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  • Product Catalogue 2014

  • Complete your Couture Canvas with our fabulous Floating Frames. Choose from a or 1 solid black wooden frame and that comes ready to hang!

    Floating Frames

    Sets (of 3) size 4x4 5x5 5x7 6x6

    Standardsize 8x10 11x14 12x18 16x20 16x24 20x24 20x24 20x30 24x30 24x36 30x40

    size 8x10 11x14 12x18 16x20 16x24 20x24 20x30 24x30 24x36 30x40

    Panoramic size 8x12 10x20 10x30 12x24 15x30 20x40

    size 8x12 10x20 10x30 12x24 15x30 20x40

    Squares size 10x10 12x12 16x16 20x20

    size 10x10 12x12 16x16 20x20


    A Couture Canvas Gallery Wrap is a revolutionary new way to stretch and present canvas. With solid construction, a no-sag guarantee, fade resistant coating and the tightest corners in the industry, each Gallery Wrap has a rich appearance with added longevity. All Gallery Wraps are fully finished with a black backing, protective wall bumpers and a sawtooth hanger (larger Gallery Wraps come with a wire backing).

    Couture Canvas Gallery Wrap

    Photography by Arden Prucha Photography Product Photography by Kate Bateman

  • We offer the best quality prints in the photographic market. Professionally printed on Kodak Endura paper, you can choose between lustre, metallic or textured. Complete your stunning professional prints with our many premium mounting options.

    Professional Printing

    8 die cut wallets 4x6 5x7 8x10 8x12 10x10 10x13 10x20 11x14

    sizesProof Prints ( lustre only )4x6





    Professional printing

    Photography by The Lovely PhotoProduct Photography by Kate Bateman

    12x12 16x16 16x20 16x24 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x30 24x36

  • With our assortment of high-end mounting products, you can add style with structure and strength to all of your prints. Our most premium option, Bamboo, gives an eco-friendly feel but also adds that modern, stylish look. Available in depth and two beautiful colors. The Single Gallery Block is another premium option to mount your photos. Your print is laminated and adhered onto a wood base. With our proprietary machining process, it gives your photo those perfect 90-degree corners and creates a beautiful finished product. (For more details on our Single Gallery Block line, please turn to page 14.) Our Single and Double Weight Matboard gives your photos sturdy backing to ensure the quality of your prints for years to come. Another great and premium option for mounting your photos is the sturdy, 2mm black Styrene. Or try out Standouts for a unique and contemporary feel. Your prints are mounted on thick, yet lightweight foam and finished with a black band around the edge.

    4x6 5x7 8x10 8x12 10x10 10x20 11x14 12x12



    styrenestandoutsingle weightbamboodouble weight

    16x16 16x20 16x24 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x30 24x36

    mounting options

    Product Photography by Lawrence Ross

  • We are the very first and only professional lab to bring you Custom Presentation Boxes. Custom Presentation Boxes not only save you time, but provide you with the ability to create custom, one of a kind packaging for each of your clients! With a fully customizable lid, you can now include information like: your logo, images of your clients session, a birth announcement, and a thank you note. The possibilities are endless. Let us package your prints beautifully using the Custom Presentation Boxes and drop ship directly to your clients or to your studio.

    Custom Presentation boxes

    Photography on Boxes by Sarah Cornish | Little girl in chair (under ribbon bucket) The Lovely Photo | Product Photography by Lawrence Ross

    All the Details Available for order within their own catalog in ROES labeled Custom Presentation Boxes + Prints.

    Currently available with Lustre prints only. Custom Presentation Box fits sizes 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 and die-cut wallet prints. Single weight, Styrene, and inch Standout mounting options available. {1} standout mount can

    fit in the box. Create over 100 different combinations using the ribbon, tissue, and bottom colors. Download the Custom Presentation Box template from the product webpage to create your own

    custom packaging. Your 1 8x10 box will fit {100} 4x6, or {100} 5x7, or {100} 8x10 lustre prints per box.

    box bottomchoose material

    fillerchoose material/color

    ribbonchoose color/style

    T Match your custom lidto one of our 5 box bottom options. Choose from a stunning black, simple white, eco- friendly Kraft, shimmery platinum or a pop of color with bright aqua.

    T Fill your box bottom withone of our five protective and stylish fillers. Choose from tissue paper in 4 different colors for a soft, classic look or shredded Kraft paper filling for a more eco-friendly feel.

    T Show off your image orlogo with our two ribbon styles. Select our elegant corner to corner satin ribbon for a more simple, elegant finish or choose our satin ribbon band to give your design a little something extra.

    Customize Your Packaging

  • Choose from 7 of our fabulous premium papers and our premium plus papers. Cards can be printed on all sides plus the option to be folded or flat.

