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1474110EDGER mart oft 5ub3sct.
'Lived: 194955Frankfurt4k and Neu'Isenburg. Died: 15 Jul 55 '(suicide) .
. . • . , Camp-following Party member. Former Kriminairat. WW- ,II officer commanding a Wehrmacht security policeunit (GeheimeiFeldpolizei-
t GFp/Kommissar). . Priot 1949, joined ZIPPER's major Cl/C .E. group, Org. 114, RecOmmended . June '49 as one of Germany's mostteble "cridinalists l .by ZIPPER-for participation in planned political police organization of W. Germany, 1950-53: as head. of GV L (Org. 114) regional . office in Frankfurt/M, concerned with legal and illegal KP activities and security clearances: of contemplated new agent . personnelliving.,Heascan4Britieh::,ZOnehlef4 ,•
"iitwas ODEIDDi -Vhd'hal many-petienal contacts to pence and Min- istry of Interior personnel. Fall '50: leader tf , GV L district agency 87- 2600/N0RD with 7 subordinate offices, their Mission being
. security of operations in W. Germany. ' Early '51: leader BY 2600/NORD, living Neu Isenburg, operating in Hesse area and British Zone with 9
'. branch otficeS4 ,Early . '52: leader BY 2600/WEST, Operating In same - - area. Apr 1 53 .: leader BY 2600, operating area Hesse; but by Dec '53
he was GV L hqs staff as Co-chief of security and re- mained leader of WK/Hesse (Waldkapelle: , investigative squad) also * concerned withepedial • tonnections in that area Aug 54: reported'
- as deputy leader of Dienatstelle 142.(GyWs new designation), chief - of agencysecutityand leadetAIK/Hesse concerned with special conn- ections;. hiatperating.area expanded to W. Germany. -During 1950-
. early '55, Subject WabliTILITY's contact to Hasse gov't official .,-...iKarl A. PFORR; tismiesedJan55 for using his offices on ZIPPER's ' behalf. Exposed . ae,8f8 agent by Herbert,B8RKHARDT,in May '55,
r; Subject was arrested 4-jul'and hanged himself 15 Jul in jail without confessing Eviden6 r,. ,. ia his home incriminated him ea lows-time , .,,,:,, •
Easternagentelso employed by unidentified American IS in addition to ZIPPER. .-__. ' . . .
. , .
,.. . . ? • EOD w/Org. 1144 ZIPTERI,s-Chief ci/u group. . 1949, feb-mar ALBERT assigned de ,::aiecial , investiRator by Org. 114 to
assist Org,1",te Pall'114NEEI, Case Of Rumanian Hanes KLOECKNER 0 SCHWRBE5 1 Tffitinal agent leader of afg7713- who was arrested arid doubled by Rumanian Security Police. in nid-'1 48 . In 'Jan '49 KLOECKNER returned to Austria . and Contacted Org. 13. of 14 Sep '49 •

•IIACIUMPOCAZAR end WM. ALUM and LUDWIG...on several' occasions rent* Nnhich,-,vbeie they had discussions with Dr. HIAIJEBIER anti SCRACK, • taking complete files with thee. In the end•AALLKBR, nasnacmant and Lumm in seclusion
Amide up a report.. .destined for Org.. 23." •
1949, 'jun Ludwig UAW (liv. Frankfurt-Sued, in Wendalsveg 12) vas recoa-, mended by ZIPPER fbroparticipatiai in thelalanned police organisation•of Venetnernaly; he vas diacribod as a former Eriminalrit and'AW-II COPP/Basissarr(assivied special A0404),Indeba,1110.47.' 11 110.141 041*Pil3.ste...cla41.1144es a eapp=k011awingrPartilmaiber:-•SlOtted for ALVE22 vas marked as =a of those beet fitted sistrieriottar recommended by ZIPPIR out of the .35 seleoted , fron'41b* .1 large organisatices of agents coveribeAnsome with ninille of performing Cl functions gnawing socuritY
cations withvith Zone; ZIPPER claimed moot of • tbese nen.boa worked in the Political Police prior to Eitlar's seisure.of payer, hid unobjectionable politicalleackpounde,4nivere'•• largely man vithprofessional . polibe experience; theirreda- tions with police authorities and other Osman agencies in the Amens were claimed to be goal and effective* in•keeping ander murveillance possible points of danger to ?Akira opals, the groop . reportedly umearthed•considerable material chiefly of political police interest. . • .
