austria to the west ,Poland to the north Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south.

  • PlaceIn Slovakia ,there are 4 somewhat different climates. Most part is in the mountain region

  • Place continuedThe official language is Slovak.Hungarian is widely spoken in the southern regions. Rusyn is used in some parts of the northeastSlovakia become an aid provider at the end of 2008.Slovak economy is consider an advanced economy

  • Movement Slovakia is a good place for traveling. It has 160 different size lakes. main industrial departments has the steel, food, Tobacco, transportation . main crops has beets, barley, wheat, oil crops .

  • Region It has a population of over five million and an area of about 49.000 square kilometers

    Slovakia features natural landscape, mountains, caves, medieval castles, and towns, spas and ski resorts.

  • Region continuedThe highest point is Gerlach peak in Tatra mountains.Gerlach peak is 8,743 feet. Slovakia is rich in small natural lakes.Slovakia lowest point is near BodrogRiver, the river across the border with Hungary

  • Region continuedSlovakia important river include the Danube and Morava, Hron, Hroned and vah.Carpathian Mountains cover its northern borders with the Czech Republic and Poland.

  • ClimateIn Slovakia, summers are warm and pleasant, sometimes it rains.In Slovakia, winter are cold, cloudy and humid.In the capital city of Bratislava, in winter temps range from -3to 2in summer temps range from 16to 26

  • FoodFood is very important .

  • EnvironmentSlovakia is a beautiful country, everyone loves nature. It has 9 national parks.

  • Music

    popular music began to replace folk

    music beginning in the 1950s.

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