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Popcorn Kickoff

2015 Jelly Belly Camp Sales - files.ctctcdn.comfiles.ctctcdn.com/278e3003101/29d9d015-84fa-4b6d-8d06-7e8adc9… · Who Am I? • Cub Master Jacob Fewx (ret.) • Unit went from $300

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  • Popcorn Kickoff

  • Who Am I?• Cub Master Jacob Fewx (ret.)• Unit went from $300 in 2010 to $41,000 in

    2014• Everything we do is paid for by popcorn• Donated $11,000 in popcorn to local

    military• Unit had 4 Scouts of 13 make the $2500 TE

    scholarship mark• Unit had 5 of top 10 , 11 of 13 sold over

    $400. • Unit Account and Scout Account

    PresenterPresentation Notes2012-5k 2013-17k 2014-40k Parents have realized the value of the experience and appreciate the scouting program that the funds pay for. Stats 12 scouts scout average $1175. Average per hour $125 to $250.


    PresenterPresentation NotesOur unit has 4 inflatable kayaks, 5 16 lb bows with arrows. Camping gear for 20 people with full kitchen set up. What do you need?

  • Identify the Need• Redirecting the river by Ken Krogue• River is the need to support community• Give your Scout the reason why the money is

    better spent on a Scout• Unit needs• Customer’s needs

    PresenterPresentation NotesArticle on Steve Jobs recognizing the river of need for consumers and portable music. He didn’t try to create a need by creating a new product with the Ipod. He simply took a need and then diverted part of the need by opening a channel. Selling popcorn and relying on a person to be hungry is like waiting for rain to fill the river and then waiting for the river to empty into a lake before you dip your cup in to get some water out.

    If you recognized a person’s need to be a part of the community and community support, then you are dealing with an already full river., now you can wait for that water to get to the lake or you can divert some of that water your direction directly from the river.

    Many people give to persons standing on the corner—this is very profitable to the panhandlers, otherwise they would not be doing it. They aren’t “cute” so there isn't a cute factor going in their favor. Why do people give to them? They may be wretched, so sympathy may be a factor. Their ability to raise money may not even lie in them but in the person giving the money and the feeling they get that they helped someone or helped the community because there is no product being offered by the panhandler.

    Teach the Scout that he is the product, his community service is the product and to tap into the customer’s need to support the community.

  • Making It FunSame graph for scout learning. Its fun till it becomes work then fun level drops. Not until mastery of the skill do they get true enjoyment.

    PresenterPresentation NotesWe have all seen this. Kid gets new video game or toy and plays with it nonstop for 3 hours then all of a sudden he hasn’t touched it in 3 months. Fun is gone, So how do we motivate a scout to move past the $200 in sales and get to $5000 in sales. By teaching the scout mastery of the sale. That it isnt about popcorn, its about him, that he has the strength, skills, and confidence to be the best. Teach disappointment, teach success, teach goal making, teach philanthropy.

  • Hard Sale vs Soft Sale• Mimi Ikonn. • Buy my popcorn-I’m selling popcorn (Hard Sale)• Soft Sales are when you sold something that the

    person didn’t even realize they were going to buy• Frank Kardes and others* have concluded that a soft sell, with an implied

    conclusion rather than an overt hard sell, can often be more persuasive. Soft sell is also less likely to be irritating to consumers

    PresenterPresentation NotesHow many fundraisers are you doing the Hard Sale way. Our Unit success has been because we practice the Soft Sale method. I talked with one of the parents about the his son’s sales and he did very well verses many other boys. When I asked the parent how he accomplished this, what was his method the response was brunt force, Constantly out there doing the hard sale method of buy my popcorn. what was interesting is that towards the end of the the 2014 season his son start to realize the soft sale method. I admired that and we spoke about how to quadruple his sales for 2015 by mastering the soft sale.

    Mimi fashion blogger making 1 million a year on you tube. Never mentions selling anything.

    Frank… Hard sale leaves people feeling guilty, over charges, lack of value in the product or done out of sense of responsibility. Soft sale produce a sense of comradery, participation by proxy, satisfaction of having helped….popcorn is inconsequential in this equation.

  • Aspects of FundraisingThe Product vs The Medium The Anatomy of a saleWhat are you sellingThe SpeechWhere to sell?

  • The Product vs The Medium• Product is Scouting • Medium is Popcorn• Make more money selling the product• Door to door $50-$150• Store front $150-$400• BART $200-$500• Business $250-$600• Mom and Dad at work $50

    PresenterPresentation NotesI think you all have realized now that the product is scouting….if you tell me that you wont sell popcorn because of moral objections to the cost/value ratio and you feel like you are ripping people off then you have just been selling popcorn. Lets talk cost value of Christmas tree sales. 100%+ mark up, only lasts two weeks, product only produces a memory, offers no other value, unless you mulch it when done. Popcorn, can produce same family memorize, family movie night with popcorn sitting on the couch…how many people here remember what movie they watched when they were 8 years old at home…how many people remember watching a movie at home and getting to eat popcorn with it. My mom would air pop and then drizzle butter over it and then we lick our fingers….that was a memory. How about stringin popcorn to put on the christmas tree…..

