43rdAnnual Flower Show THEME: Canada - 150 Flower Show THEME: Canada - 150 Years - Still Going “True North Strong ... Sunflower – 1 stem 29. Zinnia – any type, 1 cultivar – 3 stems ...

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    43rd Annual FlowerShow

    THEME: Canada - 150 Years -Still Going True North Strong

    and Free!

    LOCATION:Bramalea Retirement Residence

    30 Peel Centre Dr., Brampton, ONPhone: (905) 790-7900


    12:00 NOON JUDGING 12:002:00 P.M.OPEN HOUSE2:00 4:00 P.M.



    QUERIES? CALL TONI @ 905-459-1592 (Before September 16, 2017)


  • Table of Contents

    Awards 3

    How to Enter 4

    Rules 4,5, 6, 7

    Section 1 Decorative 7

    Section 2 Cultural 8, 9

    Section 3 Roses 10

    Section 4 Photography 11

    Section 5 African Violets 11

    Section 6A Houseplants 11

    Section 6B Patio Plants 12

    Section 7 Fruit and Vegetables 12


  • TrophiesThe trophies are the property of the CHINGUACOUSY GARDEN CLUB, forannual presentation, and will be retained by the Club in the Trophy Showcaseat the old Bramalea Civic Centre.

    1) Presidents Trophy awarded to the BEST DECORATIVE entry,Section 1, as selected by the judge.

    2) Novice Trophy awarded to BEST DECORATIVE ENTRY BY ANOVICE, as selected by the judge.

    3) Diane Murphy Trophy BEST USE OF COLOUR IN A DESIGN, asselected by the judge.

    4) Past Presidents Trophy awarded for the MOST POINTS INDECORATIVE CLASSES 1-5, Section 1.

    5) James Archdekin Trophy awarded to BEST CUTFLOWER ENTRY, (class12a - 30) Section 2a, as selected by the judge.

    6) Humber Trophy awarded to the BEST PERENNIAL IN SHOW(class 32 - 44) Section 2b, as selected by the judge.

    7) Gardeners Trophy awarded for MOST POINTS IN SECTION 2. (Cultural)

    8) Julie Best Trophy Best Arrangement of Garden Flowers in a Vase(class 31)

    9) Chinguacousy Garden Club Trophy BEST ROSE IN SHOW, Section 3,as selected by the judge.

    10) The Chinguacousy Garden Club Photography Trophy awarded tothe best entry in PHOTOGRAPHY, Section 4 as selected by the judge

    11) Robert E. Craig Memorial Trophy awarded to BEST HOUSEPLANTIN SHOW, (excluding African Violet & Orchid) Section 6, as selected bythe judge.

    12) Directors Trophy awarded for the most points in FRUITS ANDVEGETABLES, Section 7.

    13) Edible Garden Trophy awarded for BEST FRUIT OR VEGETABLE inSection 7.14) Members Challenge Trophy awarded for MOST POINTS INENTIRE SHOW.TOTAL POINTS AWARDED BASED ON THE FOLLOWING POINTSSYSTEM:5 Points for each 1st award3 Points for each 2nd award1 Point for each 3rd award. Prizes will be awarded to Trophy Winners.


  • HOW DO I ENTER A FLOWER SHOW?1. Read the Flower Show Rules carefully to see what is required for eachclass. If you have any questions, call our Convener or Co-Convener.

    2. The night before the competition, or early in the morning, cut the flowersand immediately place in a bucket of warm water. Always cut one or twoextra stems in case one gets damaged en route to the show.

    3. Try to choose flowers that have fresh stamen and are roughly the samesize with straight stems and fresh, undamaged foliage.

    4. When entering a collection of cut flowers or herbs, choose severalvarieties, at least two of each, and list the varieties on a separate sheet andnumber them. The edge is often given to the exhibit with more varieties,provided all other requirements are met and the entry is in show condition.

    5. Carefully groom and remove any damaged petals, foliage, bugs, pollenor spent blooms before exhibiting the specimen or houseplant.

