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  • www.enex.isENEX Renewable projects in Europe, Americas & Asia

  • www.enex.isContentOverview of EnexCurrent projectsEnex Binary Plant

  • www.enex.isExport of Know-how in the Geothermal and Hydroelectric Sectors

    Enex is owned by Icelandic energy companies that been involved in geothermal development for over 70 years

    The company has a has world leading geothermal expertise and experience that it puts to use when designing geothermal solutions.

    Enex was established to co-ordinate ongoing efforts of the shareholding companies to export geothermal and hydropower knowledge and experience

    690 MWe Krahnjkar Hydropower ProjectGeothermal drilling at the 210 MWe Hellisheidi CHP PlantThis is Enex

  • www.enex.isAffiliates Affiliates in cooperation with local partners:

    Enex Deutschland GmbH, GermanyEnex Power GmbH, GermanyEnex Kna ehf, China Iceland America Energy Co. (IAE Corp.), USASlovgeoterm a.s., SlovakiaEnex Sobrance s.r.o., SlovakiaEnex Trebisov s.r.o., SlovakiaEnex Vranov s.r.o., Slovakia

  • www.enex.isWhat we do Binary Power PlantsFlash Steam Power PlantsGeothermal District Heating SystemsSmall to Medium Size Hydropower Plants

    Tunnel drilling at Krahnjkar Hydropower PlantSimplified schematic, geothermal flash steam power plant

  • www.enex.isApproachSolution Provider Providing the equipment, research, expert technology, engineering and installation EPC turnkey contracts

    Lead Investor Design, build and operation Contracts on BOOT, BOO or BLT terms

    Joint Venture Team up with local partners to develop projectsGeoscientific researchGeological surveying, high temperature area S-Iceland

  • www.enex.isEnexs owners are Europes largest geothermal and hydro developersFor the last 20 and foreseeable for the next 20 years

    We offer a work force of 400 experts100 geoscientists and 300 specialized engineers

    Iceland runs the UNU (United Nations University) Geothermal ProgramNetwork of 340 fellows from developing countriesHelping the development of geothermal potential since 1979

    This is Enex

  • www.enex.isEnexs ShareholdersGeysir Green EnergyReykjavik Energy- National Power CompanyIceland Drilling

    Iceland GeoSurveyNew Business Venture FundVST Consulting Engineers+ more than 30 other engineering, design and consulting firms specialized in geothermal, district heating and hydropower projects.

  • www.enex.isGeothermal Power PlantsKrafla 60 MWe Geothermal Power Plant Owner: National Power Co.Svartsengi 46 MWe 150 MWth Combined Heat & Power Geothermal PlantOwner: Sudurnes District HeatingNesjavellir 120 MWe - 300 MWth Combined Heat & Power Geothermal PlantOwner: Reykjavik EnergyReykjanes 100 MWe Geothermal Power PlantOwner: Sudurnes District HeatingHellisheidi 210 MWe - 400 MWth Combined Heat & Power Geothermal Project90 MW in 2006, 33 MW added in 2007, 90 MW in 2008. Owner: Reykjavik Energy

    Krafla 60 MWe geothermal power plantSvartsengi 46 MWe CHP power plant


    GermanyChinaUSASlovakiaHungary El SalvadorCurrent Projects

  • www.enex.isGermanyGeothermal Combined Heat & Power Plants

    Enex Deutschland GmbH has concession rightsLocation: Southern Germany

  • www.enex.isGermanyGeothermal Combined Heat & Power Plants

    First project: 1 to 2 plantsGeothermal area: Geretsried / WolfratshausenTechnology: Binary Power Plant Est. size: 8 -15 MW Electric Power30 MW HeatTemp: 150-170CWell depth: 4.000 - 5000 m. Project schedule: 2007-2009

  • www.enex.isChinaGeothermal District Heating

    Location: Xianyang, ChinaInhabitants: 4 millionTemperature: 90-110C District heating will serve roughly 500.000 people

  • www.enex.isChinaDistrict heating in Xianyang city

    Potential of becoming the worlds largest DH system in 2012-201515.000.000 m2 First phase completedInauguration Dec., 2006 Second phaseIn construction 2 yearsAdditional 700.000 m2

  • www.enex.isUSAGeothermal Power Plant

    Projects of IAE Corp. Subsidiary of EnexLocation: Truckhaven, Imperial Valley, South - CaliforniaTotal size: 150 MW electrical powerFluid temp: 180CFlash or combined flash- and binary power plantDrilling estimated to start in 2007

  • www.enex.isSlovakiaGeothermal District Heating

    3 project companies founded with three municipalities In cooperation with 3 municipalities, TZX s.r.o., Rafhnnun hf and Hnnun hfLocation: Eastern - SlovakiaPurpose: Feasibility reports on the useof geothermal areas for district heating

  • www.enex.isHungaryBinary Power Plant and/or District Heating

    Joint Venture with;MOL (Hungarian Oil & Gas Company)Green Rock (Australian investment co.)Location: Ortahza, South-West HungaryTemp: 141C

  • www.enex.isEl Salvador Berlin Geothermal area

  • www.enex.isEl SalvadorBinary Power Plant

    EPCM contract signed in May 2005Buyer: LaGeo SA from El SalvadorORC typeSize: 9.3 MW grossContract: $13 millionPlant in commissioning phase

  • www.enex.isOrganic Rankine Cycle (ORC)ORC Power Plant utilizes 180C geothermal fluid for electrical generationSimplified schematic of the ORCEl Salvador, Enex Plant

  • www.enex.isEnex Binary Plant Key Benefits:

    Knowledge in handling geothermal fluidFlexibility in designOperational Experience with Geothermal Power Plants

  • www.enex.isEl SalvadorAugust 2006 - Construction activity


    Thank you for your time


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