25 Things I'Ve Learned About Life

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  • 7/27/2019 25 Things I'Ve Learned About Life


  • 7/27/2019 25 Things I'Ve Learned About Life


    18/06/13 25 Things I've Learned About Life - Musings of a Start-up Guy - Quora

    startuplife.quora.com/25-Things-Ive-Learned-About-Life?srid=3ZcO&share=1 2/4

    1. Take risks when you're young. The older you become, the

    harder it gets. But they should always be calculated.

    2. The most important thing you learn in school is how to learn.

    Once you master that, nothing will stand in your way. Never

    stop learning.3. I would rather say that I tried and failed than live a life of

    regret. You miss every shot you don't take.

    4. Dream big. Life is too short to only be mediocre.

    5. Music is the cheapest and simplest cure to life's problems.

    Queue up your favourite play list, put on some headphones,

    and take a walk. You'll instantly feel better.

    6. Drink beer. Lots of it. It makes you think more creatively. Oh,

    and wine too.

    7. Join clubs and put yourself in as many different social settings

    as possible. It will help you understand people and make you a

    better communicator.

    8. Start your own business as young as possible. Even if it's a

    lemonade stand, it will teach you business lessons you'll use

    for the rest of your life.

    9. If you're going to fail, fail fast and make it public. Don't drag it

    on. Then pick yourself back up. Knowing that others watched

    you fail will encourage you to prove them wrong.

    10. Meet lots of different people. Life is serendipitous in many

    ways and you never know what can happen.

    11. When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. Then pour

    it for all your friends. Be optimistic. It spreads like wild fire.

    12. Success does not lead to happiness. You need to be happy first

    before you can become successful. Find what makes you

    happy. Don't stop until you find it.

    13. Many people don't want to start businesses because they are

  • 7/27/2019 25 Things I'Ve Learned About Life


    18/06/13 25 Things I've Learned About Life - Musings of a Start-up Guy - Quora

    startuplife.quora.com/25-Things-Ive-Learned-About-Life?srid=3ZcO&share=1 3/4

    scared. Successful entrepreneurs got to where they are because

    they were willing to tread where others wouldn't. If you're too

    scared to leave your 9-5 job, entrepreneurship is not meant for


    14. Surround yourself with people way smarter than you. That isthe only way you will be challenged to grow.

    15. Only those who are with you during the struggles deserve to

    be with you when you celebrate the successes.

    16. Pick and choose your battles carefully. There are only 24 hours

    in a day. If something isn't worth your time, just say no...or

    outsource it to India ;) (thank you 4 Hour Workweek )

    17. The most important asset to invest in is yourself. Take classes

    to make yourself a better person and never stop learning. Buy

    books. Lots of them.

    18. True friends will never question why you disappeared off the

    face of the earth. They will be there for you unconditionally.

    19. The more comfortable you are with a job you don't want to be

    doing, the harder it will become to leave it and chase your

    dreams. Learn what you can, then go change the world.

    20. A dream job does not exist. You have to create it.

    21. Travel as much as you can. You will come back with a wider

    perspective of the world and more ideas on how to change it.

    22. "Thank You" - the most powerful two words in the English


    23. God gave us all a purpose. Don't settle until you find yours. I

    didn't think mine was to sit in front of computer screens and

    trade foreign exchange, so I kept looking.

    24. The world may seem big and scary. But the older you get, the

    more you realize that everything is man-made. Nothing is set

    in stone. Don't stick with the status quo.

  • 7/27/2019 25 Things I'Ve Learned About Life


    18/06/13 25 Things I've Learned About Life - Musings of a Start-up Guy - Quora

    startuplife.quora.com/25-Things-Ive-Learned-About-Life?srid=3ZcO&share=1 4/4

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    25. Life is not easy. But having the right support group with you

    during your journey goes a long, long way.

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