3. Customer experience - 3. Customer experience 3. Customer experience One of Amadeus’ core principles

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  • Amadeus Global Report 2018 A business, financial and sustainability overview

    Customer experience


  • 46 Amadeus Global Report 2018

    3. Customer experience

    3. Customer experience

    One of Amadeus’ core principles is to place our customers at the heart of everything we do. Amadeus seeks to anticipate and fulfill the needs of all our customers, delivering value to them with accountability throughout all stages of their experience with us, from the beginning to the end.

    As the travel industry evolves, our customers’ expectations do as well. We listen to their voice and evolve our organization and approach to deliver an experience that meets and even exceeds their expectations.

    3.1 Customer service and support Amadeus delivers a wide range of learning, support, automation, content and security management services. These help our customers to succeed by:

    _Helping them train, understand and use Amadeus solutions _Providing the highest level of functional and technical support _Securing and integrating travel industry content _Offering related consulting and value-added services at key touchpoints of the customer relationship

    The vision of our Customer Service teams is to provide the best customer service experience in our customers’ eyes. This is achieved by continually challenging the status quo to meet evolving customer needs, as well as developing and improving our performance. In 2018 Amadeus brought customer service closer to our customers by reorganizing our service capabilities with dedicated teams that serve different segments: travel agencies, corporations, airlines, airports and hotels, among other travel industry providers worldwide. This allows us to serve our customers in the way that best fits their specific needs and expectations.

    GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3 (Efficiency and operational excellence), 103-1, 103-2, 103-3 (Customer satisfaction)

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    3. Customer experience

    Support services

    Security management

    Implementation services

    Learning services

    Content management

    Services we offer

    Support services: always there for our customers In order to ensure proximity to our customers, we have built a strong local, regional and global presence.

    _Level 1 customer support is provided to our distribution customers by our local and regional helpdesk organizations. Customers have the support close to them, in the local language and with knowledge of market-specific products. Airlines can opt for an in-house helpdesk or outsource their Level 1 support to our Amadeus customer services experts.

    _Level 2 support is provided by the Amadeus Service Management Centers, which form a virtual support network distributed across the globe.

    Amadeus employs a follow-the-sun approach that provides seamless 24/7 service from our Service Management Centers.

    Regional, local and in-house


    Service Management


    Service Management Centers


    Amadeus support services

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

    The structure of this network is designed to guarantee technical and functional support at any time for all our customers worldwide.

    Our Service Management Centers located in Miami and Nice serve our travel agency, corporate and airline customers, while those in Bangkok and San José (Costa Rica) serve travel agencies and corporations.

    We also have dedicated service centers for airline customers in Dallas, London, Istanbul, Dubai, Bangalore, Manila, Tokyo and Sydney.

    _Level 3 support: our expert teams collaborate closely with Amadeus’ R&D, product management and operations teams to minimize R&D incident resolution time, reduce incident backlogs and improve the accuracy of responses. The synergies of their expertise allow for continuous improvement of the investigation and recovery of non-code-related incidents in complex areas.

    Main Customer Service locations1

    1 This diagram refers to the main locations for Customer Service, including the global sites and regional service centers. It does not include local sites.

    _Bangkok _Bengaluru _Bogotá _Buenos Aires _Dallas

    _Dubai _Hong Kong _Istanbul _Johannesburg _Kiev

    _Kuala Lumpur _London _Manila _Miami

    _Nice _San José _Sydney _Tokyo

    GRI 102-4

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    3. Customer experience

    Content management and security Amadeus’ content management and security teams integrate and secure industry and customer data.

    Our data management experts ensure that relevant, reliable and quality content is available to our customers 24/7. They also ensure the quality of the data fed into the Amadeus system from external data providers such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO).

    Their core business knowledge allows them to share expertise and provide Level 3 support to customers on a wide range of products and domains including reservations, inventory, ticketing and pricing, as well as security and access management.

    These experts analyze customer issues and provide recommendations through tailored services such as on-site customer training, data reports and fare filing on behalf of customers. One of the key services in this scope is consulting to ensure that customers make the best of Amadeus solutions.

    Our data experts are also responsible for worldwide and centralized security administration for Amadeus employees and customers. Their activities cover the integration, implementation and security of all travel industry content, ranging from schedules, fares, currencies and airport codes to security settings for offices, terminals and printers, as well as credentials for employees and new customers.

    Learning services To ensure that our customers make the best possible use of our technology, Amadeus delivers a blend of online, offline and instructor-led learning on Amadeus solutions. We use a variety of flexible formats such as self-paced e-learning, videos, instructor- led virtual training, webinars, classroom training, user guides and online help.

    We support the increasing demand for customized learning services from our customers globally, regionally and locally with relevant and flexible learning solutions. Our training services are delivered as standard in English for our airline customers, and whenever possible we provide training in local languages depending on the customer segment.

    We evolve as the needs of our customers evolve. In 2018 we deployed a new global online learning platform called Amadeus Learning Universe. It is available via Amadeus Service Hub, our online customer service portal, and customers can access learning and solutions information any time they need it, 24/7.

    Data hosted in the Amadeus system

    Negotiated fares



    Fare type codes

    Bank selling rates

    Corporate codes



    Passenger type codes Excess baggage



    Fuel surcharges Routings




    EOS agreements

    Terminal IDsLSS

    Security tables

    CRAS access Office IDs EUM agreements

    Fare quote security

    User groups

    CID Security


    Country codes Credit card validation

    Airport codes

    Form of payment

    Carrier preferred display

    Provider codesCity codes

    Daylight saving time


    Booking classes Frequent flyer numbers



    Equipment codes


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    3. Customer experience

    Implementation services Customers place a great amount of trust in Amadeus when changing the core of their business to new technologies. Whether it is an effortless installation of front-end systems, or implementations of highly sophisticated solutions, we are present and support our customers along this journey.

    Some airlines have limited resources and expertise to handle the implementation of new technologies. Since 2017, when we implemented a new approach in support of these airlines, we have been using our experience and expertise to guide them through the implementation process and challenges. This helps alleviate the pressure on their resources and ensure a smooth transition to the new systems.

    Reducing incident resolution time A team of technical analysts are fully engaged in ensuring that when technical incidents impact our system and services, our teams minimize the impact on customers and reduce the resolution time. These experts, based in our global operations center in Erding (Germany), monitor business performance to detect major issues before customers report them. The teams correlate incidents to changes made in the system, drive recovery efforts and anticipate the potential impact. When incidents happen, they proactively notify our customers to ensure their business continuity. Since the creation of this team, the results show that mean time to recover (MTTR) for major business incidents has been significantly reduced. Additionally, the teams have improved the speed of their communication with customers by reducing the time it takes for them to receive critical incident notifications by 50%. This is done via the Amadeus Critical Incidents Center online portal, and it allows our customers to make faster