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2. The major components of a datawarehousing process Data sources Data extraction Data loading Comprehensive database Metadata Middleware tools 3 3. 4 4. Three parts of the data warehouse The data warehouse that contains the data andassociated software Data acquisition (back-end) software that extractsdata from legacy systems and external sources,consolidates and summarizes them, and loadsthem into the data warehouse Client (front-end) software that allows users toaccess and analyze data from the warehouse 5 5. Architecture of a three-tierdata warehouse 6 6. Architecture of a two tier datawarehouse7 7. Architecture of web based data warehousing.8 8. Issues to consider when deciding whicharchitecture to use: Which database management system (DBMS) shouldbe used? Will parallel processing and/or partitioning be used? Will data migration tools be used to load the datawarehouse? What tools will be used to support data retrieval andanalysis? 9. Alternative Data Warehouse Architectures: EDW Architecture10 10. Alternative Data Warehouse Architectures: Data Mart Architecture11 11. Alternative Data Warehouse Architectures: Hub-and-Spoke Data Mart Architecture12 12. Alternative Data Warehouse Architectures: EDW and ODS (real time access support)13 13. Alternative Data Warehouse Architectures:Distributed Data Warehouse Architecture14 14. Alternative Architectures for Data Warehouse Efforts 15 15. Teradata Corp.s EDW 16 16. Ten factors that potentially affect the architecture selectiondecision: 1. Information5.Constraints on resourcesinterdependence between6.Strategic view of the dataorganizational units warehouse prior to 2. Upper managements implementationinformation needs7. Compatibility with existing 3. Urgency of need for a data systemswarehouse8. Perceived ability of the in- 4. Nature of end-user tasks house IT staff 9. Technical issues 10. Social/political factors 17. DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS ANDBUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. Turban Modern Data Warehousing, Mining, andVisualization: Core Concepts. George M.Marakas Modern Database Management.9thEdition.Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Mary B. Prescott,Heikki Topi