5 secrets to increase your facebook engagement and increase your business growth

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Facebook is the second most visited site on the Internet, trailing behind Google. There are estimated 1 billion worldwide users on Facebook and you could see the potential to grow your business through Facebook Marketing. Visit us at http://www.empowernetwork.com/bimbim/ to learn more tips on internet marketing.


  • 5 Secrets to Increase Your Facebook Engagement and Increase

    Your Business Growth

    Facebook is the second most visited site on the Internet, trailing behind Google. There are estimated 1

    billion worldwide users on Facebook and you could see the potential to grow your business through

    Facebook Marketing. Studies shown that the Facebook users spend 40% of their time on the reading the

    newsfeed on Facebook. So, in regardless of what field you are in, you could be getting a lot of prospect

    from Facebook if you do it the right way. But in order for you to be successful in Facebook marketing,

    you would need to start increase your Facebook engagement with your follower. This article reviews to

    you what the 5 Secrets that you can do to increase your Facebook engagement start growing your

    business to the next level.

    Increase Your Facebook Engagement #1 Use Compelling Image

    Here is a fact where on the Facebook newsfeed; people tend to pay more attention to image then words.

    So your task is to compete with other peoples and distinguish your post from other to attract your

    prospect. The best solution to overcome this competition is by using a compelling image. Image does

    speaks louder then words. People tend to be more attracted to image then to long and winding words.

    People like to see fresh creative image rather just dull and boring text updates. You could include element

    such as colorful graphic with a quote, coupon or call to action to grab the attention from your prospect. If

    your newsfeed is not interesting, your campaigns will not a successful and you should re-plan.

  • Increase Your Facebook

    Engagement #2 Produce Quality Post

    You have posted many posts but you dont see the result.

    The truth is quality post are more important then quantity if

    you want to archive a successful marketing in Facebook. In

    short, if your content is not attractive, then in regardless of

    how many posts that you publish, there will not be much

    leads to your sales. You could try making your post simple

    language, direct to the point and not making drama of out

    your post. This will even make it easier for people to share out your post. Whats even worst if you post

    too many no quality posts, people might un-subscribe you and mark your post as spamming.

    Increase Your Facebook Engagement #3 Correct Timing

    Whenever you want to start your posting on Facebook, you would need to make sure you are doing it at

    the right time. The timing is important and the decision that you made on when you want to post is pretty

    much depend on who your target auditions is. You could be in Asia and your target audition could be in

    US thus you need to adjust your posting time accordingly. The suggestion is to post your news feed on

    the evening of your target audition. People normally work during the day and they could only check their

    Facebook during the evening. You should update at the right time to ensure that you captivate the best

    results out of your post.

    Increase Your Facebook

    Engagement #4 Ask Questions

    Questions are the best method to increase your Facebook

    engagement with your follower. Here is a no brainer fact, if

    you dont ask, then there will not be any answers and

    engagement from people. You could start posting some

    question and making engagement with your to request your

    user to comment on it. Aside from that, you could start off

    your marketing campaign by asking people to vote and even like to expend your exposure. The more

    people respond to you, the more visibility of your product/services will be. You could even put some

    simple call to action on your post to get more leads/traffic to your products/services.

  • Increase Your Facebook Engagement

    #5 Update Yourself

    In order for you to communicate well with your

    Facebook follower, you need to be knowledgeable. You

    need to update yourself and know what is the trending

    stuff on the Internet so you could keep your auditions

    entertain. It could be stuff related to technology,

    consumer, marketing tools, trending stuff and etc. Here

    is a good example, posting Harlem Shake video is a

    good move. This could attract thousands of views with this post.

    The bottom line it is important for us to increase the Facebook engagement where it will directly

    impact your business. Studies shows that now Facebook is 2nd most visited website and you can

    capitalize on this point. You need to apply the above onto your marketing and Over time, you

    will see your results. What do you think of the articles and does it helps you? Feel free to leave

    some comments below

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