5 Themes of Geography

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5 Themes of Geography. What is geography?. The study of humans interacting with their environment. Physical Environment Built Environment Social Environment. 5 different categories or themes Location Place Movement Human Environment Interaction Region. Location. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography

What is geography?The study of humans interacting with their environmentPhysical EnvironmentBuilt EnvironmentSocial Environment5 different categories or themesLocationPlaceMovementHuman Environment InteractionRegion

LocationEverything on earth has a locationAbsolute location: Specific! Defined by latitude and longitudeLogan is located at 41 degrees North Latitude and 111 degrees West LongitudeRelative Location: described by landmarks, directions, distance from one place or anotherI live next to the hospital

Lets Practice!Turn to your neighbor and explain absolute location. Give an exampleTurn to a different neighbor and explain relative location. Give an examplePlaceEvery Place on earth has characteristics that make it different from another placePhysical Place: Mountains, rivers, lakes, soil, animalsHuman Place: ideas, clothing religion, food habits, buildings

Lets Practice!Think about places you have visited or lived before. How did that place look different from where you live now?Describe that place to a neighbor. Tell them if you are talking about physical place or human placeHuman Environment InteractionHumans and the environment effect each otherPeople change the environmentPeople adapt to the environmentPeople depend on the environment

Lets Practice!Think about your summer vacation. What are at least 2 ways that you interacted with your environment.Share your thoughts with a neighbor

MovementPeople, goods, and ideas moveMovement shapes our worldMovement allows for interaction between people

Lets Practice!How did you use movement today?How might the movement of ideas change a city or country?Share your thoughts with your neighborRegionAn area that displays similaritiesMost areas are LARGEPhysical similarities or human similaritiesGovernment, language, desert, frozen tundraFormal RegionsDefined by boundaries or measurable similaritiesUnited States, Amazon River BasinFunctional RegionsArea that has a functionShopping region, Farming region


Lets Practice!Look at the 1st picture. What similarity makes this a region?Look at the 2nd picture. Is this an example of a formal region or a functional region? Explain your answer.Look at the 3rd picture. Is this an example of a formal region or a functional region? Explain your answer.