    6. Remember a bud showing colour is considered a bloom. So carefullydisbud before exhibiting a single bloom.

    7. Only self-foliage is permitted to be attached to the exhibit unlessotherwise stated.

    Enjoy the many things a flower show has to offer. You never know, yourentry might just win a ribbon!

    FLOWER SHOW RULES1. The decision of the judges will be final.

    2. Decorative classes will be open to flower arrangers from GardenClubs and Horticultural Societies. Cultural classes will be open to anyGarden Club or Horticultural Society members. (Cut flowers, houseplants, and vegetables).

    3. Exhibits will be received from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Saturday,September 16, 2017. NO ENTRY PLACEMENT WILL BEPERMITTED AFTER 12:00 p.m. LATE ENTRIES WILL BE PLACEDON AN EXHIBIT ONLY TABLE AND WILL NOT BE JUDGED.

    4. All entries must be removed from Showroom at 4:00 p.m. SaturdaySeptember 16, 2017 after the announcement of Show closing.

    5. The Garden Club will NOT be responsible for the property of exhibitors.

    6. No awards will be made to mediocre exhibits, even though they may bethe only ones entered.


  • 7. Exhibitors are permitted to make only one entry in any class, exceptwhere noted.

    8. Exhibitors should place entries in section specified and leave, makingroom for the next person to place entries.

    9. Exhibitors are responsible for the correctness of their Entry Cards.Cards are supplied by the club, when entries are being received, or at aprevious meeting. (suggestion: use address labels)

    10. Once the judging has commenced, no exhibitor may change or movetheir exhibit. Exhibits may, however, be moved carefully after judging togive a more pleasing aspect to the show.

    11. Containers for entries will be provided, except for small entries. Bowlsfor floating begonias and fully open roses will be provided. For manystemmed entries (e.g. pansies, violas, nasturtiums, sweet peas) exhibitorto provide container.

    12. Bloom is an individual flower, one to a stem, with no sign of bud.Spray is the portion of plant, or a plants lateral or side shoots, with anumber of flowers on one stem. More than one must be open. Stalk orStem is a portion of plant bearing one or more flowers and buds. A budshowing colour must be considered a bloom.

    13. Specimen bloom(s) must be grown by exhibitor.

    14. Cultural flowers must be shown with their own FOLIAGE.

    15. Judges may use their own discretion if, to simplify judging, a classneeds to be divided. (i.e. if class is too large and there are three of onevariety).

    16. Vegetables and fruits must be grown by exhibitor.

    17. When three is stated, no more and no less may be exhibited.

    18. All pots must be clean, with exhibitors name on bottom of pot. Norestrictions on supports for plants.

    19. Potted plants MUST have been in possession of the exhibitor for atleast TWO MONTHS prior to Show.

    20. Entrants must supply own containers for decorative designs.

    21. No exhibits with pests or signs of infestation are permitted. Pleaseinspect your entries before placing them.


  • RULES FOR THE DECORATIVE CLASS1. Decorative classes are open to flower-arranging members of theChinguacousy Garden Club and other horticultural societies.

    2. Judging standards for decorative classes are: (regular size)

    Design Elements and Principles 35Conformity to Theme and Class Title 25Creativity 20Distinction/Condition 20TOTAL 100

    (Small and Miniature)Design Elements and Principles 40Conformity to Theme and Class Title 20Creativity 25Distinction/Condition 15TOTAL 100

    3. Fresh material only (unless otherwise stated) is to be used and maybe obtained from any source. Natural materials such as decorativefoliage, twigs, driftwood, evergreens, moss, rocks, grasses and floweringshrubs may be used as an adjunct and may be obtained from anysource. All flower designs are to be the work of the exhibitor. The use ofartificial material will not be permitted (only exception a bunch of plasticgrapes). Accessories are permitted to complete the design or developthe theme, but must be in scale. No cut fruit is allowed, only wholewhere specified.

