2018 Nature Wildlife Photography Contest Parker River ... Nature Wildlife Photography Contest Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

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2018 Nature & Wildlife Photography Contest Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Image Judging Criteria Technical: Exposure Under or over? Compliment or interfere with images impact? Appropriately sharp? Composition: Effective use of classic rules ie. leading lines, framing, level horizons, etc.? Placement of main subject? Depth of field? Distractions? Image Judging Criteria Other considerations Tell a story or convey a message? Illustrate animal behavior or relationship with habitat vs. static portrait (if wildlife image)? Creative treatment of a common subject? Original? Impact: eg. visceral or emotional response? Dynamic? Third Place Martin Culpepper Youth Category Second Place John Owens Youth Category Youth Category First Place Tie Youth Category First Place Rory OConnor Youth Category First Place Martin Culpepper Plum Island Nature & Wildlife Third Place Alan B. Ward Plum Island Nature & Wildlife Second Place Russell Seidel Plum Island Nature & Wildlife First Place Robert Bissett Connecting People with Nature Third Place Mark Helton Connecting People with Nature Second Place Ben Achtenberg Connecting People with Nature First Place Karen Cameron New England Wildlife Third Place Wayne Wetherbee New England Wildlife Second Place Tom Spine New England Wildlife First Place Ken Jordan New England Nature Honorable Mention Edward Stapel New England Nature Third Place Irene Mueller New England Nature Second Place Robert Bissett New England Nature First Place Will Putnam Best in Show Ken Jordan Thank you!


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