,--• . 1950, feb . Chief, OV L's BY 2600/A3RD; his Frankfgrt/A hqn a„regional
office covering Frankfurt-Kassel:vele, Besse and British Z. Main embhesielegal and illugsl Peotivities and - seaway clearances of ccatesplate& sou ZaBBIEB alloutParausua living I•sss or 'British Zone. Nis chief, EILEIDL, ham any perscioal contacts to palm end Ainietry of Interiorperecenel.
See AIM, Na" for detailed master list info incloilig staff.. c•
• , jun nu AL Gary MUIR, Okar RIM; feu ZOALLRBR'nemilsby --. .loChsn RUDLOFF to RICO) as ienhers of AnnicE group cooperat-
ing with =American intelligence office; RUDLOFF stated be per.- sceally knew 3 of thus were concerned with cg,t--
/ Began.lialson with Karl A. PFOKR, Chief LKA/lieeie . (later Chief UV/Nesse), a mum conneetice.

1951, feb Arranged 'contact with Pollee Vice-President (forner director of. railweisAn East Zone) in connection with suspected Communist
• penetration of Prankfurt/M Pollee Praesidium and thereby hoped to clarify situation re Kennkarten procured through Inspektor &MODE of Prassidisau
Reported prior JUme '51 in lindtd GV Lasater list as leader of HV 2600/NORD, livIng Beu-Isenburg, operating Besse area and
• British Zone: See.ANNEX 70*.
1952 fib Reported in mita GV Lasater list, rec'&70., as leader of By 2600/Wdey, living Neu-Isenberg, operating Hesse area and British Zone See AENEK.°O. •
dt-01def...0: GV_ !Eat. (VortUNE:ccadilatelrinbier. GerINIU_SVICP),.; Sub3ect returned Opel-Kapitaen AE-68-3042 (in Ukiah be had an accident 28:Jul 54-details unknown); es.Presse-Korrespondent Albert =WIG, Ben Isenbirog, Rheinstr 80, he purchased an 28 Way 52 from Otto OLOECKLER, Prenkfurt/11,.Darnstaedter Lind- str 154,.a blue Wahiawa Export,' licensed AI•85•4809 Be executed 2 papers for MAR: (1) 8 Al 52, a receipt in which
• Siegert & Co. GmbE, Industrie-Vertretungen, "munich 2, Augustan- str 78 appears as source orMads and (2) 17 Jul 52, a contract acknowledging receipt off:4' 5,523°4nd custody of vehicle for his officialuse.
apr Known to ODOPAL by true none. - In pay bracket LI r55: ay . DM 700-925 nonthLy) as district agencY
leader, VI WEST Frankfurt-Besse and northern part of Frankfurt/It zone with 30 agents fuel'infornents)....
• Reported by ZIPPER to have bmalled, 111240 early '50 double-meat In CE sten HJ-HEOLP21.114 ; SWAIM was identified by ZIPPER as MCol.'Arthur MEd and brother-in-1m of ' 14'40 (N=LAEridAdO)f. MU: this case seemed dead until Jun '54, when MIUMER was up- proachwity an SRIS courier; Subjeat, in 0 WASAddl'a absence vas Wormed by ?ran !AIM. LIPPER decided, in. view control difficulties not to play the case further-.).
• may-nov Received tel. :wills at his bane no. Neu-Isamburg 8692 fres 2 ZIPPER cover units, according to intercepted MITER hqs toll slips; also,
• , sep .-nov fros1292 office in Frankfurt*, as reported by VS officer there.
1953 Lndvig ALE, driathalre.t, Frankfurt/K, Ilendeleveg 12 still listed . in Frankfurt/11 City Directory (1933 none section only,, probably
in4rrox since from the address section it appears. 3enninger Brio AO iketrals the address. .
Reported in CV L master list as leader roi BV 2600, Wing Neu-Isenburg, operating in Seise area with a considerably ,reduced itaff. See,
". , naNto.„,. Identified as PPORW(iee 1950) contact to UTILITY, during intorro-
, gation by LfV of Paul SCEXCDT (former Besse LfV Chief, dismissal - - Dec '50, who stairiiniarpersonally.investigated natter awl,
knew PPORR, at tb:at tine Chief LEA, .vasiasing that office on contld -4-
: 7:1t7:77 =77=';':. -7:77=777:
• r i.44.‘1Z • 1 i
behalf of =LIU. On 8 Jue 5 FORA signed New Ministry Interior order directing b to cease his activities for t".
