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  • 21/1/20Government and Public AffairsDirector's OfficeSamuel K. Gove Papers, 1948-89Archivists Note: Boxes 1-46 contain the original body of papers and Boxes 47-51 consist of anaccrual which was not integrated into the rest of the records.

    Box 1:

    Vitas, 1957, 1960Class Papers, Syracuse University, 1948Master's Thesis Correspondence, 1950-51Articles on "Reform Under Pressure" and "Reapportionment and the Cities", 1958, 1968Correspondence, 1951-57


    inc. Citizens Reapportionment Committee

    Box 2:

    Correspondence, 19651966(2 folders), 1967Jan. - June, 1968

    Box 3:

    Correspondence, July - Dec. 1968(2 folders), 1969(2 folders), 1970Jan. - June, 1971

    Box 4:

    Correspondence, July - Dec. 1971(2 folders), 1972(2 folders), 1973

    Oregon trip Nov. - Dec. 1973

  • 21/1/20 2

    Box 5:

    Correspondence, (2 folders), 1974(2 folders), 1975Jan. - June, 1976

    Box 6:

    Correspondence, July - Dec. 1976(2 folders), 1977(2 folders), 1978Jan. - June, 1979

    Box 7:

    Correspondence, July - Dec., 1979(2 folders), 1980(2 folders), 1981Jan. - June, 1982

    Box 8:

    Correspondence, July - Dec. 1982(2 folders), 1983(2 folders), 1984Jan. - June, 1985

    Box 9:

    Correspondence, July - Dec., 198519861987-881989

    Accounting & Auditing Reorganization, 1956Acid rain manuscript, B. Keenan & J. Stukel, 1985ACIR: A Mixed Review, Gove & Giertz Publius article, 1982Administrative Interns, 1984American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 1955-65AAUP, Executive, Nominating, Pensions & State Legislation Committees, 1959-63

    Policy Committee (2 folders), 1959-63

  • 21/1/20 3

    Box 10:

    AAUP, 1963-641964-651966-67Bulletin, Gove/Floyd article on public higher education, 1972-73Local chapter, 1973-761978-80Committee R, Federal & State Govt. Relations (6 folders), 1970-75

    Box 11:

    AAUP, Committee R, Federal & State Govt. Relations, 1978-791984

    American Political Science Association (APSA), 1950-72APSA, Interns, 1970

    Panel, M. Preston, 19821983State Legislative Service Fellows, 1970-71University Institutes Group, 1985

    American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)(2 folders), 1951-75

    Springfield Chapter, 1950, 1952-54, 1956-621956-57, 1965, 1967

    Box 12:

    ASPA, Springfield Chapter, Awards Committee, 1957-59Chapter File, Council, 1972Conference of University Bureaus of Governmental Research, 1961-68University Governmental Research Conference (CUGR)(4 folders), 1969-71CUGR, Denver Panel (2 folders), 1969-71Philadelphia Panel, 1969-70

    Box 13:

    ASPA, Council on Graduate Education in Public Administration, 1964Ad Hoc Committee on Internships, 1976-77Policy Issues Committee, 1983-84

    Americana Encyclopedia and Annual, 1955-69Association of Governing Boards of Higher Education article, 1986

  • 21/1/20 4

    Atlanta University, Evaluation of Fellows & Intern Program, 1975Auditor General office course, 1977-78Budget, Bipartisan Federal Appeal, 1983-85Champaign County, Development Council, Technical Advisory Board, 1964-66

    Regional Planning Commission, 1975Study Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation, 1976-78

    Chancellor's Conference, 1982Chicago Bar Association, Public Hearing Study, 1967-68

    Politics after Daley, Gove & Masotti (2 folders), 1979-87University of Illinois at, College of Urban Sciences, 1972-73

    Box 14:

    Community Information & Education Service, Advisory Committee, KelloggFoundation, 1978-84Resources Development Programs, 1969-70

    Comptroller's Office, 1973Conflicts of Interest, Code on avoidance of, 1967-68Constitutions, National Council for Revision of State, 1968-71Continuing Education & Public Service Program, U of I, 1975-77

    Studies, 1981Council of State Governments, Advisory Committee, 1969-71Daily Illini consultants panel, 1965-66Dangerfield (Royden) Memorial, 1969-70Desegregation Project, 1976Educational Policy Book, 1973-77

    Research Office, Advisory Board, 1981Elections, Primary results, 1966

    Studies, Conference Group,Electoral Systems, Conference Group on Reapportionment &, 1984Energy Facility Study, Lower Ohio River Basin, 1976-77

    Policy Research, 1976Task force on, 1975

    Entertainment Expenses, Ad Hoc Comm. On Univ. Reimbursement, 1969-70Environmental Issues Council, 1982

    Management Program Ford Foundation, 1977-80Studies Institute, Advisory Committee, 1971-75

    Equal Employment Opportunities Conference, 1966-67

    Box 15:

  • 21/1/20 5

    Federal Studies Conference, 1973Federalism and Acid Rain, 1983-84Fisher-Walzer Book, 1979Fishman, William E. Project, 1981-83Ford Foundation Project, Public Fund Investment, 1968Foreign Policy Association, 1952-54Future of Illinois Task Force, Advisory Committee, 1978-79General Assembly, Illinois Assembly on the, 1966

