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5 Hints To Help You Learn To Invest Cash

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  • 5 Hints To Help You Learn To Invest Cash

    Many soldiers returning home from the war saw it as a chance to settle down and raise a family. Thedriver for this particular baby boom was the ending of world war two. There are several ways youcan go at this time.

    Being vulnerable means taking some risk and is scary; to me it means opening up, sharing, andexposing your inner self without being sure what may result. I'm not typically a person that putsmyself out there in a way that I'm vulnerable or exposed. I tend to protect myself, to hedge. WhileI'm known to be a 'risk-taker', the risks I take are calculated, well thought out and the potentialconsequences relatively well understood. Being vulnerable is a step beyond that; allowing yourauthentic self to come out. So, to me, being vulnerable is not so much about WHAT you DO, ratherHOW you go about doing it.

    60 Minutes, ran a show entitled "The Mortgage Meltdown" on December 14, 2008. Investment FundManager Whitney Tilson stated that we are only half way through the mortgage meltdown. Tilsonsaid the outstanding Alt "A" and Option Arm loans are over one and a half (1.5) times the size of thesub prime market. Based on current default rates, Tilson predicts a 50-70% default rate on OptionArms after their interest rates adjust. Another expert predicts 8 million foreclosures over the next 4years.

    Let's say our secondary market research shows there are 20,000 people in the market area whospend an average of $100 each on candles and accessories each year. This would mean the totalmarket potential is $2,000,000. Oooeee! I don't know about you but I'm already rubbing my handstogether.

    If you qualify, and choose to claim the credit directly on Form 1040, without filing Form 1116, thelimitation does not apply. As indicated above, this would only apply if your foreign tax credit is $300or less if you are single, and $600 or less if you are married filing jointly.

    3) Selling coupons. One great way to make tons of money for your charity is by selling discountcoupons to local businesses. All you have to do is find a few companies who are willing to honor thecoupons and print up some coupon books. You may incur some cost in the printing of these books,but if you're lucky you'll find a local print shop who will donate their time and paper.

    Yes, I believe the banks will lead the way but is 'all' the bad news out yet? At this point it's notunusual to see your life, at least your worldly belongings, flashing before your eyes. I'd tell you totake your profits and get out.