    If you sell your scout program then the fundraiser will be a success. The medium can be whatever you want it to be, candy bars, christmas wreaths, jelly beans, bake sales, camp cards, but make your product the scout.

  • What are you selling?• Scouting Experience• Leadership• Camping• Civil Service• Accounting• Communication• Philanthropy • Etc…

    PresenterPresentation NotesCan you all think of more things the scout will learn from fundraising. What I have learned….connections I have made with businesses. Manufacture facilities, home depot,

  • Responses to the Sale• The No-What is your ratio of no/yes per contact• The Yes- is what we strive for.• The Yes Questions?• The Maybe-disarm-divert• The maybe is a yes so do your


    PresenterPresentation Notes1 of 10 buy with hard sale…that’s 9 Nos to every Yes. Depressing. Soft sale we get 6 of 10 people to the table with 7 of 10 buying product. That’s a 35% closing rate, verses 10%. So soft sale can increase your unit sales by a minimum of 25%..This ratio held true with all our fundraising mediums.

    Who knows what a Yes question is….psychology. Tell about rachel using yes questions.

    What causes a maybe and how do you head off the maybe….disarm and divert.

  • Anatomy of the Sale• The Initial Contact and Greeting• The Opening-scouting• Presentation of Medium• The Objections• The Close• The Follow Up

    PresenterPresentation NotesThe smile, eye contact, hand shake—all customer bonding techniques to build attachmentPresent the product of scouting. Have a philanthropy goal.Delicious popcorn—create desire, use descriptive wordsHead off or anticipate the objections, diet, diabetic, cost, The close---up sell, the thank you for your supportFollow up—do you know of anyone else that would be interested in supporting me

  • Teach the Speech• Name• Product--scouting• Teach Scout to make suggestions• Head off the maybe• Close the deal• Swipe the card-we will get to this part

    PresenterPresentation NotesSuggestion of product…75% of people take first item suggested. Or the favorite of the scout. –unintentional psychological bonding, mimicking behavior, desire to be part of popular. Back to participation in community support via the scout---fulfilling the need.

    Teach boys how to make the pop your own fresh kernels, do it as a den meeting, have toppings like butter, cinnamon sugar, chili powder, honey with nuts.

    Up sale. Tack on bag of fresh kernels, caramel corn to premium

    Teach to close the deal and head off the maybe at the same time.

  • Positive Feedback Cycle• EDGE-Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Encourage• Praise Praise Praise• Don’t threaten with punishment• Negative Feedback Cycle

    Suggested readingFamilies Where Grace Is In PlaceListen To What Your Kids Aren’t Telling YouThe Last Lecture

    PresenterPresentation NotesWhy does my son listen to you verses listen to me? Tell the story. I never tell the scout he is wrong unless he is really really wrong. But how you say. It,,, no Steven your wrong, its $20....(embarrass scout in front of customer, create insecurity) say Steven are you sure about that price…(scout corrects himself, more likely to remember, praise him for figuring it out)Tell story about parent threatening to take away tv, computer---negative spiral, failed to address needs of child, created horrible attitude, difficult bed time and next day bad attitude, didn’t want to sell any more)Did you forget something---scouts always know they did and will tell you why they did.

  • Where to sell• No places in my area• Get permits if need• Build connections• Birds of a feather• Conflicts-multiple units• Businesses-be creative• Sports venues-conferences• Busy street corners• Carry Popcorn in your vehicle-you never

    know when an opportunity will open up

    PresenterPresentation NotesTell story about parent no places in my area…think outside the box. Build connections, ebay story of pinewood track…team building…Captive audience.

  • A Numbers Guy• Lafayette Metro 650,000+ people• Contact 5%/60% buy = 19,500 people• 19,500 buy at $38 = $741,000/$770 • Luke contacted 1050 with 675 bought= 64%• Average sale $38• More take order

    PresenterPresentation Notes1.5 mil in new orleans.

  • Square• Super easy to use.• So far 50% of sales on square• Set Device names (iphone issue)• CC sales buy more than cash• Unit decides how to pay fee 2.4%• $5 month employee fee

  • Pop Your Own Kernels• http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/articles


    • http://www.thedailymeal.com/create-your-own-flavored-popcorn


  • Let the Questions Roll!

    [email protected]• Facebook – Scout Luke Fewx• Facebook – Jacob Fewx (TSA Badge)• 650-922-7921

    mailto:[email protected]

    Popcorn KickoffWho Am I?Slide Number 3Identify the NeedMaking It FunHard Sale vs Soft SaleAspects of FundraisingThe Product vs The MediumWhat are you selling?Responses to the SaleAnatomy of the SaleTeach the SpeechPositive Feedback CycleWhere to sell A Numbers GuySquarePop Your Own KernelsLet the Questions Roll!