3G Autoradio DVD GPS Navi with Digital TV for Toyota Hilux 2012

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Shopping Toyota Hilux Autoradio DVD from happyshoppinglife! 2012 Toyota Hilux Radio DVD GPS TV Bluetooth Touch Screen 3G Internet


<ul><li><p>Toyota Hilux Autoradio DVD GPS, 2012 Toyota Hilux DVD TV</p><p>Categories</p><p>Hot products</p><p>Electronic </p><p>Gadgets</p><p>Car </p><p>Multimedia </p><p>Player</p><p>Car DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> 1 Din Car </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> 2 Din Car </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> DVD Player </p><p>for Special Car</p><p> BMW </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Mercedes-</p><p>Benz DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Audi DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Toyota </p><p>larger image </p><p>3G Autoradio DVD GPS Navi with Digital TV for Toyota Hilux 2012</p><p>Starting at: $369.12</p><p>Qty Discounts(Order-Bulk,Please Contact Us) </p><p>1$369.12</p><p>2-4$350.66</p><p>5-9$339.59</p><p>10-19$332.21</p><p>20+$324.83</p><p>Add to Cart: </p><p>Color</p><p>DTV type</p><p>Service Center</p><p>Currencies</p><p>You have seen</p><p>OEM Stereo with DVD Radio Bluetooth </p><p>Touchscreen for Toyota</p><p>Toyota-Previa-Vizi-Camry-Florid-Vela </p><p>DVD Player with GPS ISDB-T</p><p>Toyota Prius DVD Player with GPS </p><p>Navigation Touch Screen</p><p>http://www.happyshoppinglife.com/3g-autoradio-dvd-gps-navi-with-digital-tv-for-toyota-hilux-2012-p-1095.html 16 2013/3/23 17:15:09</p></li><li><p>Toyota Hilux Autoradio DVD GPS, 2012 Toyota Hilux DVD TV</p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Honda </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Volkswagen </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Mazda </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Hyundai </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Nissan </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> KIA DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Chevrolet </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Suzuki </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Fiat DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Hummer </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Porsche </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Ford DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Skoda </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Volvo </p><p> Model: HSL-SD-172D</p><p>General function: Autoradio DVD head unit for Toyota Hilux 2012, car multimedia player with 6.2 inch LCD display, full HD touch screen, GPS navi system with dual zone function, Picture in Picture, digital TV tuner (DVB-T MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, ATSC M/H or ISDB-T for optional to suit for customers from different areas), Bluetooth car kit for handsfree calling, RDS, USB port, SD slot, iPod Ready, support 3G internet, support Steering Wheel Control </p><p>3G USB Host is ready, support 3G dongle</p><p> Free Gift Installation Guide User Manual Video Show </p><p>Specification </p><p>* 6.2 Inch TFT LCD screen </p><p>* Resolution: 800 x 480 </p><p>* Front panel color: Black or Silver for optional to match the orignal dash board perfectly </p><p>* Video Systems: PAL, NTSC, Automatic </p><p>* Discs support: DVD, SVCD, VCD, DVCD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP4, MP3, MR.OKO </p><p>* AM Frequency Range: 522~1620KHz (Worldwide) </p><p>* FM Tuning Range: 80.5~108.0MHz (Worldwide) </p><p>* RDS System: YES </p><p>* Support the original steering wheel control buttons: YES </p><p>* 3G USB access, support 3G dongle for internet </p><p>* Operation: Touch Screen or Remote Control </p><p>* Aux In play </p><p>* Reverse Rearview: Manual or Automatic </p><p>* Media Formats Supported: </p><p>- Video: MPEG 4, MP4, DIVX, AVI </p><p>- Audio: MP3, PICTURE-CD WMA </p><p>- Picture: JPEG </p><p>* External Memory: </p><p>- USB Driver: YES </p><p>Autoradio DVD GPS Head