    4. Niches will be supplied by the Club for Decorative Classes wherestated. Niche size is important when planning your design; your tallestbranch should be within an inch or two of top of niche. Niche size is:height 31 x 22 wide.

    5. A Novice is a beginner one who has not yet won three 1st placeribbons at our Show or any other Major Show, i.e. Canada Blooms,Successful Gardening, etc. Novice should put a large N on front ofentry card.

    CARE OF CUT FLOWERS AND FOLIAGEThe terms hardening and conditioning refer to the care needed sothat cut stem can fill up with water and prevent wilting; store in cool,dark, draft- free place.


  • GENERAL RULES Cut stem on a slant for better water intake, preferably underwater. Place in pail of tepid water IMMEDIATELY (take pail to garden). Soak as much length of stem as possible, several hours or overnight. If hard stem, split upward of 1. If woody, (i.e. mums) scrape 2 atbottom, slit and hammer. If hollow stem (delph.) burn ends with flame to keep sap in, or hold stemin boiling water 1 minute.

    While in garden, dip stem in sand until you can treat. Cover bloomand foliage with bag when putting stem in boiling water. For decorative entries already conditioned, just re-cut stems. To carry flowers to Show, use pail with 1 water.

    Blooms that shatter easily are best transported in long cardboard box orpicnic cooler, wrap stem in wet towel, rest necks on a cardboard roll.


    THEME: Canadas Birthday 150 Years andStill Going True North Strong andFree!(Niche suppliedheight 31 x 22 wide)Fresh material unless otherwise stated.

    Class 11. Oh Canada! - The Flag - a design

    showing movement2. The Maple Leaf - a design using

    Leaves3. July 1 - Celebration - a Design vertical in

    nature4. Confederation - A coming together of Lands -

    a dual design5. Novice any of the above but one per Class6. Emily Stowe - First Female Doctor in Canada

    A design to include something metal - Asmall Design under 10 in any direction-Fresh

    7. Emily Stowe - First Female Doctor in Canada- A design using something metal - A smallDesign under 10 in any direction - Dried

    8. From a Seed Grows Greatness a design ina nut shell - mini under 5 Fresh

    9. From a Seed Grows Greatness a design ina nut shell - mini under 5 Dried


  • 10. Great, Grandmas Garden a Heritage designusing pressed flowers/foliage (placed inan 8 x 10 frame)


    Cultural sections (cut flowers, houseplants and vegetables) are open tohorticultural club members. Please remember to CONDITION Flowers andto display them with SOME OF THEIR OWN FOLIAGE, which may beseparate. Where sufficient entries, a class may be subdivided at thediscretion of the Show Convenor and/or Judge. Name variety wherepossible. Any colour (singular) refers to all the same colour. Any colours(plural) refers to mixed colours if desired. NOTE: to simplify judging somecategories have been divided into **a AND **b.


    Class12a. Amaranthus - large 1 stem12b. Amaranthus - small 3 stems13. Aster 1 cultivar 3 stems14. Celosia 1 cultivar 3 stems15. Cleome 1 stem16 Cosmos 1 cultivar 3 stems17. Datura 1 stem18. Geranium 1 stem19. Grasses 1 cultivar 3 stems20. Lavatera 1 stem21. Marigold, over 7.5 cm (3), 1 cultivar

    3 blooms with foliage22. Marigold, 2.5 - 7.5 cm (1 - 3), 1 cultivar 3 blooms

    with foliage (own container)23. Petunia, single, 1 cultivar 3 sprays24. Petunia, semi-double or double, 1 cultivar 3

    sprays25. Salvia, 1 cultivar 5 stems26. Snapdragon, dwarf type, 1 cultivar 3 stems27. Snapdragon, rocket type 1 stem28. Sunflower 1 stem29. Zinnia any type, 1 cultivar 3 stems30. Any other annual not on schedule--

    4 entries per person alloweda) Large - 1 bloom, spray orstemb) Small -1 cultivar -3 stems

    31. Vase of garden flowers and foliage arranged in apleasing manner (annuals or perennials). A vaseis a container that is taller than it is wide(preferably not a clear vase).



