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  • St. Mary of Ostrabrama Church 30 Jackson Street, South River, NJ 08882

    Phone: 732-254-2220 Fax: 732-651-8182

    Website: www.stmarysr.com Facebook.com/stmarysr

    PARISH MISSION STATEMENT Saint Mary of Ostrabrama Parish, a Roman

    Catholic Community, embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ by fostering our rich traditions and serving the needs of others. Through worship,

    sacrament and prayer, all are invited to join with us as we continue to inspire and strengthen

    our parish family.

    MARCH 20, 2016 Palm Sunday of

    The Passion of the Lord


    Rev. Michael J. Gromadzki Pastor

    Thomas F. Dominiecki Deacon

    Mark Hennicke Deacon

    Mrs. Gayle Spezio, Assistant Administrator

    Mrs. Elizabeth Kurtz, Cemetery Coordinator

    Mrs. Rosemary Eckert, P.C.L., Faith Formation


    PARISH OFFICE: CEMETERY OFFICE: ostrabrama@stmarysr.com cemetery@stmarysr.com


    ST. MARY'S SCHOOL ALUMNI smsaa@stmarysr.com


    Sunday: 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM (Childrens Liturgy), 12:00 N (Polish)

    Saturday: Vigil Mass 4:00 PM Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri.: 8:00 AM / Thurs: 6:30 PM

    Holy Days of Obligation: 8:00 AM, 12:15 PM, 7:00 PM

    ROSARY: Prayed before daily Mass & before 4 PM Vigil & 8:30 AM

    Sunday Mass.

    MIRACULOUS MEDAL NOVENA: Every Monday following the 8:00 AM Mass.

    DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET: Prayed following all weekday Masses.

    CONFESSIONS: Saturdays 11:00 AM-12:00 Noon or by appointment.

    PARISH OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    CEMETERY OFFICE HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1:00 - 4:30 PM

    Or By Appointment



    SATURDAY (SOBOTA), MARCH 19 4 PM Pro Populo / For the People of the Parish

    SUNDAY (NIEDZIELA), MARCH 20 8:30 +Russell Koch, Sr. & +Leonard Blaska Req. by: Russ, Barbara & Len 10:30 +Leonard Florek Req. by: Wife, Children & Grandchildren 12 N +Walenty Domagala Req. by: Sister & Family Gorzkie ale

    MONDAY (PONIEDZIALEK), MARCH 21 Monday of Holy Week 8 AM +Leonard F. & Stella F. Blaska Req. by: Barb, Russ & Len

    TUESDAY (WTOREK), MARCH 22 Tuesday of Holy Week 8 AM +Joseph & Pauline Jancheski Req. by: Ted & Charlotte

    WEDNESDAY (SRODA), MARCH 23 Wednesday of Holy Week 8 AM +Paulina & Jan Brys Req. by: Helen Rojek

    THURSDAY (CZWARTEK), MARCH 24 Thursday of Holy Week / Holy Thursday 8 AM Morning Prayer 7 PM Mass of the Lords Supper

    FRIDAY (PIATEK), MARCH 25 Friday of the Passion of the Lord / Good Friday 8 AM Morning Prayer 2:30PM Divine Mercy Chaplet 3 PM Passion Service 7 PM Stations of the Cross ~ English & Polish

    SATURDAY (SOBOTA), MARCH 26 Holy Saturday 8 AM Morning Prayer 7 PM Pro Populo / For the People of the Parish SUNDAY (NIEDZIELA), MARCH 27 Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord 6:30 +Michael Wywrot Req. by: Parents 8:30 +Chester Migut Req. by: Wife, Sophie Migut & Son, Raymond 10:00 +Anna & John Adamusik Req. by: Son, Joe

    MASS INTENTIONS . . . Anyone wishing to present the gifts at the Offertory of the Mass, kindly speak to an usher prior to the beginning of Mass. Family members of those for whom the Mass is offered are always welcomed and encouraged to present the gifts and given priority.

    PARISH REGISTRATION: All parishioners should be registered. Parishioners over the age of 18 should register independently of their parents. It is necessary to be a registered parishioner for at least 3 months in order for us to provide testimonial letters. Kindly notify the Parish Office of any changes. BAPTISMS: Fourth Sunday of the month at 1 PM. Please call the Parish Office to make arrangements prior to making social plans. Parents & godparents must attend instructions on the third Sunday of the month at 11:30 AM in the Seniors Room. MARRIAGES: Arrangements should be made at least one year in advance, prior to making social plans. SICK CALLS: Arrangements for communion calls to the sick can be made by calling the Parish Office. Please notify the Parish Office when a parishioner is in the hospital. Emergency calls are made at any time. PARISH RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM (PREP): Instruction in the Catholic Faith for children in grades 1-8. Classes are held from September to April on Monday afternoons from 4:30 - 5:45 PM. Please contact the Parish Office for further information. RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (RCIA): A process of prayer, study, & spiritual formation which prepares unbaptized adults & adults baptized outside the Catholic Church to be in full communion.. Any adult 18 years of age or older who desires becoming a Catholic should call the Parish Office.