Unit with </p><p>Digital TV fit Toyota Prius</p><p>2012 Toyota Corolla DVD Player with </p><p>GPS Navigation Bluetooth</p><p>Autoradio DVD GPS with Digital TV for </p><p>Toyota Corolla 2012</p><p>Toyota Land Cruiser 120 Prado DVD </p><p>Player with GPS Navigation</p><p>Toyota Land Cruiser 120 Prado </p><p>Autoradio DVD GPS with Digital TV</p><p>Car DVD Player Toyota Hilux 2012 with </p><p>GPS Navigation 3G BT RDS</p><p>http://www.happyshoppinglife.com/3g-autoradio-dvd-gps-navi-with-digital-tv-for-toyota-hilux-2012-p-1095.html 26 2013/3/23 17:15:09</p></li><li><p>Toyota Hilux Autoradio DVD GPS, 2012 Toyota Hilux DVD TV</p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Mitsubishi </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Opel DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Peugeot </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Ssangyong </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> GMC </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Chrysler/ </p><p>Jeep/ Dodge </p><p>DVD</p><p> Geely </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Chery </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Other </p><p>OEM DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Lifan DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Great Wall </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Buick </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Haima </p><p>- micro SD Card: YES </p><p>* Audio Information: </p><p>- Max Audio Output: 60W x 4 </p><p>- Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): 75db </p><p>- User adjustable EQ: Personality, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classical </p><p>- EQ Menu: EQ, Loudness, Bass, Middle, Treble, Fade, Balance, Subwoofer </p><p>* GPS Information: </p><p>- CPU: 600MHZ, RAM: 256M</p><p>- Operating System: WIN CE 6.0 </p><p>- GUI Interface: YES </p><p>- 3D type </p><p>- Touchscreen Interface: YES </p><p>* Digital TV tuner for your option: </p><p>- DVB-T (MPEG-2): only receive signals for digital TV DVB-T MPEG-2 standard, which using in some Europe countries, Australia, etc.</p><p>- DVB-T (MPEG-4): can receive all signals for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Using in most Europe countries, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. </p><p>- ATSC M/H: using in most areas in USA, Canada and Mexico</p><p>- ISDB-T: using in Japan and South America countries </p><p>* Bluetooth Information: </p><p>- Pair with mobile phone, then use touchscreen interface </p><p>- Dial, Answer, Stop Call </p><p>- Call History (Dialed, Received, Missed) </p><p>- Phone Book </p><p>- Music Play </p><p>- Volume Control </p><p>- Touchscreen Keypad </p><p>3G Autoradio DVD GPS Navi with </p><p>Digital TV for Toyota Hilux 2012</p><p>Notifications</p><p>Notify me of updates to 3G Autoradio </p><p>DVD GPS Navi with Digital TV for </p><p>Toyota Hilux 2012</p><p>http://www.happyshoppinglife.com/3g-autoradio-dvd-gps-navi-with-digital-tv-for-toyota-hilux-2012-p-1095.html 36 2013/3/23 17:15:09</p></li><li><p>Toyota Hilux Autoradio DVD GPS, 2012 Toyota Hilux DVD TV</p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Besturn </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Roewe </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Headrest </p><p>Car DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Flip Down </p><p>Car DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> Sun Visor </p><p>Car DVD </p><p>Player</p><p> GPS Car </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Touch </p><p>Screen Car </p><p>DVD Player</p><p> Bluetooth </p><p>Car DVD </p><p>Player</p><p>Car Video</p><p>Car GPS </p><p>Navigation</p><p>Car </p><p>Accessories</p><p>Car Parking </p><p>* Media Inputs: </p><p>- DVD/CD disc slot </p><p>- GPS micro SD card slot </p><p>- micro SD card slot </p><p>- Mini USB input (front) </p><p>- GPS Antenna (rear) </p><p>- TV Antenna (rear) </p><p>* AV Cables / Wires: </p><p>- Radio antenna port IN </p><p>- GPS antenna port IN </p><p>- TV Antenna port IN </p><p>- IPOD connector </p><p>- Aux In L </p><p>- Aux In R </p><p>- Aux-Video IN </p><p>- Back Video Camera IN </p><p>- Subwoofer </p><p>- Video OUT x2 </p><p>- Steering Wheel Control 1 </p><p>- Steering Wheel Control 2 </p><p>- RCA Audio OUT x2 (front L and R) </p><p>- RCA Audio OUT x2 (rear L and R) </p><p>- Left Front Speaker x2 </p><p>- Right Front Speaker x2 </p><p>- Left Rear Speaker x2 </p><p>- Right Rear Speaker x2 </p><p>http://www.happyshoppinglife.com/3g-autoradio-dvd-gps-navi-with-digital-tv-for-toyota-hilux-2012-p-1095.html 46 2013/3/23 17:15:09</p></li><li><p>Toyota Hilux Autoradio DVD GPS, 2012 Toyota Hilux DVD TV</p><p>Sensor System</p><p>Computer - </p><p>Laptop - </p><p>Netbook</p><p>Portable </p><p>DVD Player</p><p>Digital </p><p>Cameras - </p><p>Camcorders</p><p>Mobile </p><p>Phones</p><p>Watch </p><p>Mobile Phone</p><p>Home Audio/ </p><p>Video</p><p>MP3 / MP4 </p><p>Player Watch</p><p>LED Light</p><p>Health and </p><p>Lifestyle</p><p>Security </p><p>Equipment - </p><p>CCTV</p><p>* OSD Languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Thai, Turkish, Chinese (Actual voice and display language depends on GPS software package) </p><p>* Certifications: CE, FCC </p><p>Package Contents </p><p>* Toyota Hilux 2012 Autoradio </p><p>* Remote control </p><p>* Touch pen </p><p>* Magnetic GPS antenna with 300 cm cord </p><p>* Digital TV antenna </p><p>* USB Extension Cable </p><p>* iPod Cable </p><p>* Free 4GB SD Card with evaluation GPS software and maps </p><p>* ISO wire harness </p><p>* Mounting hardware </p><p>* User manual - English </p><p>Product Notes </p><p>- This autoradio DVD head unit is special design for Toyota Hilux 2012 </p><p>- This device comes with USB 3G internet access, which support 3G dongle (3G dongle is not included in the pacakge) </p><p>- It compatible with most brands of GPS software, the popular are IGO, Route66, TomTom and Finean. However hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit. Happyshoppinglife provides the GPS-enabled hardware, free evaluation software and map. Happyshoppinglife provides no warranty or customer support regarding original GPS software and cannot provide downloads / links / advice regarding original GPS software and map. </p><p>- Good News: two free map available (iGo and Navitel) for customers from Russia and Ukraine.</p><p>- This product comes with digital TV tuner. The digital TV tuner standard is for your selection. Please check the digital TV standard using in your areas first before purchasing this product. </p><p>- Do not need digital TV, please check Car DVD Player Toyota Hilux 2012 with GPS Navigation 3G BT RDS</p><p>- Reverse Rearview function can be available only when the back up camera is installed. Visit Toyota Back Up Camera to select the best rearview camera for your car.</p><p>http://www.happyshoppinglife.com/3g-autoradio-dvd-gps-navi-with-digital-tv-for-toyota-hilux-2012-p-1095.html 56 2013/3/23 17:15:10</p></li><li><p>Toyota Hilux Autoradio DVD GPS, 2012 Toyota Hilux DVD TV</p><p>- Buy video parking sensor to compatible with this radio DVD, please click Rear View Parking Sensor - back up camera fit for </p><p>your car </p><p>Product 5/64</p><p>Related Products</p><p>Special DVD Navigation for </p><p>Toyota Prado - Bluetooth iPod </p><p>ATV</p><p>$325.72</p><p>2012 Toyota Camry DVD </p><p>Player with Bluetooth USB SD </p><p>iPod</p><p>$419.60</p><p>Toyota Land Cruiser 120 </p><p>Prado Autoradio DVD GPS </p><p>with Digital TV</p><p>$352.15</p><p>New Toyota Camry DVD </p><p>Radio with GPS Navigation </p><p>DVB-T RDS IPOD</p><p>$384.60</p><p>DVD Player with GPS Digital </p><p>TV DVB-T RDS for Toyota </p><p>Prado</p><p>$362.90</p><p>Autoradio DVD with GPS </p><p>Digital TV for 2012 Toyota </p><p>Yaris/ Vitz</p><p>$360.59</p><p>7 Inch Toyota RAV4 DVD </p><p>Radio with Bluetooth </p><p>Touchscreen RDS USB</p><p>$350.15</p><p>Toyota Series GPS Navigation </p><p>System with DVD Player Built-</p><p>in</p><p>$267.69</p><p> English German </p></li></ul>


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