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PRPC System Architect Exam - Mock Questions1. Which of the flow shapes can be used for a path execution in a situations like if...then logic? Utility Decision tree Router Split for Each Ans: b 2. What are the various actions that a Service Level rule can perform at Goal and Deadline events? Ans: 1. Escalation Processing( Means it can call activities upon reaching the goal time / deadline time and at every late interval time ) 2. It Updates the Urgency Level. Upon goal time goal urgency is added to initial urgency and up on dead line reach, deadline urgency is added to previous urgency figure 3. List some of the standard connectors that come with PRPC, which enable it to connect to external systems? Ans: Rule-Connect-EJB Rule-Connect-JMS Rule-Connect-Java Rule-Connect-SOAP Rule-Connect-MQ Rule-Connect-SOAP Rule-Connect-SQL

4. List the all work object statuses that come in with PRPC New Open Pending Resolved-Duplicate Resolved-Rejected Resolved-Complete 5. Which of the following rule best describes the following needs Through cascading (where one rule calls another), this rule can provide an output based on three, four or more inputs. a. When Condition b. Decision Tree c. Decision Map

d. When Directive Ans: c 6. A _________ is a container for your application business logic, which is defined in rules. a. Rule set b. Class c. Workflow d. Flow action Ans: a 7. Which rules automate the process of monitoring work completion and notifying the appropriate person when additional scrutiny or action is warranted a. Agents b. Service levels c. Flows d. When conditions ANS: b 8. PegaRULES Process Commander supports the assignment of work to four types of destination. What are they? ANS: Agent External Worklist WorkBasket 9. A Process Flow has been designed that routes an assignment to a HR manager. An additional requirement is that the HR Manger be able to attach a budget sheet to the assignment before approving the assignment. This can be accomplished using a: a. Rule-Template-Excel instance b. Local Assignment c. Connector Flow Action d. Correspondence Rule e. Local Flow Action ANS: e 10. People and entities who are interested in the execution and progress of the work object are called as __________________________ ANS: WorkParties 11. Page lists or Value lists index always starts with : a. (0)

b. (1) c. ( ) d. No subscript or braces. ANS: b 12. What are the standard PRPC attachment types. ANS: Attach A File Attach a Note Attach a scan Document Attach a URL Attach a screen Shot. 13. Each application will have a standard work party rule always named Requestor. Is this statement true or false? ANS: False Explanation : No default work parties will be there. Work parties will come only as per your design 14. _____________Control the user experience - the forms and their appearance, content and behavior a. Harnesses b. Properties c. Services d. Connectors ANS: a 15. For a single Valid Party row on a Work Party rule form, the Model column contains an optional field to reference a Model rule. Model rules allow you to define default information for specified fields on the PartyDisplay form. Is this statement true or false? Ans: True Explanation : Each work partys UI is defined in a stream called PartyDisplay in the appropriate Data-Party-* class. When you specify model to that party in your work party rule, the PartyDisplay stream will use the default values specified in the model. 16. Rulesets are an important part of every Process Commander application because they act as a container for rules, play an important role in rule resolution and facilitate application deployment. Is this statement true or false Ans: True 17. Both cover class and work object classes must be in same ___ _____________

Ans: Class group 18. Validation rules are required rules that guide users to input correct values into the Rule-based HTML forms, reducing entry errors and improving productivity. Is this statement true or false? Ans: True 19.Validation rules used to validate property values associated with HTML forms may display an error message if the validation fails. The error message field in the Validation rule form may contain a) b) c) d) Ans: c Literal messages contained in double quotes ( ) Nothing (in other words, the field is optional) A Rule-Message key associated with the property being validated All of the above

20. Where .PropertyName is the name of a property, which of the following is the correct syntax for a property reference directive that would allow the user to assign the property value? a) b) c) d) Ans: (.PropertyName INPUT) [.PropertyName INPUT] {.PropertyName INPUT} d

