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2020 TREND FORECAST 2020 TREND FORECAST Every year, WTS gathers the latest trends in spa, fitness, lifestyle page 2
2020 TREND FORECAST 2020 TREND FORECAST Every year, WTS gathers the latest trends in spa, fitness, lifestyle page 3
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2020 TREND FORECAST 2020 TREND FORECAST Every year, WTS gathers the latest trends in spa, fitness, lifestyle

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    Every year, WTS gathers the latest trends in spa, fitness, lifestyle and wellness from our global staff of directors, service providers

    and industry experts. Our findings are presented below.

    e p i g e n e t i c s a n d h e a lt h Epigenetic, meaning above the genome, is the science behind how we can modify the way our bodies utilize genetic code. Even though we can’t change the genes our parents gave us, we can improve the way our bodies work. Some factors are in our control and through a healthy diet and exercise program, we can decrease the development of disease. New to the research are the effects of lifestyle choices. By reducing stress and promoting a holistic look at wellness, people can improve their health and not just blame our genes. More medical centers, spas, and fitness facilities with this broader understanding are offering programs that intersect and focus on the whole person.


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    b l u e l i g h t p r o t e c t i o n Most people know about the importance of wearing sunscreen to

    protect from UV rays but research shows there is potential long- term harm from blue light exposure. Blue light is emitted from

    electronic devices like computers and phones and can damage our eyesight and skin. Also, blue light may disrupt sleep cycles and cause wrinkle formation and hyperpigmentation. Wellness

    facilities are selling products that protect your skin and eyes and offering digital detox programs to promote less screen time.

    r e c o v e r y e q u i p m e n t Recovery has become a key component in achieving fitness

    goals. Professional athletes are sharing their training techniques and how restorative tools and sessions allow them to play longer

    and injury-free. Gyms are adding assisted stretch sessions, percussion and compression technologies, cryotherapy

    chambers, and creating partnerships with chiropractors and acupuncturists. Home equipment sales are up with people using

    some of this same equipment away from the gym to prevent fatigue and to allow their bodies to recover and get stronger.

    o l d e r a d u lt t r a i n i n g p r o g r a m s Even though Baby Boomers will be outnumbered by Millennials for the first time this year, people are living longer and want to live with meaning and purpose. Long gone is the modest, gray-haired image of the over 50 crowd. Emerging is an engaged, strong, and fit consumer. More programs will be offered catering to the active needs of older adults focusing on bone density, balance, mobility and brain health. Physical activity can reduce the risk of falls and fall- related injury. Also, fitness programs can lower your risk of developing new chronic health problems like heart disease and diabetes and allow adults to thrive independently longer.


  • 06 n u t r i t i o n-b a s e d f i t n e s s The conversation around fitness and food keeps growing. With the proven importance of a healthy diet in conjunction with an active lifestyle, a shift toward this relationship has never been stronger. A lifestyle medicine approach or proactive health will be prominent in most fitness centers. Messaging and programs will be geared towards helping members adopt healthy behaviors. Look for more classes and workshops that include diet and lifestyle as part of a preventive approach to wellness.

    t e c h i n w e l l n e s s Wellness has become more personalized with individual health- care devices. You can easily track your activity, your diet, your water consumption, sleep, skin PH, sun damage, stress levels, and noise levels. You can set reminders to move more, drink more, or set a feature to “celebrate” when you achieve a certain level of activity. All this data can give you a holistic look at your overall health and inspire you to make better choices every day. We see this trend expanding from wearables to smart toilets (collecting data that was only previously shared in the doctor ’s office) to mobile apps that organize your health records, monitor specific biomarkers that could detect changes in blood flow, glucose levels, and warn you about blood alcohol exceeding legal levels. In the near future, these apps could incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to help with psychiatric care, binge eating, migraine prevention, and much more.

    c u s to m i z e d s k i n c a r e Skincare of the past meant topicals with a few basic options. Customers would self-select a routine based on their perception of their needs. They could go to a local drug store or department store. However, today people are turning to experts to customize their care to meet their individualized concerns. This includes results-driven products, laser and peels, supplements, lifestyle, and diet suggestions. Tailored treatments are surfacing in spas and fitness centers plus at home beauty devices and regimens for “between” services. Skincare has become yet another piece and indication of overall health.



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    f u n c t i o n a l t r a i n i n g Functional training continues to remain a top fitness training

    modality. It goes beyond a typical workout in that its purpose (or function) is to help you perform better outside the gym.

    Consisting of a mix of circuit and HIIT styles with an emphasis on lunges and squats, it concentrates on groups of muscles

    working together instead of isolated muscle work. Functional training uses free weights and not machines to incorporate the way your body naturally moves. This workout style can help prevent injuries and build balance, coordination, and

    core strength. What is different this year is that the methods are becoming more diverse with regard to the types of

    equipment used. Steel maces, Bulgarian bags, and high tech pieces like the Reax Board are being introduced. Also, we are

    seeing old style gym class equipment making a comeback to change up workouts and create play-based training.

    a lt e r n at i v e t h e r a p i e s g o m a i n s t r e a m Mind-body therapies, or alternative therapies, are not alternative

    anymore. Most fitness and spa customers will expect to have access to integrative treatments like acupuncture,

    meditation, reiki, massage therapy, and a range of movement programs. New to the scene are sleep specialists, life

    coaches, healers, and spiritual guides. Members want their health and wellness needs to be met under the same roof

    and we see this shift strengthening in the coming year.

    s u s ta i n a b l e w e l l n e s s a n d b e au t y Consumers want their impact on the environment to be reduced. They have shown with their spending habits that they will pay more for products with an eco-friendly mission. They expect less packaging, recyclable or biodegradable containers and that is just a starting point. They want to support innovators in the marketplace that are using refillable packaging or reusing plastics that are collected from ocean waste or product concentrates that remove water from the ingredient list to save on shipping resources that use smaller containers. Consumers not only choose this for home use but it is an important factor when becoming a member of a gym or spa.


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