DM= and to discontinue using his office on behalf of j • VfILITT's erg.. • I .
1953, jul GV L's report of activities far first half '53 indicated thst By 2600 and Subject were involved in end knowledgeable of ZIPPER's penetration opus against Soviet MissioaiPta, Polish Society in Germany, Czech Liaison Mission/Pfm; also cases 111 -EftOLLERY #122 and #112-0, concerned with sadZone IND and
• Nesse NPD political and psychological warfare ow in and
• efeisee Nest GersenT, ani ZIPPER'. moat inportaat RIB double Ment -004i it is•prisuMid likely that Subjett kwortrne names of agents.
, dee Reported in av L'organisation list as now on agency hu staff as se-chief of Security for the GV (hi. Karlsruhe) and at the same tine leader (living Reu-Isenburg) of WE/Easse and special connections in that area. PRO Amur
Accurately identified in DDR press expose on ZIPPER, following which GT L ye. redesignated as Dienststelle 142.
1953-54 ALBERT's neighbor.. at Neu Leesburg, Rheinstr 13, according to information ZIPPER subadtted in connection with the emergency evacuation program, maybe.. been: EMIR, Geoid (17-7856): b. 13.5.06 Kenberg/Bee. Balls,
telelype operator v/D. 161, Darmstadt. BERGER, Karl-N.1ns: b. 28.12.32 Berlin,
rsdio operator w7Sec. 400; reportedly living Dikolans. WTI'S, Otto: b. 14:9.09 Keaberg-Millanberg, —driverfamater and eubstitute air courier to Berlin.
•SUbject's lease gov't contact, Karl A. PIM, appointed Chief of LfV/Desse. (See 1950 and May 1953).
.NROMM (soy agent arrested 27 Jan 55) disrsovered.dead lattorA; drop - material on ZIPPER presumably orisinating.vitie a ZIPPER menber acting es a penetration agent for a hostile . service; agent senate virtual/4 identified himself as a member of D. 142, and"finger pointed Ail:may to subject's chief O-LEIVL.
" eeP LudvicALBERP reeeived duty rail ticket for travelueder 7924 Am Procurement Tama cover' destination unknown.
D. 142 (aV L) organiestiOnal list. reports Subject nor as deputy GV leader, chief of OV security, sod alio continuing as leader of WKINesse with special connection responsibilities
jan 21 Visited PPORR's office alined visitors' register as ANDS but was •Snead bY,PFIER as ILDERI in the secretary's presence; revisited this office 3 days:later.
maid -5-
1354, jun
SECRET • ALBERT, Ludiig -5-
1955, Jan 28. PRAR ems interrogated by Lei on charge of having (1)•denied an • L/9 official permission to pass certain info on right wing
activities to the Ministry of Interior and (2) received ALBEif's visits. PPORR finally admitted charges and with respect to (2) confessed; 4i-5 years' employment by vriurr, the cca*Awst being ALNERT who paid hlm DM 500 monthly; use of his official offices on UTIIITY's behalf before and after being ordered to cease* infrequent transmittal of LKA and Lff info from the Ants them- selves but use of office perscenel to conduct inV.L.tigitions, surveillances etc. as assigned by. ALBERT; receiving mum.. "Auftree tolnvestigate certain Mose Ministry of Interior per- small for alleged rightist ties. .
-4PORE ,161441'intietireie4t.- " ' '• • - - " Jan 31 AL 's iempveve.-^ r...A "Z....9e to be requested of UTILITY by LAY. " feb ma= tom _1 that gam had maintained liaison
to PPM when be was heed of LKA Neese but strongly denied ALBERT - paid him, later repeating his denial officially to the Hessian government. (Note: subsequently it appears the DM 500 monthly payment could a7ebeen SfS or unidentified American IS (?) money.)
p ' slid-pey Subject exposed as SfS agent by NerberVIKWIENARDYY(StS), arrested Aug '54 for 1945blackmarketing, now meaning freedom from prosecu- tion in exchange for revelation FedReP persons with Eastern Intel- ligence contacts. BURIGGRDT end his SfS case officer Thu BERGER (see 1983-54) visited 3en7astaiburg 24 Apr-53 and in nearby suede' BERGER debriefed ALBERT. BURKHARDT fished exactpersonal des- cription of ALBERT, his house end automobile.
