5 Steps to Attract More Customers

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Get the phone ringing more, generate more traffic for your website or have more visitors to your store with our five straightforward steps to attracting, retaining and referring more customers.

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  • Marketing in Action 5 Steps to Attracting More Customers

    5 STEPS



    Introducing The Perfect

    Marketing Recipe

  • Marketing in Action 5 Steps to Attracting More Customers

    The Perfect



    INTRODUCTION Search the internet for help with marketing and

    youll get nearly a billion hits with websites

    crammed with information designed to turn you into a marketing god or goddess.

    So why, when theres such a body of really good

    and helpful stuff do I keep hearing the same

    thing time and time again. Nearly all the

    businesses I talk to want to attract more

    customers, get the phone ringing more, generate

    more traffic to their website or increase visitors to

    their store.


    There are no secret handshakes or complicated

    formulas that will lead you to the well of

    customers ready to be welcomed into your world.

    Marketing is all about common-sense. You may

    be thinking, hang on; theres got to be more to it

    than that, and youre right.

    I think of marketing as an onion. Not because it

    makes me cry every time I think about what it is

    or isnt doing for my business, but because its

    multi-layered. Every time you peel away a layer

    theres another, just waiting to be exposed. The

    more you peel away, the more focused you

    become on reaching that flawless layer where

    youre ready to chop and dice your way to a

    delicious meal.



    Marketing is about knowing what you know, and

    what you dont. Delving deeper and deeper until

    you have a layer of understanding that leads you

    to the delightful eureka moment where you leap

    out of your chair, fist pumping the air, knowing

    that this is it.

    Dont peel away until theres nothing left, and

    youve spent time and perhaps money

    delving into the deep and dark psyche of your

    customer with nothing to show for it. The

    challenge is knowing when enough is enough,

    and its time for action. In fact, that is where the

    name for my business came from. It came to me

    one day whilst doodling, and well the rest is


    Spend time talking and thinking or in my case

    doodling on a white board then take the bull by

    the horns, fire up your mojo and go for it.

    Whether you plan to sell more homes or perfect

    the perfect scone recipe, well equip with the best

    possible tools and techniques to achieve your


  • Marketing in Action 5 Steps to Attracting More Customers

    Ive seen the communication landscape

    change beyond all recognition. When I

    started my career, the internet was just

    beginning and has evolved into the

    fantastic online resource we have today.

    Social media has revolutionised the way

    we communicate in fact weve become

    publishers and we have direct access to

    our customers. Our customers have

    wrestled control of our relationships and

    talk to us on their terms when they are

    ready to talk, not when we want to talk.

    I love working one-to-one and teaching,

    sharing the knowledge Ive built up over a

    career spanning the last 20 years.

    Ive worked with over a hundred

    businesses helping them understand

    marketing, what it can do for them and

    teaching them how to use it. What did all

    of those conversations have in common?

    You guessed it; they were looking for more



    Before you continue reading, nail that

    down, because knowing where youre

    coming from and what you want to get out

    of life sets the tone for everything you do.

    When you focus on what you want, how

    you want to feel and what you want to

    achieve, everything in your subconscious is

    focused on making that happen. Lets

    focus on attracting more customers for you.

    Get your apron on, its time to start




  • Marketing in Action 5 Steps to Attracting More Customers Marketing in Action 5 Steps to Attracting More Customers


    PERFECT MARKETING RECIPE We believe there are five stepping stones to creating the perfect marketing

    recipe. The same five steps apply whether youre offering a professional

    service, or sell to the public with a shop window.

    #1 Understand your customers

    #2 Understand who you are

    #3 Keep your customers

    #4 Refer more customers

    #5 Attract more customers

    Remember its not rocket science. Theres no complicated formula. Just work

    through the five steps.

    Lets create the perfect recipe for your business. Ready for Step #1?

  • Marketing in Action 5 Steps to Attracting More Customers

    STEP #1


    I was captivated by Digby Jones as the BBCs The New

    Troubleshooter. When a man of Digbys experience talks,

    I listen Yet I couldnt help shouting at the TV screen

    during one of the episodes.

    Digby asked a fairly easy question who is your ideal

    customer.' Its one I ask my clients frequently. In fact, it

    is a marketing basic. So when the company featured

    admits theyre not sure and that they will probably get

    round to doing some research within the year, I like

    many other marketers who may have been watching


    Why? Because they were already developing their

    website. They were planning to go to market within a

    matter of weeks. Yet they hadnt done their research.

    So what would happen if you create a website and plan to

    sell, when you dont know who will buy, how or why?


    To get the phone or the till ringing you need to

    understand who you want to attract. Who would you like

    to hear on the other end of the call, or greet as a visitor

    into your store?

    Lets start with who you know. Weve collated a handy

    checklist to help you look at your current and lapsed

    customers. Use the this to narrow down your customer

    database to a smaller group of customers or types of


    If you have a small customer base this will be quite


    My customer database is huge: If your customer base

    is large, do your customers fall into any natural

    groupings, ie geographic area, needs, interests, types of

    business or consumer?

    I dont have a customer database: If you have a retail

    operation think about what they come to your store to buy

    and the typical buyer of a product range or service.

    Ideally you want to come up with no more than 10-12

    customer groups. Next think about who you could be

    doing business with or would like to and add them to the

    list. Now youre going to have to focus. Rate each

    customer group based upon:

    Can they afford your products/services

    Do they value what you do or have

    Do they need what you do or have

    Who do you do business with now or in the past?

    Who do you enjoy working with or selling to?

    Why do you enjoy working with them similar values, common interests, same sex?

    Are they easy to do business with?

    Which customers are most profitable?


  • Marketing in Action 5 Steps to Attracting More Customers

    STEP #1

    CONTINUED To get the phone or the till ringing you need

    to understand who you want to attract. Who

    would you like to hear on the other end of

    the call, or greet as a visitor into your store?


    Id like to introduce you to Tom Skelton. Tom is a garden

    designer. His main business is garden maintenance, but

    he loves designing sensory gardens for children.

    Tom spent half a day looking at his customers and

    realised there were two main customer groups that he

    enjoyed working with, have a budget and value his

    particular type of garden design: affluent parents with

    young families and childcare nurseries.

    Tom now needs to start profiling these two customer

    groups. This will help him build up a picture called a

    buyer persona or avatar.

    He starts out by asking himself the following questions:

    Who will make the decision to use him

    What is their role within the business or family

    Age, sex, education and personality

    What level of decision-making power do they have

    Disposable income or budgetary responsibility

    What they want or need

    Their motivation behind seeking out a solution

    What is important to them about the solution

    He talked to past customers, friends, family and contacts

    within the gardening trade, about his plans and asked for

    their advice.


    Understanding more about your customers is only part of

    the puzzle. To make your perfect marketing recipe, we

    need to add something else: their habits. Without this

    information you wont be able to select the right

    ingredients when we get to Step #5.

    Have a look at our handy checklist and try to find out as

    much as you can.

    What do they:

    WatchTV, Cinema, Live