    Class 32. Aster 1 stem

    33. Ferns, any variety, 1 frond 3 entries if differentcultivar

    34. Heuchera, 3 different cultivars 1 leaf for eachcultivar

    35a. Hosta, 3 different cultivars 3 leaves

    35b. Hosta Mini (less than 3 inch leaf size) 1 leaf

    36a. Hibiscus 1 stem Large Flower

    36b. Hibiscus 1 stem Small Flower i.e. Rose ofSharon

    37. Hydrangea 1 stem

    38. Grasses 1 cultivar 3 stems. 2 entries if different

    39. Phlox paniculata 1 stem

    40. Sedum 1 stem, 3 entries allowed if differentcultivars

    41. Rudbeckia:a) large - 1 stemb) multi blooms - 1 stem

    42. Any other perennial not on schedule:4 entries per person alloweda) large -1 bloom, spray or stemb) small -1 cultivar 3 stems

    43. Flowering vine:a) 1 bloomb) 1 spray - not to exceed 24 from top of the vase

    44. Flowering shrub 1 branch not to exceed 24from the top of the vase

    45. Berried branch not to exceed 24 from the top ofthe vase



    Class 46. Begonia, tuberous, 1 bloom with leaf tofloat in a Club bowl

    47. Canna 1 stem (include leaf)48. Dahlia 1 cultivar a) large (over 15cm)

    1 stemb) small 3 stems

    49. Gladiolus, solid coloured 1 spike50. Gladiolus, multi-coloured 1 spike51. Any other flowering bulb, corm, rhizome or

    above 1 stem two entries if different types.

    SECTION 3 ROSES(Give name if possible) FOLIAGE MUST BE ATTACHED (except #63)

    Class 52. Hybrid Tea1 bloom red53. Hybrid Tea 1 bloom - bi-colour54. Hybrid Tea 1 bloom - any other colour

    (except blue) includes blends55. Hybrid Tea 1 bloom - fragrant - judged 60%

    for fragrance, 40% for quality of rose56. Hybrid Tea 3 blooms mixed colours57. Floribunda 1 spray 2 entries per person if

    different cultivars58. Austin 1 stem, any colour 2 entries per

    person if different cultivars59. Blue, Mauve or Lavender any variety except

    miniatures, 1 bloom/spray 2 entries if differentcultivars

    60. Climber 1 spray61. a) Shrub-- (i) 1 bloom (ii) 1 spray

    b) Explorer (i) 1 bloom (ii) 1 sprayc) Any other (i) 1 bloom (ii) 1 spray

    62. 1 fully open rose with foliage, to float in Clubbowl

    63. Rose bouquet in your container 5 or moreroses, mixed colours, at least 3 cultivars.

    Bloom is an individual flower, one to a stem, with no sign of bud. Spray is theportion of plant, or a plants lateral or side shoots, with a number of flowers onone stem. More than one must be open. Stalk or Stem is a portion of plantbearing one or more flowers and buds. A bud showing colour must be considered a bloom.



    Colour photo on white cardboard leaving 1 margin all around;maximum size of print 5 x 7. Prints must be taken during the last24 months; no name or title of any kind is permitted on the print; inthe event that fewer than three entries are submitted for a Class,the prize (s) awarded will be at the Judges discretion; photosmust be taken by the Exhibitor; entries are limited to ONE perperson in each class.) An entry card must be filled in for eachentry. Entries will be judged for horticultural content and interest.

    Class 64. Canada Day Celebrations in Brampton65. Sesquicentennials Display of Tulips66. A Historical Garden in Brampton67. A Stately Tree68. An Historical Building (in Canada)

    SECTION 5 AFRICAN VIOLETS (Single Crown)(To be in your possession minimum 2 months)Classes will be subdivided if sufficient entries. 3 entries per personIf different cultiva...