5 characteristics of a great empoyee

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Kayla SmithFive Characteristics of a wonderful employee

As we graduate and begin our lives as adults in this big industry, we need to be prepared for what kind of employee we need to be. No matter how hard you work, no one will ever be the perfect employee, but there are some basic characteristics of a good employee I believe we need to know. The first thing I believe every employer is looking for is a well-organized person and someone who can keep track of documents and make sure nothing is lost or misplaced.The second characteristic a good employee should have is good time management. No employer is looking for someone who is unreliable and doesnt show up on time consistently.The third aspect of being a great employee is good customer service. In our industry, customer service is number one when dealing with customers; speak in a helpful and respectful matter. Being able to deal with even the most unruly customer can be dealt with in a good fashion. The fourth skill is leadership. Actually, its not really a skill; it is more a way of presenting yourself. Not everyone can be in charge, but that doesnt mean you cant show leadership. When you show that working hard is the norm, others will follow. That makes you a leader in your own aspect.The fifth and final characteristic I believe all good employees should have is communication skills. When it comes to having good communications skills, I believe everyone should be well- rounded in the types of communication. Most all jobs in this industry will focus on one of the three communication skills: written, verbal, and listening. It is a good idea to be well-versed in all communication skills.I believe that these five characteristics are very important when going out into the work world today, but there are so many more skills to be learned and mastered. In my opinion, there will never be perfection; there is always room for improvement in every aspect of life. The sooner we realize the importance of education and training, the sooner we find the career of our dreams.