Jul 4 Arrested by Security Group; denied tavasonable activity on behalf Eastern service . interrogation commenced by so/Bry/uppzk. In- criminating eVidence Jewel in his costly home (about which he lied to ZTPTER re financing and which was filled with Persian rugs) in-!! eluded: DM 9,000; file emulsions, Simone nanufactured microfilm reading device; voluminous files . carbon copies reports (some originating with SAEVECKE); detailed breakdown Amt BLANK end DT personnel; documents end info typed on American type typewriter seemingly prepared for American Office,
all initially indicatingthat ALBERT: 1. was for some time . an Eastern agent (which would explain un-
resolved question LILT MARINE/Bodo PROMM-sect Jun '54- eration where distinct evidence of source near LEIDL; • .
2. via possible source of info which turned up in ROEMER revela- tions.
I. passed 1953 SG (Sicheruegsgroppe) personnel list, unclassified, but ZIPPER apparently unaware be had it;
4. worked for SfS, ZIPPER and also an unidentified Armrican LS; 5. submitted his own reports based on material received during
past 2 years from feinrich SCEIGIZ, retired Kripo and SD officer who regularly Wormed /OEM on his service with a US intel. officer under one Col. TWINS;
-: • Oon0d -6- •
ALBERT, Ludwig. -6
1955 6. baa somehow received carbons of reports prepared by nviodor sAMMICTV for another ccasumer. (Note: SAVE= recently stated he and ALDREff Ind Imovn elM—other since 1930 vhen SdEVIGIDS as instructor and ALB= as pupil Vera both at Kolozdalschule)
, 311 8 AIRIfft bas no sources in GDR (Z. Germany) and only problem is internal organisation staff security: urnan statement to
p Jul 15 Subject committed suicide in jail by bangles; aide no confession. _ ,
1 I. Abater List . information beret* should be reed as follows:
(.1)2600 . • 0.
1. V-nusber
2. DTAlLiglAsmm 3. Area of Operation 4. Position end/or target
II. True nose is given, if knovn, otherwise an "Z" indicatas .no nem in our card file.
III. Red. line — indicates individuals vho, according to the nester lists, vere on Subject's staff during years 1950 .
. thiOugh 1953 and perhaps Unger.

(2) EV NORD/V-2600: Liviag Praakfurt/N Operating: W. Germany Target : OE/security
AN301X "A"
Undated GV L master lists received at PON Marital 1239 sbov Subject's posi- tion as follovs vith subordinate staff as shove on attaebnant.
(1) NV NORD: ,Living : Frankfurt/ft Operating: , Position : EV Leader (district agency ldr)
••• 2673 ••• ' !ailej MersebUrg; (Leona).
2679, iInntl 31(4x Koeln; Koeln; _
• 2690 24. Ge•4•14 &311illfr Eintburi; in -crir/wi
2691 A Hamburg; Banburg/Brit.;one; III -III/Wi

• 26TO A nn; Reg. Bet. Wiesbaden; III
Rbeiniand; Pfals
r.. 2656 • ' .: i
SECR • 17
ir• 2646 A *s.. GA p4Top4 Fen; ?Pm; III/Polizei
2647 QDP aF 4 Bebra; rada-Bebra ionengrenze; In
-4) 2648., Kassel; Eaum Kassel; III
i '4:42649 A
2617 Itrf KR A FT •Ffm; Fila; Leiter der UV
2675 4e.,beht.14AA404 ?fa; Raum ?fm;
2676 •A ?feu Rawl IlLfm;UI
2693 evisfve PREusstrit Rama Hessen; III (103)
L B7 KORD 'UV 2618
2618 ft-IC.1844 SsoigOiek Mannheim; Mannheim; Leiter der ,V7
•2694 gici, itAbSCOU.14: Mannheis4 Miumabeinq,III-Bearheiter
2695 444 k4 flt.0-issoR . Mannheim; Mannheim; ichreiikraft-
2696 Pa.. I NelSc4- Mannheim; Mannheim; Kraftfabrer
26984. ;-Y.: Bremen-Oanahrneek; Bremen-Osnabrueek; Anlaufatelle Brit. Z
.2707 Niederaessmer; Rama 1Coeln; (1114D2)
2697 Koeln ...De z; Kosln; (NWHHT-7---) .
av L/sv soss/ov 2618/111. 2663 (Mittelrbein)
2653 *pi Aiett bi.FTSCO-E- Mannheize; Mannheim;
2681 Abelcoaer DI.E4C64-Heidelberg; Heidelberg; III
26e2 /46OOTH Karlsruhe; Karlsruhe; III/PuliS01
SECRET-. 1A--9FRCIAL6:-MiLY.- . •
2697 Amlokr+lePte Dela; ioeln; rII/Pol/Wi (Nw88)
Lin uoiD/ue 260/Ai. ' 2655
dv Use NORDAN 2618/Fil.,2656
26524 Imuteek; Lnebeek; III
a L/WD0RD/U7 2601111. 2657

V-2600: Ludwig ALBERT .UOIPJC "r •
Undated GV I. aster list received by POB apparently prior to Arne 1231; . subOrdinate staff ladieated attachment.