    Universal: Families in Difficulty - That families in need may receive the necessary support and that children may grow up in healthy and peaceful environments.

    Evangelization: Persecuted Christians - That those Christians who, on account of their faith, are discriminated against or are being persecuted, may remain strong and faithful to the Gospel, thanks to the incessant prayer of the Church.


    I tell you, Peter, before the cock crows this day, you will deny three times that you know me.

    -Luke 22:34

    How many times have you heard someone make a disparaging comment about Jesus or the Catholic faith? How do you react? Do you remain quiet not to cause a disturbance or worst yet, because you dont want your friends or family to think negatively about you? Pray for the courage to speak up and enter into a respectful dialogue.

  • Monday, March 21 Seniors Meeting 10 AM, Seniors Room PREP Classes 4:30-5:45 PM Chrism Mass 7:30 PM, St. Francis Cathedral

    Tuesday, March 22 Cenacle Prayer Group 8:30 AM, Chapel Holy Hour with Exposition of Blessed Sacrament Babka Pick up 3 - 6 PM, Parish Center Parish Office Closed

    Wednesday, March 23 Parish Office Closed

    Thursday, March 24 ~ Holy Thursday Morning Prayer 8 AM Mass of the Lords Supper 7 PM Parish Office Closed

    Friday, March 25 ~ Good Friday Morning Prayer 8 AM Divine Mercy Chaplet 2:30 PM Passion 3 PM Stations of the Cross ~ English & Polish 7 PM Parish Office Closed

    Saturday, March 26 ~ Holy Saturday Morning Prayer 8 AM Blessing of Easter Food 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 N, 1 PM Parish Center Easter Vigil 7 PM

    Sunday, March 27 ~ Easter Sunday Resurrection Mass in Polish 6:30 AM Masses in English 8:30 AM & 10:00 AM Easter Egg Hunt after all Masses on Rectory Lawn




    +Mary Salatowski - Friends

    REMEMBER THE SICK & HOMEBOUND, especially: Cindy Abreu-Maia, Nina Argresta, John Bladzinski, Marie Borichewski, Patricia Brink, Cathy Christan, Joan DeBoer, Thomas DelGuercio, John Dominiecki, Mary Dzienkowski, Tom Fackovec, Evelyn Fafara, Penelope Fry, Sophie Galinski, John Ganser, Matthew Giardelli, Maryann Goccia, Charles Griscavage, Amelia Halmo, Jean Hill, Aaron Hode, Eleanor Holz, Helen Hydrusko, Rose Johnson, Catheryn Kelly, Josephine Kish, Jason Klee, Marion Kovacs, Joan Krenzel, Mary P. Lementowicz, Michael Lucas, Tommy Lukowski, Anthony Martino, Wanda Massaro, Dorothy McMahon, Hannah Grace Michlik, Rozalia Milkowski, Frances Moken, Irene Palmowski, Joe Pawelek, Nicholas Piacenti, Stanley Plewa, Cecelia Polanski, Kevin Rasimowicz, C. Rasmussen, Edna Rice, Sr. Rosangela, Rosalie Rudy, Sean Ryan, Steven Samuel, Gregory Sciscoe, Eleanor Scupp, Stephen Soehngen, Joe Szumski, Pauline Terelmes, Sylvia Thrasher, Christine Tobin, Maria Uzzo, Arlene Watson, Claire Watson, Karolina Wojciechowski, Mary Wojciechowski, Edward Wolanin, Jr., Kathryn Wolanin, Barbara Zambrzicky, Maria Zamoyski, Henry Ziolkowski.


    Sanctuary Candle ~ Church +Michael Wywrot - Parents

    Blessed Mothers Altar Candles +Michael & Vera Nowicki - Friends

    Sacred Heart Altar Candles +Victor & Regina Charapowicki - Friends

    Candle for St. Joseph +Anna Korygoski - Lorraine & John

    Candle For St. Anthony +Kurt Schmidt - Lorraine & John

    Our Lady of Ostrabrama Candles Easter Blessings for the Parish - Friends

    Sanctuary Candle ~ Chapel +John Raymond Rzepka - Friends

    Divine Mercy Candles ~ Chapel +John & Sophie Rzepka - Friends

    St. Annes Altar Candles ~ Chapel {Available ~ $25 for two candles for one week}

    La Pieta Grotto Candles {Available ~ $25 for two candles for one week}

    Please contact the Parish Office to make arrangements to donate candles or wine & hosts in honor of a loved one.


    In addition to Mass intentions, St. Marys offers a variety of options to remember your loved

    ones or special occasions. All of the following are available throughout the year. The names and/or intentions will be printed in the bulletin for that week. Please contact the Parish Office for details and availability.

    Altar Flowers: Available weekly for specific areas in the church & chapel except Lent & Advent

    Wine & Hosts: Available for Masses for one week Candle Intentions: Available weekly for specific

    areas in the church & chapel Memorial Room Candles: Available monthly Memorial Room Plaques: Various sizes available Tree of Life: Leaves still available


    In observance of Holy Week, the Pari