2019 into 2020 - Jolly Phonics Jolly Phonics is a fun child centred approach to teaching synthetic phonics

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  • “Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only

    capable of learning, but also capable of succeeding.” - Robert John Meehan

    2019 into 2020

  • Prep Enrolment Process

    Whitfield State School Pre Prep Transition Program


    Pick up an Application for Enrolment Pack from our front office, or call 4034 7333 to

    have one posted to your address. Below is our enrolment process for you to follow.

    1. Paperwork to be handed in when you Lodge your Enrolment:

    • Application for Enrolment Form

    • Your Child’s Birth Certificate

    • Junior Resource Form

    • Prep Questionnaire

    • Proof of residency (if you live in our catchment area)

    • Court Orders (if any)

    Our office staff will then contact you to organise an enrolment interview.

    2. All Parents and Children are to attend a Prep Enrolment Interview

    Enrolment Interviews are being held on the following days:

    Thursday 15 August

    Tuesday 17 September

    Thursday 24 October

    Tuesday 12 November

    Tuesday 3 December

    The purpose of the interview is to go through the information you have submitted on your enrolment

    form and prep questionnaire and to clarify any details regarding these forms.

    It is also a chance for you to ask any questions you have regarding your child’s enrolment.

    3. Confirmation of Enrolment

    Enrolments within our catchment area:

    All students who live in our catchment area have an automatic enrolment to the school.

    Enrolments outside our catchment area:

    We will contact you within two weeks of your enrolment interview to confirm

    whether or not you have a place at the school.

    At this stage, we anticipate there will be some spaces for out of catchment enrolments.

    A letter will be emailed in Week 10 of the school year with the following information:

    • Class and Classroom Teacher

    • Sports House and colour

    • Uniform Shop Information

    • School Map If you have any

    questions in relation to

    our interview process,

    please do not hesitate

    to contact the school

    on 4034 7333.

  • Pre Prep Activities

    Whitfield State School Pre Prep Transition Program


    Come along to our Early Learning Fun (ELF) Day

    This is being held on Friday 21 June 2019 from 09.00am to 11.00am.

    Our ELF Day (Early Learning Fun Day) promotes ways to explore and celebrate young

    children. There are many different ways learning occurs in the early years, and it is important

    for parents, teachers and community members to foster this learning.

    Some important areas of learning include:

    • respect for others

    • how to relate to others, both adults and other children

    • how to resolve conflict

    • problem solving skills

    • communication

    • getting used to the things that make people different from each other

    • self-knowledge - understanding of feelings, a sense of your own strengths,

    talents and uniqueness

    • confidence

    • behaving in acceptable ways and controlling your own behaviour.

    Email the school on admin@whitfieldss.eq.edu.au to RSVP your attendance.

    Every student

    is capable of



    Join in on one of our Principal’s Tours Experience what Whitfield State School has to offer by visiting our classrooms and school. See and hear

    about our High Impact Teaching and Learning practices, the breadth of opportunities students have to grow

    and extend their talents; and witness how fun, safe and enjoyable a place our school is for students to learn.

    The best way to get a feel for our school is to experience it for yourself. We warmly invite parents or

    prospective parents of our school to participate in a Principal’s Tour, followed by an opportunity to have a

    conversation with our Principal over morning tea and meet other school personnel. These tours are for

    parents only.

    Principal tour dates for 2019 are:

    Monday 5 August at 9.00am

    Tuesday 3 September at 10.00am

    Thursday 17 October at 9.00am

    Friday 8 November at 10.00am

    Wednesday 27 November at 9.00am

    For further information or to arrange a booking please contact

    principal@whitfieldss.eq.edu.au, or call us on 4034 7311.

    mailto:admin@whitfieldss.eq.edu.au mailto:principal@whitfieldss.eq.edu.au

  • Pre Prep Activities (continued)

    Whitfield State School Pre Prep Transition Program


    Come along to our ‘Tears and Tim Tams’ Morning Tea This is being held on Tuesday 28 January 2020 from 9.15am to 10.00am

    A morning tea will be held for all parents of new students in the Learning

    Resource Centre (LRC) for you to meet other parents and our Leadership

    Team. Please come along and have a cup of tea/coffee and a chat to other

    Mums, Dads and Carers

    Don’t forget

    that first

    day photo!

    Fast Facts

    Start and finish of day

    • During the first term, Prep Students

    must be signed in and out of their


    • School starts at 8.50am. Please note

    that the opening times of each

    classroom can vary between 8.30am

    and 8.50am. Parents are welcome to

    wait outside the classroom until the

    teacher arrives.

    Attend our Prep Experience/Open Day

    This is being held on Monday October 21 from 8.45am to 11.30am

    Come and experience Prep the “Whitfield Way”.

    All parents who have submitted an Application for Enrolment form will be invited to this event. Your child will

    be allocated to a classroom with a prep teacher, a year 1 teacher and two teacher aides.

    Each child will experience the following:

    • A music /dance/drama lesson

    • A library session

    • A HPE lesson

    • Classroom learning

    • Indoor play

    The Prep Experience Session, will provide you and

    your child with information needed to:

    • have a little taste of what prep learning will be all about

    • gain vital information needed for a smooth transition to prep

    • give your child more confidence starting prep at the beginning of 2020.

    Parents are encouraged to attend the classroom visits. There will also be a question and answer session for

    parents during this Open Day.

  • Preparatory Learning

    Whitfield State School Pre Prep Transition Program


    What will my child learn in the Preparatory Year? Our school teaches the Australian Curriculum to all year levels. Your child

    will participate in learning in English, Maths, Science, History and Social

    Sciences, Technology, the Arts, including Music, Drama, Dance and Health

    and Physical Education.

    Learning experiences in the preparatory year will help your child to;

    • Take on responsibilities

    • Become more independent

    • Respect other people

    • Cooperate with others

    • Develop their physical skills

    • Learn about the environment

    • Develop their oral language

    • Develop early literacy understanding.

    • Use their imagination and creativity

    • Develop early mathematical understanding

    • Learn how to be thinkers and problem solvers

    • Make sensible choices about personal health and safety

    What will I see my child doing? • Investigating

    • Making choices

    • Designing

    • Singing and dancing

    • Painting, cutting, pasting and drawing

    • Listening

    • Playing games inside and out

    • Climbing, balancing and jumping

    • Planning

    • Sharing

    • Using computers

    • Constructing

    • Writing and copying Measuring

    • Reading

    • Talking with other students and teachers

    Every Child

    Every Day

  • Enrichment of Learning

    Whitfield State School Pre Prep Transition Program


    Prep Programs delivered within the school are to support student learning

    and provide students with an opportunity to ‘strive for the peak’ throughout

    their school journey. Students participate in daily literacy and numeracy

    lessons within busy classrooms where students are engaged in collaborative

    learning experiences which are explicit, scaffolded and rich with language.

    Programs and lessons covered include:

    Jolly Phonics

    Jolly Phonics is a fun child centred approach to teaching synthetic phonics.

    There are actions for each of the 42 letter sounds and motivating lessons

    for students to participate in. The letters are delivered into 7 distinct

    groups to support the beginning stages of reading and writing.

    In-class activities are daily.

    For more information please visit:


    Sight Words

    Sight words are words that need to be recognised quickly in order to be read

    fluently. The Magic 100 words make up 50% of words that we encounter

    when reading.

    In Prep, students are expected to learn these Magic 100 Words.

    Recognition of each word is to be automatic.

    For more information please visit:



    Students partic