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    35+ Type Of Websites You Can Create WithWordPress

    WordPress is no doubt most popular CMS to build websites (You can build 35+ Type Of

    Websites You Can Create With WordPress) and blogs quickly and easily, you can learn

    WordPress in few hours, so many video and written tutorials are available. WordPress

    was started as a blogging platform and mostly people used WordPress to set up a

    simple blog quickly.

    In This article i will discuss what type of websites you can create with WordPress and

    what plugins you can use to create 35+ Type Of Websites With WordPress.

    But now WordPress is not a simple blogging platform, you can turn your simple

    WordPress website into powerful website with so many advance themes and plugins.

    Thousands of free and premium plugins are available to turn WordPress from simple

    blog to powerful professional website.

    You can create almost any type of website with WordPress with minimum technical

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  • knowledge. If you know the basics of WordPress, how to install and set up WordPress

    Plugins than you can create the different type of websites with WordPress very easily.

    For example if you want to sell your products online, you can create an e-commerce

    website with WordPress and free or premium e-commerce plugins. There are many free

    and premium plugins available, which helps you to set up an online store with

    WordPress. For example WooCommerce is a popular free e-commerce plugin for

    WordPress to set up and online store.

    WordPress offers plug-ins and themes to enhance functionality and look of your

    WordPress based website. There are thousands of free and commercial plug-ins and

    themes available for WordPress. Themes are used to change the look and feel of your

    websites while plug-ins add extra functionality to WordPress websites.

    What Kind Of Website You Can Build With WordPress?

    In this article i am going to list some popular plugins that allows you to create different

    type of websites with WordPress without advance technical knowledge. Most of the

    time you need free plugins but for advance options and features premium plugins ad

    add-on are also available.

    35+ Type Of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

    1. Personal Blog Or Website

    WordPress was started as a blogging platform and even today WordPress is most

    popular CMS to create blogs. Getting started with WordPress is easy and you can

    quickly set up a blog or personal website with WordPress. You can set up a free blog at

    WordPress.com or if you want full control over your blog or website then you can set up

    a self hosted WordPress blog.

    2. Business Websites

  • Normally people use WordPress.com as a platform for personal blogs, but it can also be

    your online home for your business. WordPress.com have tools and features to help you

    establish a professional web presence, and support.

    You can also use self hosted version to set up a business websites with WordPress, but i

    believe WordPress.com for business should be your first choice because they offer a lot

    of features, plugins, themes and professional support fir business websites and


    So many popular brands and business such as CNN, Forbes, Reuters, Sony, Samsung

    and many other use WordPress for their business.

    3. Social Networking Websites Like Facebook

    Build Social Networking Website with WordPress Image Credit BuddyBoss

    Social Networking websites are very popular, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so many

    other websites are using by billions of people. Setting up a large website like Facebook

    or twitter requires a lot of knowledge and resources but if you want a small social

  • or twitter requires a lot of knowledge and resources but if you want a small social

    networking websites, WordPress can help you to do that. is one of the most popular

    WordPress plugin to turn WordPress into social networking website.

    4. Online Discussion Forums

    Online discussion forums are not new, there are many CMS are available to set up

    online discussion forums but if you are a WordPress lover and dont want to learn new

    CMS you can use to turn WordPress blog or website into discussion forum.

    bbPress is most popular plugin to create forums with WordPress.

    Build Discussion Forums Website with WordPress

    5. E-Commerce Website

    WordPress has started its journey as a simple blogging platform, but now it is being

    used as a robust solution for building e-commerce websites. The powerful plug-in

    architecture of WordPress makes it possible for anyone to transform an ordinary

    WordPress website or blog into a fully fledged online store.

    There are so many free and premium plugins available that helps you to start an online

  • There are so many free and premium plugins available that helps you to start an online

    store. Easy Digital Downloads, WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce, JigShop and

    MarketPress are few popular free e-commerce plugins for WordPress.

    6. News Websites

    Starting a news website is very easy WordPress, hundreds of free and premium themes

    and plugins are available to add different features. Magazine styles themes are very

    popular as well. Largo is popular WordPress Framework to build News Websites with


    Largo is fully responsive and mobile friendly, offer powerful publishing tools and if you

    are a developer than you can read documentation. A child theme is also available for


    7. Questions And Answers Websites Like Quora And Yahoo Answers

    DW Question and Answer, AnsPress Question and answer, CM Answers and Sabai

    Discuss are few most popular WordPress plugins which build complete Question &

    Answer system for your WordPress website, like Quora or Stackoverflow. Most of these

    plugins supports multi-languages, shortcodes, reCAPTCHA, email notification system

    and so on.

    8. Wiki Sites Like WikiPedia

    If you want to start a Wiki site with WordPress, you can use many free plugins available.

    Wiki Lite, Pencil Wiki, Simple TOC, Encyclopedia Lite, Welcome WikiLite, WP Wiki User

    Profile, Wiki Embed, Knowledge Base and UserPress are some most popular WordPress

    Wiki plugins.

    9. Classified Add Websites

  • is most popular free Classified Plugin for WordPress. This plugin lets you add a classified

    ads section to your WordPress website/blog quickly and easily.

    ClassiPress is most popular andbestselling classified ads themefor WordPress.Thisfeature-rich theme was built for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPressso youll be online and selling classified ads within minutes.

    Buy ClassiPress and start sellingclassified adds on your websites.

    10. Job Boards

    If you are planing to start an online Job board, you can use WPJobBoard, WP Job

    Manager and Simple Job Board plugins. These plugins allows you to Manage job listings

    from the WordPress admin panel, and allow users to post job listings directly to your


    is a free and popular lightweight job listing plugin for adding job-board like functionality

    to your WordPress website. Being shortcode based, it can work with any theme (given a

    bit of CSS styling) and is really simple to set up.

    11. Membership Websites

    Are you in planing stages of starting a website based on membership. Do you want to

    charge a small annual membership fee. Do you also want to provide your members

    special perks for different levels of membership. WordPress can help you build member

    ship websites easily.

    With many free and premium WordPress Membership plugins you can Build a

    WordPress membership site quickly and easily.



  • WP-Members and


    are few popular WordPress plugins to build membership websites with WordPress.

    12. Micro Blogging Like Twitter

    P2 is a theme for WordPress that transforms a mild-mannered blog into a super-blog

    with features like inline comments, a posting form right on the homepage, inline editing

    of posts and comments, real-time updates, and much more.

    13. Build Review Website With WordPress

    Yes you can create a review website with WordPress, Creating a WordPress review site

    is extremely straight forward.




    The Reviewer

    Smart Reviewer

    WE Review

    WordPress Review Site Builder

    MyReviewPlugin and

    WP Reviews

    are few plugins and themes that allows you to build review websites with WordPress.

    14. Start A Classifieds Site

  • 14. Start A Classifieds Site

    To build classifieds websites with WordPress you can use following plugins and themes







    WP Pro Automotive






    WordPress Classified Ads Theme



    are few original & most popular classified ads theme for WordPress.

    15. Build A Directory With WordPress

    Have you ever wanted to build a WordPress directory site similar to Yelp, Linkedin,

    Biznik, or Foursquare? If so, you are not alone. Business directory sites are great places

    to promote and build community in your industry niche. WordPress directory site can

    become nice source of passive income.

    Business Directory

  • Business Directory

    WP Direct