5 Themes of geography

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5 Themes of geography. What are the five themes?. Tools geographer ’ s use to study features on earth. Location Place Movement Region Human Environment Interaction. Location. Describes where places are at on earth. Types of Location: ABSOLUTE: exact location on earth (fixed) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • 5 Themes of geography

  • What are the five themes?Tools geographers use to study features on earth.LocationPlaceMovementRegionHuman Environment Interaction

  • LocationDescribes where places are at on earth.Types of Location:ABSOLUTE: exact location on earth (fixed)Doesnt changeLatitude/LongitudeHemispheresGrid System AddressRELATIVE: compared to other places (variable)Changes dependent upon where youre comparing it to. Miles DistanceDirection

  • Absolute LocationExamples:Rome is located at 41 N, 12 EArgentina is located in the southern hemisphere.Leland is located in San Jose, CA.

  • Relative LocationExamples: Rome is located near the Mediterranean Sea.Argentina is near Brazil.Ecuador is south of Mexico.San Jose is 50 miles from San Francisco.

  • Place A place is defined by its unique characteristics.Physical characteristicsHuman characteristics

  • Physical CharacteristicsSpecific to THAT place, not generic.The way a place physically looks.Created by nature.MountainsRivers, Lakes, SeasClimateVegetationExamples:Andes Mountains are in South America.Amazon River flows through Brazil.Pampas are located in Argentina.The isthmus of Panama connects Central & South America.

  • Human CharacteristicsSpecific to THAT place, not generic.Peoples activities change the way a place looks or is represented.Man-made or invented.LanguageUnique buildingsReligious PracticesCelebrations/traditions/holidaysExamples: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.Many Mexicans are Catholic.Mayan ruins are located in Mexico.

  • Movement3 categories of movement.Movement of tangible products clothing, shoes, furniture, etc, etcThis movement occurs through trains, airplanes, ships, trucks, cars, etc.Movement of data pictures, articles, video, etcThis movement occurs through the internet or skype, etcMovement of people - ImmigrationExamplesImmigration from Latin America to US.War in Iraq (troops, supplies, ideas, people)Twitter, Facebook (ideas)

  • MovementPlaces change or are developed by Movement of land.Plate Tectonic forcesPhysical distinctivenessExamplesHawaiian Islands, Rocky Mts, Grand Canyon

  • RegionThe world is divided into different regions based upon similarities & differences.ClimateLocationBeliefsLanguagesEthnicity/RaceTypes:FormalFunctionalPerceptual

  • Formal RegionMost common/familiar.Determined by the distribution of a uniform characteristic (physical or cultural)LocationClimateReligionExamplesCentral America (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama)Latin America (spanish-speaking nations)Tropics (countries located near equator)

  • Functional RegionServes a purpose that affects places around it. Distributes goods/peopleServes specific purposeExamples:Panama Canal Amazon River BasinHollywoodSilicon Valley

  • Formal & Functional Regions The state of Iowa isexample of a formal region;the areas of influence of various television stations are examples of functional regions.

  • Perceptual RegionPerceptual Region, or vernacular region, is a place that people believe exists as part of their cultural identity.

  • Perceptual RegionsA number of featuresare often used to definethe South as a vernacular region, eachof which identifies somewhat different boundaries.

  • Perceptual RegionGroups of areas that provoke a certain stereotype or feeling.Examples:The BronxThe ghetto China town

  • THE USA how Others see us

  • HEIThe environment & people are interconnected.Interaction can cause 3 types of changes1. permanent change. 2 temporary change 3. no changeConsequences to those actions depend upon how people choose to interact with the world and use their resources.Positive/NegativeIntentional/AccidentalFavorable/Destructive

  • HEICurrent Environmental Issues:Global Climate ChangeEnergy ResourcesWater ConservationDeforestation

  • AssignmentCan you apply the 5 themes to any story?Ecuador Wow reading

    ***************Insert a picture of the head leader of your country.*****