5 secrets to increase your facebook engagement and increase your business growth

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Facebook is the second most visited site on the Internet, trailing behind Google. There are estimated 1 billion worldwide users on Facebook and you could see the potential to grow your business through Facebook Marketing. Visit us at http://www.empowernetwork.com/bimbim/ to learn more tips on internet marketing.


<ul><li><p>5 Secrets to Increase Your Facebook Engagement and Increase </p><p>Your Business Growth </p><p>Facebook is the second most visited site on the Internet, trailing behind Google. There are estimated 1 </p><p>billion worldwide users on Facebook and you could see the potential to grow your business through </p><p>Facebook Marketing. Studies shown that the Facebook users spend 40% of their time on the reading the </p><p>newsfeed on Facebook. So, in regardless of what field you are in, you could be getting a lot of prospect </p><p>from Facebook if you do it the right way. But in order for you to be successful in Facebook marketing, </p><p>you would need to start increase your Facebook engagement with your follower. This article reviews to </p><p>you what the 5 Secrets that you can do to increase your Facebook engagement start growing your </p><p>business to the next level. </p><p>Increase Your Facebook Engagement #1 Use Compelling Image </p><p>Here is a fact where on the Facebook newsfeed; people tend to pay more attention to image then words. </p><p>So your task is to compete with other peoples and distinguish your post from other to attract your </p><p>prospect. The best solution to overcome this competition is by using a compelling image. Image does </p><p>speaks louder then words. People tend to be more attracted to image then to long and winding words. </p><p>People like to see fresh creative image rather just dull and boring text updates. You could include element </p><p>such as colorful graphic with a quote, coupon or call to action to grab the attention from your prospect. If </p><p>your newsfeed is not interesting, your campaigns will not a successful and you should re-plan. </p></li><li><p>Increase Your Facebook </p><p>Engagement #2 Produce Quality Post </p><p>You have posted many posts but you dont see the result. </p><p>The truth is quality post are more important then quantity if </p><p>you want to archive a successful marketing in Facebook. In </p><p>short, if your content is not attractive, then in regardless of </p><p>how many posts that you publish, there will not be much </p><p>leads to your sales. You could try making your post simple </p><p>language, direct to the point and not making drama of out </p><p>your post. This will even make it easier for people to share out your post. Whats even worst if you post </p><p>too many no quality posts, people might un-subscribe you and mark your post as spamming. </p><p>Increase Your Facebook Engagement #3 Correct Timing </p><p>Whenever you want to start your posting on Facebook, you would need to make sure you are doing it at </p><p>the right time. The timing is important and the decision that you made on when you want to post is pretty </p><p>much depend on who your target auditions is. You could be in Asia and your target audition could be in </p><p>US thus you need to adjust your posting time accordingly. The suggestion is to post your news feed on </p><p>the evening of your target audition. People normally work during the day and they could only check their </p><p>Facebook during the evening. You should update at the right time to ensure that you captivate the best </p><p>results out of your post. </p><p>Increase Your Facebook </p><p>Engagement #4 Ask Questions </p><p>Questions are the best method to increase your Facebook </p><p>engagement with your follower. Here is a no brainer fact, if </p><p>you dont ask, then there will not be any answers and </p><p>engagement from people. You could start posting some </p><p>question and making engagement with your to request your </p><p>user to comment on it. Aside from that, you could start off </p><p>your marketing campaign by asking people to vote and even like to expend your exposure. The more </p><p>people respond to you, the more visibility of your product/services will be. You could even put some </p><p>simple call to action on your post to get more leads/traffic to your products/services. </p></li><li><p>Increase Your Facebook Engagement </p><p>#5 Update Yourself </p><p>In order for you to communicate well with your </p><p>Facebook follower, you need to be knowledgeable. You </p><p>need to update yourself and know what is the trending </p><p>stuff on the Internet so you could keep your auditions </p><p>entertain. It could be stuff related to technology, </p><p>consumer, marketing tools, trending stuff and etc. Here </p><p>is a good example, posting Harlem Shake video is a </p><p>good move. This could attract thousands of views with this post. </p><p>The bottom line it is important for us to increase the Facebook engagement where it will directly </p><p>impact your business. Studies shows that now Facebook is 2nd most visited website and you can </p><p>capitalize on this point. You need to apply the above onto your marketing and Over time, you </p><p>will see your results. What do you think of the articles and does it helps you? Feel free to leave </p><p>some comments below </p><p>Does the above helps? Want to check out more great tips on Online Marketing that will help you to succeed </p><p>online? Check us out @ Big Idea Mastermind </p></li></ul>