Livia" : Neu Isenberg 01:erating: Besse area and British Zone Position : Leader of district agency NORD
- _ StCRET
2600,1 dropped 30.10.51
' Kauai Mu=
2652 ) dr0PPed 31.12.51 'ts)m.E 2674 ) " 30.10.51 " .1-iker,oLpt 2620,9 ) ° 30a0.51 k
• 2603,21-
2670 - irankturt/m; Reg. &smirk Wiesbaden; XXI (dropped 31.12.51)
Rheinland Praia
2671,1c Ma; Raum /lessen; I1I/201 Bote-In4in FDJ
2672 ri•M kizAmscik ' , ' Kassel; Kam NeOei; nx u =Oa (dropped 3142.51)
2697. 41/44.60- floiPe K9e1n; kooln;
2711 , 4 Bschwese; Oranmabeebnitt Brit.Zone/WS Zone Bnyern; III Grenmpolizel/Landespolizei=
2635 10,14,, 410k4.4 kommdssailate/Bsebwegelulda- - Nnelbaial-Bpeldorf; Ost- Westreutsehiand;III/Pol. FaLl MINtas, . . •! .
.°0 "elrePi r/2.753- Ay.. Refrek
7 : 73 k Belle; Nersebarg; XIX U. rxx/wi end I/21 LBUBB-Varbinating
• EP Fai:(undV1 change: 4tutzpu3kt).Dorit4/4
4112 Lim 2600/Ur 2619
2619,3 A. Uelzen; lielzen; III-Kripoklueehtl.Lager
2619,7 Satan; Ba oltau; III-Kripo-Brmittler
_ • . ,
2655. Goettingen; Goettingenj'Anlanf and Karierstelle der UV .
79.41olivadi. M k •
2685 - Beiderode; Ptioiland; III-Nntita
, .
GV LiBV 2600/0V . 2819/Fi3.. 2630 (later obanged to BV 2857) . ,
;-,1'..13 2630 (2619,a) 41464 betAu- . Melba/a/Ruhr; Raus.Ruhrgeblet; Fll. Leiter
11263 Oberhausen/Rhedn1:3 RamOberbansen; III - Kripo (Polisei-Sonderdienst 17D-Nreise)
0/MAKI * 2.1
dropped 31.1051. -
Hannover; Hannover; prlerstells der lRejdropped 12.9.51) !
19,3 '
.%'..: I
4 30,6 1
.:oltau; Raum Zoltau; 619,8 ?eine; 3aum ?eine; III-.Auetzpunkt (KB-Meegllebkeit it niebt nehr gegeben)
(dropped 31.8.51) •
(dropped 31.12.51) 619,10 •
...Aegburg; Baum legburg; III u. IIItiJ ,Cgrlehte-Behoerden- WirtsciLet (dropped 31.8.51)
2619,13 Petershegen/Minden; Baum Minden; III-Kr*-Brmittler (dropped 31.12.51)
2619,14 • Wentorf b. Hamburg; Raum Gross-amburg; IA-Behoerden u. Hafen-ZrmIttler
2619,16 Bremen; Baum Ben; III-Kr1po/F1uechi1iigsmat U. flueebtlingslager (tr 30.6.51)
-SECRET-7 _ utiinaks ow'
-2600: Ludwig ALBERT

ps 2600 LiVIDj : !Mu Isenberg Operating: lease area and British Zone Position : Leader of district sionoP" WEST-
F600 - 217 Leiter war
283 .6 7e; Z. 4t tie w hLtetterx• Offenbach; Offenbach; s.chreibkraft bet BV 2600
2837 Waller orrrd E'sen; Ruhrgebiet; III-III/Wi
4838 C1,14044 HoFmat.e../ Giessen; Kceln; III/POPo .1s,,ss(7T..f .74 4. at) /12.
4600,4 _ Frankfurt/at; Raum Prenkfurt; III-Bundesbabn
2600,5 Raman; Rain Frankfurt/X-RawA lianau;
2603,2 (437)* Marburg; Bunde.igeblit u. SUM; "Prof'NOACK" "Naubeimer Kreie"
2857/0et5ee 11,104nke.. Offenbach; Rheinland; IXt-Forecber
675 11:411...t AAA4c4

2671_ • .rrenpanrtbi; Ramm Hessen; III/Pol - Rote Pe.'icen PDJ
2673 - -12aiiiilier;ebuin; lU u. Leung - V.erlAniung (dreprogGe Tuk.
