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    StoreP6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1

    Rm 76 Rm 75 Rm 74

    Staff Office

    Reception Director of Instrumental and

    Vocal Studies

    Directorof Music(upstairs)

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    Stairs to Class and Practice Rooms

    Student Instrument Store

    Rehearsal Studio




    Director of Instrumental


    Music Department Room PlanStore Room


    behind Music at left end of Dining Room


    behind Music on College Rear Drive

    Student Instrument Store

    ROCK FARM STUDIO First floor above Sports Centre Eastern Foyer



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    Music at ImmanuelMusic can be accessed by all students at Immanuel from Reception to Year 12.

    Students have the option of absorbing musical knowledge and skills through: the Primary, Middle and Senior School Classroom/Elective Programs; individual instrumental and vocal instruction; participation in extra-curricular musical activities; Novar Music Learning Centre after hours community program.

    Music reaches into the lives of over 1300 students across the Immanuel Primary, Middle and Senior Schools in a program of activities incorporating many instrumental and choral ensembles including concert bands, stage bands, studio orchestra, string orchestras, concert and chamber choirs and smaller jazz and rock combos. Under the guidance of more than 40 specialist classroom and instrumental teachers, a balance of traditional approaches with the use of modern technology and academic growth with professional performance opportunities is achieved.

    Within the College curricular program, students experience a diverse and relevant musical education via the units composing and arranging, musicianship, music history, sound production and recording techniques and industry skills via the embedded VET Certificate II in Music. This very balanced and rigorous academic program has led consistently outstanding Music results at SACE Stage II with several A+ Merits being achieved.

    With an average of fifty public performances a year, the extra-curricular program extends the students experiences beyond their imaginations and has previously included activities such as:

    country tours to Kangaroo Island, Barossa Valley, Yorke Peninsula; interstate tours; overseas tours to Malaysia, United States, New Zealand, Singapore concerts with Anthony Callea,Tim Campbell, Don Burrows, Kevin Hunt,

    James Morrison, Tommy Emmanuel, Ross Irwin; workshops with international musicians; hosting visiting interstate or international groups; professionally staged musicals at city theatres; music showcases at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide Festival

    Theatre, Adelaide Town Hall, Elder Hall, Norwood Concert Hall and Queens Theatre;

    winning entries at the Eisteddfod Choral Competitions, ABODA School Bands Festival & Generations in Jazz Festival

    performances for community and service organisations and music festivals.

    Music at Immanuel is designed to facilitate individual knowledge and skill development as well as social development for our students

    through their primary and secondary years and beyond.

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    Why do Music at Immanuel College?

    Music is fundamental to creative, intellectual and emotional development and offers students an outstanding opportunity to make growth through:

    knowledge in a life-long skill area;

    involvement, sharing, discipline and commitment in a most pleasurable learning activity;

    acquiring informed appreciation in a rapidly growing area that is assuming increasing importance in our society;

    developing and refining expertise in a selected area of music;

    preparation for: a variety of tertiary education programmes active involvement in church, community or leisure activities professional and/or community involvement;

    the unique opportunity to perform either individually or as part of a group.

    There are many ways of making music at Immanuel and developing performance and presentation skills.

    It is a dynamic part of the curriculum and co-curricular programs at Immanuel and it enhances all of our events.

  • Music Student Handbook > Page Five

    Music Department Policy

    The following statements have been developed to inform students and parents regarding the expectations of students involved in the Immanuel College Music Programme. Students at Immanuel College may be involved in both curricular and/or extra curricular programs.

    Curricular The Elective Music Course provides a sound basis and background of experiences for students to take SACE Music Stages 1 and 2. All Elective Music students are required to take weekly 30 minute instrumental or vocal lessons and participate in a class instrumental ensemble, supplemented by relevant theoretical components.

    Year 8 students with no previous experience are required to learn a concert band instrument and may receive group instruction, free of charge, on a selected instrument until such time as individual tuition is considered advisable. Students who have already reached an acceptable standard on a stringed instrument are accepted into the String Programme. Advanced piano students who wish to major in that instrument in senior years are encouraged to gain experience on a band/string instrument in order to participate actively in ensembles where there are only limited positions available for keyboard players.

    Students who successfully complete Year 9 and 10 Music will satisfy the course requirements of the nationally recognised VET Certificate II in Music. This Certificate is a pathway to further studies in Music at Immanuel College and other tertiary learning institutions. The VET Certificate II in Music carries 280 nominal hours, which is the equivalent of 4 SACE credits.

    It is expected that students give a three year commitment to classroom and instrumental music in order to gain maximum benefit from tuition, nominal hire fees and the broad range of curriculum and performance opportunities.

    Extra-Curricular All students are invited to audition for the extra-curricular ensembles listed under Extra-Curricular Performance Groups. It is assumed that students accepted into these groups undertake private instrumental tuition either on or off campus unless some other arrangement is agreed to by the director of the relevant ensemble.

    If selected for an ensemble, students are expected to maintain a commitment to attend all rehearsals and performances until the end of Term Four.

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    Instruments1. Hire

    College instruments (except guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard) are available for hire but preference is given to Years 8 and 9 Elective Music Students.

    The instrument hire fee is $280.00 per year Hire fees are charged to College accounts during Term One or when hiring commences. A hire instrument document will be distributed to parents specifying the instrument and serial number. Current instrument loan status can be viewed by accessing the Immanuel College Resource Centre homepage in immi and logging into the Oliver database.

    If a student discontinues lessons or changes instruments, the original instrument must be returned to the Music Office immediately, examined by a staff member and then signed back into the library by Music staff. A record of instrument return will then be emailed to parents confirming the proper return of the instrument.

    The Music Department will not cancel or alter the hiring arrangement unless this procedure has been followed. If an instrument is returned during the academic year, a proportional hire refund will be credited to the college fee account. Instruments must be cleaned before they are returned.

    2. Purchase More advanced students are encouraged to buy their own instruments in order to make the College instruments available for new students. Where the instruments are in the higher price range eg. bassoon, oboe, the College is prepared to hire these until the senior years. Should a large number of students continue hiring school instruments, the programme could be seriously restricted. Instrumental and departmental staff should be consulted regarding the purchase of a suitable instrument.

    3. Maintenance Students and parents are reminded that they are responsible for the safekeeping of instruments during the hire period. If an instrument is lost or damaged in any way, please inform a member of staff promptly so that the appropriate action can be taken. Music and books should not be rolled up or jammed into instrument cases this can damage music and instruments.

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    Instrumental teachers have been asked to periodically check the condition and cleanliness of instruments. Urgent repairs are done during the term, otherwise general maintenance will take place at a suitable time. Students are expected to clean instruments regularly and should seek the assistance of instrumental staff in this matter. All students must take their instruments home over the holidays and are asked to take particular care when transporting instruments.

    The College covers the cost of general maintenance of College instruments. However, parents will be expected to pay for excessive damage and/or neglect, or replacement if the instrument is lost. College instruments in need