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2. Databases are large collections of articlesthat the library pays to have access to.There are millions of articles in thelibrarys databases; however, there is noone place to search all of the databasesat once. Instead, you must search eachone that pertains to your subject.For this exercise, we will learn how tosearch in Academic Search Premier,which is a general database that hasarticles on many subjects. Each databaseis different, but most of the tips here willapply to other databases as well. 3. 1. Click Articles tab2. Click AcademicSearch Premier 4. 3. Click Advanced Search 5. 4. Input keywords of yoursearch within the search fields5. Click Search 6. 6. Limit the number of resultsto a manageable number tosearch through. Aim forhaving under 100 results. Toreduce the number of resultsuse limiters in the sidebar. 7. LimitersAdjust the date range toeliminate older articlesCheck the box to getScholarly/Peer-Reviewedarticles onlyClick on Subject: ThesaurusTerm to find subject termsrelated to your topic 8. Subject Terms7. Use subject terms in your search to getmore accurate results than a default search.Use the Subject: Thesaurus Term box or theSubjects listed underneath each article to find subjectterms that articles are tagged with 9. Subject TermsOnce you have found a goodsubject term, enter it into thesearch box and select SU fromthe drop-down menu.NOTE: You must use the exact subject term, eg., searching forcyberterrorism works, but a search for cyber terrorism willresult in an error; this is why we need to search for the exactsubject terms the database uses 10. Results after using limiters and a subject term search:Original search results: 11. 8. Hover your mouse over thisicon to see the Abstract orsummary of an article9. To view an article, click ,or * 12. The button could lead you to another database with the articleyou are looking for, or send you to the form below where you can requestthe article through Interlibrary Loan. Using Interlibrary Loan, the article willbe sent to you electronically, often within a week or less and free of charge.* 13. Confused? Have questions?St. Catherine University Library Set up an appointment with a librarian here Call the reference desk at the St. Paul campuslibrary at 651-690-6652 14. St. Catherine University LibraryThe end please continue tonext slideshow