2679 . 4.44“.11. Tukk Keels; /Coal 's; III
2697 • Aisdaoar. tioPPZ !Wein; koala; III -MDR
2835 kAiii 4444.;d. COIL - Nuelhelm-speldorf; - • III/Pol Fau srazres
26/14 .J - . - Frankfurt/kJ Frankfurt/14; -
LIEN 2600 cant% .. A • -1°41-102M 1441 ' OS /....ku.ects-eft A Ce...hcc..
r ausgebtbdAnen verble ben aber veiterhin Auskunfts rso n
Dropped but retained as info source) _
2 +4, W1r4110C • Wolfenbuettel; Bundesgebiet u. BID; III-III/Hi
Bandesbabn -Anbabnungsaglickkeiten 701 ?radeurtfri; Reg. Bar. Wiesbaden Rheinland .. .MU; III
672 FAS. NCR , maiti; Minnteasel; Lurru; • ••ut
Zschvege; ;,Irenzabsebnitt brit. Zone; III-Grenzpolizei Landespolizeikonmissariate".Achvege-lUlda
3070- & Affred VErrrik Duesseldorf; Baum Norirbein-Westfalen; III-Inneuministerium.
3070/Z's --,-; Bonn; LIII-Aft
2648 Kfusel; ReLmEassel;,:It
• Hessen-Nassau 2669, -
' V-2600: Ludwig
Undated CV Leaster 34st;. Dliot inova is received by POB but sppears to bare been effective ca. Feb 1952i corrected to Jun 1952.
j Neu less:bun Operating: Besse area and British Ions Position: tauter of-district seamy Wei,
. . ..,.. ' -'4—sitheliate iiiii •ii • (iiiiáiiii ifiliiiii -ii-iii:-.;;64 neli .iiii iisit
'organisational Easter list)
. -: —*2679 Balnath J •UNI • ;.•
— *2697 • •. gust KI• - * ""v• • , 4,11 ff . - ..._.:.---- ‘I t euiv 6r.
0035 • , Willy noinrich MIMS
. L \ ,;(As"""
V-2600: Ludwig ALBRST
Ur Wad Or 1, outer list received by YOH in Apr 1953.
2600 Living : nee racecard Operating: Nesse area Position : Leader of district sltsno7
Subordinate staff: (see Amex "C* for details) . - .dein& ,
Offenbach/14 VieWpg; Saabbearbeiter Del SY 2600,1 2600,4 2600,5 26/1
-- 2646 — 2673 Norbert RAMS
2603,2 (later changed to 2839, and dreillsol) 2713 Norbert EOM=
rrankturt114 W. Germany; III-Torsober
0? L master List reCeived by PODiAn Dee 1953:i dual position at has staff ani end leader of a regUinsl office, as foliate:
(1) act L (Sp staff, under V-3030 (e Lam)
• 1Aving : Earls:robe, Operating: West Gernsny Position Elge security nen'and leader of Jesse investigative • squid (Pet. Sicherheit angl. Iiiiter,.undletter
• (2) 12( awns 2600 (Waldkroalle: inventliativo squad) Living : Xis lessburg Operating: Reese position : leader of investigative sguad/Besse, working directly with
goners/ @dewy his security chief, end leedikr of special connections (DX leiter liessen in Personalunion nit Ref. Sicherheit baba Stab. der Git Pushrer vas Sonderver- bindungai).
Subordinate staff:
2641 - Bonn; Maslosisblot; III Eloog-Dept Ant Blank I,
V-2600: Ludwig ALDIRT
v-2600: Lattris ALB=
Dienststelle 142 (GV L) seater list dated 1 Aug 51 shove Subject as second-in-a:mend, as follows:
D. 142 Stab
Mena smutty chief (Leiter Ref. Sicherheit) (Leader of various special connections (Leiter verseh. RV) Leader of investigative egued/Hesse (Leiter VK Messes)
,V-2765 - lialbsoth-RAGENARN (security; photos; files)
V-30:16, -Seorg…

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