    T PREMIUM PAPERS:SEMI GLOSS paper is our standard but stunning option. At a thick 130# weight, it gives a high-end premium feel.

    MATTE paper is one of the more popular options with a subtle, non glossy finish. At 130#, this thickness gives your press cards a high-end feel.

    FELT paper has a premium feel without the premium price. At a lighter 100# weight, this paper gives any press card a classic and soft look.

    LINEN paper gives your press card a textured look and feel. At a lighter 100#, Linen paper compliments any design and completes your press card with a chic premium finish.

    T PREMIUM PLUS PAPERS:COTTON paper gives your press cards an elegant and stylish look with its 100% pure cotton material. At a hefty 118# weight, our cotton paper completes your press cards with the highest quality.

    BAMBOO paper is an eco-friendly, fine art paper that has a premium matte finish and a unique, soft texture. This high-end look has a substantial 150# weight.

    PEARL paper presents itself with a shimmer and pearlescent finish, giving any image or design a rich and incandescent look. This option has a medium 110# weight.

    premium Press Cards

    4x5.5Greeting Cards4x5.5Postcards

    5x5Greeting Cards5x5Postcards

    5x7Greeting Cards5x7Greeting Cards

    Template Designs by Paper and Camera Photography by Arden Prucha Photography

    Product Photography by Kate Bateman

    Available in: Packs of 11 or Packs of 26

  • Single

    A single Gallery Block is a single, metallic professional print laminated over a solid wood-constructed box. Each single Gallery Block is easy to maintain, easy to hang with no folded corners and perfect 90 angles.

    A floating Gallery Block is a series of smaller metallic print blocks blocks constructed together to create a chic, one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. The floating Gallery Block is manufactured to look like each individual Gallery Block is floating over a large image background. Easy to maintain and easy to hang.

    A mini Gallery Block is our high-grade metallic professional paper, laminated over a solid wood construction, but in a mini-size. It makes the perfect pairing to its larger predecessor.


    Gallery Blocks

    Photography by Single - The Lovely Photo | Mini - Echo Photography Studios | Floating - Arden Prucha Photography

    Single Gallery Block Setssize (3) 4x6s(3) 5x5s(3) 5x7s(3) 6x6s

    Single Gallery Blockssize 8x8 8x10 8x12 10x20 11x14 12x18 12x12 16x16


    Mini Gallery Blocks

    The Triple Triumphfloats: (1) 3.375x7 (2) 3.375x3.375backboard: 10.5x10.5

    The Show Offfloats: (2) 3.75x4.75 (2) 4.75x3.75backboard: 10 x 10

    The Quadfloats: (4) 5x5backboard: 11.5x11.5

    The Center of Attentionfloat: (1) 4.5x4.5backboard: 10x10

    The Center Stagefloat: (1) 7x4backboard: 12x9

    The Triple 8x8floats: (3) 4.x4backboard: 14x5.5

    The Invite Left or Rightfloat: (1) 5.5x7backboard: 15x10


    Photography by Single Set- The Lovely Photo

    16x20 16x24 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x24 24x30 24x36

  • The Triple Triumphfloats: (2) 6.75x6.75

    and (1) 6.75x14backboard: (1) 21x21

    The Triple 8x8floats: (3) 8x8 blocksbackboard: (1) 28x11

    The Invite (left)float: (1) 11x14 blockbackboard: (1) 30x20

    The Double Focusfloats: (2) 8x10backboard: (1) 30x13

    The Midpointfloat: (1) 5x5backboard: (1) 14x14



    FloatingThe Cubiclefloats: (9) 6x6backboard: (1) 21x21

    The Name Platefloat: (1) 5x3 blockbackboard: (1) 16x20

    The Center Stagefloat: (1) 14x8

    backboard: (1) 24x18

    The Invite (right)float: (1) 11x14 blockbackboard: (1) 30x20

    The Show Off floats: (2) 9.5x7.5 and (2) 7.5x9.5backboard: (1) 21x21



  • The Story Bookfloats: (3) 5 x 5backboard: (1) 20x19

    The Name Gridfloats: (2) 6x6 and (1) 8x4backboard: (1) 11x28

    The Picture Framefloat: (1) 16x16

    backboard: (1) 18x18

    The Scrapbookfloats: (1) 8x6 and (1) 15.5x5.5

    backboard: (1) 26x23

    The Name Standoutfloat: (1) 7x7backboard: (1) 23x19




    The Classic Twofloats: (2) 10x8backboard: (1) 23x19



    The Focal Pointfloat: (1) 15x12

    backboard: (1) 19x14

    The Royal Panes floats: (1) 12x9, (1) 9x9, and (4) 4x4backboard: (1) 24x24

    The Duplexfloats: (2) 10x10backboard: (1) 23x23