3rd Annual "All Photography" Online Art Competition Announced

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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 3rd Annual "All Photography" Online Art Competition Announced</p><p> 1/1</p><p>3rd Annual "All Photography" Online Art Competition Announced</p><p>Light Space &amp; Time Online Art Gallery announces the 3rd Annual "All Photography" juried artcompetition for the Month of anuary !#$%</p><p>Jupiter, FL, USA (Decemer !, !#3$-- Light Space &amp; TimeOnline Art Gallery announces the 3rd Annual "All Photography"</p><p>juried art competition for the onth of !anuary #$%Photographers from around the 'orld are called upon to ma(eonline su)missions 'ith the 'inners )eing included in the gallery*s+e)ruary #$% online art group e,hi)ition Light Space &amp; Timeencourages entries from all photographers regardless of 'herethey reside and regardless of their e,perience or education in theart field All digital film manipulated alternati.e photographic and</p><p>printing processes 'ill )e accepted into this competition</p><p>A group e,hi)ition of the top ten finalists 'ill )e held online at theLight Space &amp; Time Online Art Gallery during the month of</p><p>+e)ruary #$% A'ards 'ill )e for $st through $#th places /epending on the amount and the 0ualityof the entries recei.ed there may also )e 1onora)le ention Special erit and Special 2ecognitiona'ards gi.en as 'ell The theme for the !anuary art competition is "All Photography" and thesu)mission process and the deadline 'ill )e !anuary #$%</p><p>4inners of the "All Photography" Art 5,hi)ition 'ill recei.e e,tensi.e 'orld'ide pu)licity in the formof email mar(eting #6 press release announcements issued 76 e.ent announcements issuedalong 'ith ongoing social media mar(eting and promotions in order to ma(e the art 'orld a'are of</p><p>the artist*s accomplishments 8n addition there 'ill also )e lin(s )ac( to the artist*s 'e)site as part ofthis achie.ement in order to help dri.e traffic to the 'inning artist*s 'e)sites Photographers shouldgi.e us your )est photography no' Apply Online at http9::'''lightspacetimecom</p><p>Aout Light Space % &amp;ime Online 'allery</p><p>Light Space &amp; Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly art competitions and monthly art e,hi)itionsfor ne' and emerging artists 8t is Light Space &amp; Time*s intention to sho'case this incredi)le talent ina series of monthly themed art competitions and art e,hi)itions )y mar(eting and displaying thee,ceptional a)ilities of these 'orld'ide artists The gallery 'e)site can )e .ie'ed here9http9::'''lightspacetimecom</p><p>edia Contact)!ohn 2 athLight Space &amp; Time Online Gallery$$; Poinciana /ri.e!upiter +L 33%7;;;;-%</p></li></ul>