21.Class Explorer is a tool that is available to system architects and system administrators only. Is this statement true or false Ans: FALSE Process Architects (one type of developer) 22. A Constraint rule records an expected relationship between property values and is not referenced explicitly in other rules. Is this statement true or false? Ans: True Explanation : For example, you can define the constraint to say that A value should always be more than (B+50 ). Once declarative constraint is declared, it is always in force and it need not to be referred by any other rule 23. ____ ______________ rules are specific to a class of work and creates the link between party roles and Data-Party Classes Ans: Rule-Obj-WorkParty 24. An Expression Rule allows process architects to define calculations in Excel spreadsheets. Is this statement true or false? Ans: False

Explanation : An expression is a single text element that when evaluated by Process Commander produces a string value. Expressions in Process Commander look similar to formulas in Microsoft Excel, but are based on Java language conventions. Also confuse expressions used in many situations with Declare Expression rules, which create expressions that are evaluated automatically

25. A ___ __________ rule when added to the access group becomes the work pool Ans: class group (Data-Admin-DB-ClassGroup) 26 A class hierarchy when sorted alphabetically gives _______________ Ans: Pattern Inheritance 27. Suppose there is a rule set called XXX which has got 5 versions. Then class Rule-Rule set-Name will have ---- no. of instances and Rule-Rule set-Version will have ------ no. of instances 5, 5, 1, 1, Ans: c 28. For most of the concrete classes, PRPC comes with a standard model called a. pyStandard b. pyDefault c. pyDefModel d. pyStdModel Ans: b 29 .Which of the following are usually designed to correspond to one database table in Process Commander. a. Access Group b. Class Group c. Work Group d. Data Group. e. Class Ans: b 30. All the standard properties in process commander begin with a. px b. py c. pz d. all of the above Ans: d 5 1 5 1

31. What is the consequence of checking in the Special check box while creating a property?

a) a) b) b) c) c) d) d)Ans: a

Property is display only Property is display as well as editable Property is input by user Property is calculated by system

32. All the routing activities return its result in an output parameter called a) b) c) d) Ans: c 33. Which of the following property / properties are not aggregate properties? a) b) c) d) e) f) Ans: d 34. Which of the following are used to specify default values for properties associated with a class a) b) c) d) Sets Models Defaults Formats Page PageList PageGroup Value ValueGroup ValueList AllocatedTo RoutedTo AssignTo BranchedTo

Ans: b 35. Each record in (row) in relational database corresponds to one of the following in Process Commander. In other words, one row in table is created whenever following of process commander is created.( choose more and more appropriate answer) a. b. c. d. e. Ans: e Flow for a class Model for a class Activity for a class Flow action for a class Instance of any class

36. What is the significance of Page Context field while you define a declare expression? Ans: When we are defining the declare expression for properties inside the pagelist or pagegroup, we need to specify the Page context field and its respective page class 37. We know that there are two mechanisms in which an instance is taken care to be stored in database. These are, 1. There will be a column for some of the properties of instance 2. Additionally there will be another column to store entire instance as BLOB Specify the column name in which instance is stored as BLOB a. pzInsStream b. PzPVStream c. pzObjStream d. pzRefStream Ans: b 38. When we store an instance of process commander in database following suffices the purpose of primary key. a. b. c. d. Instance Name Instance Name + Class name An integer serial number Special key generated by PRPC as a record, the

Ans: d

39. There is property which stores the value of create date and time or create operator (perhaps for a work object). What is the prefix for these kind of properties a. px b. py c. pz d. All of the above Ans: a 40. Which tool is used to look at the HTMLS and the Properties that are embedded in UI ANS: RulesInspector 41. Which of the following is not the place where u can add rule sets as an access control mechanism a. Organization b. Division c. Unit d. Access Group e. Operator creation Ans: c, e

42. Match the following in the context of availability of rule. Availability Yes













Consequence The rule instance as well as all lower numbered version instances will not be visible to rule resolution algorithm and hence shall not be considered during the rule resolution Rule instance is available to rule resolution algorithm but nobody can override this rule in any other rule set, except the current ruleset Rule instance will be visible to Rule resolution algorithm and hence shall be considered during rule resolution pro

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