    Committee on Arrangements for Biennial Visit, 1967Commission to Study Organization of the, KatzCommission, (COOGA) Gove File, 1965-67Steiner File, 1965-671966

    General Assembly, COOGA, Paul Mason Report, April 1966June, 1966Lobbyists & Professors Testimony, 1966Testimony Placed in The Record, 1966Hearing, Feb. 1, 1966Feb. 15, 1966Meetings, Sept. 14, 1966Reports, 19661967Improving the State Legislature, 1967

    Box 16:

    General Assembly, COOGA, Subcommittee on Constitutional Impacts, Working Materials, 1963-66(2 folders), 1963-661966Report, 19661966-71, 1973Committee on Joint Rules, 1972-73

    General Assembly, An Introduction to the, 1967, 1972-76Committee on the Organization of the, 1970-73

    Georgia, University of, State & Local Government Review, 1975-82Governmental Research Association, 1960-62


    Box 17:

    Governor's Action Office, 1975

  • 21/1/20 6

    Higher Education, Publius article, 1983-84Conference for Department Heads, 1968-72Summer Interns Program (5 folders), 1969-77

    Governors and Higher Education, 1985-86, 1988, 1992The Governors and Higher Education State Government Volume 58- 2, Summer 1985 Politics and the Elected Board AGB Reports September/October 1986 Governors and Higher Education October 1988University of Nebraska Board of Regents report, 1985-1992

    Handbook on Legislative Oversight, 1982Health Internship Proposal, 1978

    Professionals, Fostering Ethical Values During Education of, 1975-76Higher Education, Politics of, interested persons, 1972-74

    Public Opinion Study, 1971Hirsch, Jerry, 1974-76Hodge Case, 1956-58Housing & Urban Development Dept., Title VIII, Local Govt. Affairs Grants, 1970-73Housing Research & Development Advisory Committee, 1973Human Rights Day, 1949-50Humanities, Social Sciences & Engineering Council, 1972-73

    Box 18:

    ICMA/NASPAA Urban Management Education Program, 1976Illini Horizons, News-Gazette, 1967Illinois Blue Books, 1951-63

    Board of Higher Education (IBHE), Agendas & Minutes, 1971Committee N, Governance, 1970IBHE, Higher Education Act, Title I, Community Service, 1967-69Council on Community Service & Continuing Education, 1971-73Letters of Interest (2 folders), 1972Book,Civic Exchange, 1955-68

    Secretary - Treasurer, 1950-56Legislative Reapportionment Committee, 1952-53

    Illinois, Commission on Human Relations, 1960-61Comprehensive State Health Planning Agency, 1972Humanities Council, Government by Budget, 1975-77

    Box 19:

    Illinois Issues (6 folders), 1973-85

  • 21/1/20 7

    Board, 1974-79

    Box 20:

    Illinois Issues, Search for Publisher/Editor, 1976-77Illinois Legislative Staff Interns, 1961-84

    Local Politics Chapters, ca. 1961Municipal League, 1952-67

    Intergovernmental Cooperation, 1967State Chamber of Commerce, Governmental Operations Committee, 1970-76;1982Survey, Burdge, 1977-78Today & Tomorrow, Rural Development Issues, 1977-82University Public Administration Group, 1971-72

    Box 21:

    Internship Programs & Opportunities Task Force, 1984-85Inter-University Case Program, 1952-64Jones-Laughlin Study, ca. 1965Katz Commission, Zion meeting, (see COOGA), Nov. 14-15, 1967Kellogg Foundation, Community Education Proposal, 1974Koch Case, 1960-61, 1963-64Land-Grant Centennial, General Assembly & State Officials, 1960-62Law Enforcement Commission Proposal, Illinois, 1978-79Law & Planning, Institute on, 1968-69Legislative Council, Ad Hoc Committee to Study Future of, 1981Legislative Politics in Illinois Reviews, 1960-63Legislative Seminars, Advisory Committee, 1984-86Liberal Studies, Ad Hoc Committee on M.A. in, 1977-79Lincoln Academy of Illinois, 1971-78Local Government Affairs Dept., Advisory Council, 1970-71

    Commission, Minutes, 1967-69Governments Commission, 1968-69Public Service, Mid-Career Continuing Education, 1969

    Long Range Education Staff Improvement Committee, 1968

    Box 22:

    Manpower Assembly Planning Committee, 1980-81Master of Arts in Public Administration (MAPA) Grant Requests, 1974-80Mental Health Symposium Papers, Feb. 17, 1973

  • 21/1/20 8

    Midwest, Conference on Improving the Economy of the, 1981Political Science Association, Audit Committee, 19701978Meeting, April 11-14, 1984

    Monypenny, Phil, Retirement Reunion, 1984Municipal Finance Officers Association, Illinois, March 1965

    Officials Conference, Newly - Elected, Questionnaires, 1967Problems Commission, 1964-74, 1978Questionnaires & Reports, 1966-70

    National Academy of Public Administration, 1978-84

    Box 23:

    National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration(NASPAA), 1972-7519761977-80Committee on Public Service Internships (2 folders);1974-76; 1976-77; 1984Internship Standards & Guidelines, 1977-78Research Task Force, 1983-84Urban Administration Fellowship, 1981

    Box 24