4th grade spelling list

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Unit list for spelling words


  • Imagine It! Unit 1: Risks and ConsequencesSpelling and Vocabulary Lists U1, L1 Isl. of the Blue DolphinsU1, L2 Two Tickets to FreedomU1, L3 Mrs. Frisby and the CrowU1, L4 Langston HughesU1, L5 Daedalus and IcarusWeek 6 Reading and RespondingSpellingSpellingSpellingSpellingSpellingSpelling1. joyous1. replace1. angrily1. pleading1. highwayReview Lessons 1-52. useful2. discount2. location2. destroyed2. flashlightUnit Review3. lonely3. review3. promotion3. painting3. basketballand4. dangerous4. unfold4. famous4. finished4. anyoneBenchmark Testing5. hopeful5. midterm5. precision5. rejoiced5. headlineThis Week!6. movement6. rewind6. basically6. unplugged6. sometimes 7. playful7. unfair7. memorable

  • 7. employing7. shellfish 8. careless8. midlife8. easily8. insisted8. doorbell 9. freely9. displace9. conclusion9. controlled9. eyesight 10. painful10. untie10. solvable10. leaving10. handlebar 11. helpless11. renew11. erosion11. danced11. worldwide 12. statement12. undone12. attention12. shedding12. outline 13. hazardous13. disown13. decision13. toweling13. footprint 14. gladly14. reheat14. usable14. striped14. waterfall 15. marvelous15. midnight15. courteous15. stripped15. brainstorm 16. fearless16. uncover16. envious16. browning16. nowhere

  • 17. treatment17. Midwest17. gracious17. ringing17. whenever 18. suddenly18. disagree18. luckily18. setting18. sunscreen 19. shipment19. midway19. flammable19. bleached19. homework 20. harmless20. disappear20. pollution20. bowed20. coastline 21. idly*21. dissolve*21. wonderous*21.concerned*21. motorcycle* 22. adjustment*22. rearrange*22. miserable*22. beginning*22. toothache* 23. glamorous*23. unfamiliar23. terrifically*23. preoccupied*23. wristwatch* VocabularyVocabularyVocabularyVocabularyVocabularyVocabulary1. idly1. companion1. cover1. concerned1. brilliantReview Lessons 1-52. tides

  • 2. concealed2. recalled2. decent2. spreadUnit Review3. deserted3. hastened3. merriment3. paces3. luxuriousand4. dozed4. shuddered4. circumstances4. opportunities4. astonishmentBenchmark Testing5. pursued5. despairing5. gnawing5. pleading5. nudgedThis Week!


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